Connecting The Dots In Step Families

Connecting The Dots In Step Families

Are You  A Step Monster?

Yes, I am!  Or I should say: I have been a Step-Mother for 35 years in August.

Many times the Step-Mother in a family is considered to be a MONSTER just like the character in Cinderella. I don’t think I was a monster and only the kids can tell now! We had a lot of fun but that was because I came from a divorced family and knew what I didn’t want to experience again.

Family relationships are a factor in all major decisions. The differences can become daunting if there are issues going on within the family unit.

Eleanor Spackman Alden from Denver, Colorado has written a life changing book for step family members to help adjust to new family dynamics in her  book, “StepWisdom.”

Meet Eleanor Spackman Alden, LIVE in Williams, Arizona on Tuesday, August 3rd at noon PDT. Come be part of the audience or join us on and ask step family questions.

Eleanor Spackman Alden, LCSW, BCD is a psychotherapist in private practice and has worked with StepFamilies for over 40 years. She taught graduate school at Naropa University for over a decade, and prior to that taught physicians in a Family Medicine Residency program. She became increasingly concerned at the negative perspective of so many people that stepfamilies were second best or worse, and a sign of a declining culture. This viewpoint did not fit her knowledge of cultures in history, nor her experience as a therapist, teacher, or friend to so many who came from stepfamilies. StepWisdom grew out of the frustration with the present day “myth” about stepfamilies, and from growing up as a stepchild herself.

Contact Eleanor:

My Amazon and Barnes and Noble review on the book:

Perfect “Steps” To Creative Relationships After Divorce

“I am a ‘step’ individual in every category, step daughter, step mother, step grandmother, step sister, step aunt etal. I was excited to read “StepWisdom” to see what I could learn to improve those relationships.

My expectations were exceeded and I can’t wait to share this book with others. Eleanor Spackman Alden has provided an easy to understand handbook for all types of relationships. She takes case studies of dysfunctional marriages and destructive divorces to illustrate certain rapport issues. Eleanor uses examples from the Bible, Greek mythology and Dr. Jung, a Swiss Psychiatrist to graphically depict specific behavior tenancies. She uses humor to lighten the load of uncomfortable situations and demonstrates how to correct the situation.

This book is a must read for any person wanting to nurture and progress to create loving and supportive family relationships in all circumstances. Reading this book can help avoid unpleasant interaction mistakes”

Please join us LIVE in Williams, Arizona on Tuesday, August 3rd at noon PDT on

If you have any quesitons for Eleanor you can leave them in the comments below or join us in the chat room on the show.

Trying To Connect The Dots With Mortgage Changes?

Trying To Connect The Dots With Mortgage Changes?

How can a buyer shop for a lender and feel safe with the decision?

Is the New HUD closing statement good or bad for consumers?

If you would like to have the answers to some of those questions, join Gene Mundt on to get the inside scoop on how to deal with the changes.

Mark your calendar for  Friday July 30, 2010 at 9:30 a.m. CDT to hear mortgage professional Gene Mundt on  Gene will help “connect some dots” with guidelines that home buyers need to know about right now. Gene is a professional mortgage banker from Naperville, Illinois. Gene will be explaining some of the recent changes in the mortgage industry’s practices, and how the changes effect today’s buyers. Gene will talk about the new HUD requirements and the Good Faith Estimates for closing. He will also discuss the pre-qualification process to be prepared to go out and buy some of the fantastic opportunities in Real Estate today.

Gene Says, “With almost 30 years within the mortgage/banking industry, I can draw upon a vast background and wealth of experience for the benefit of my customers and business relations.  I thoroughly understand the lending and banking processes because I have learned and used each step during my professional lifetime. This extensive background enables me to offer a more complete and better mortgage service to my customers and referral contacts.”

Programs and services that Gene offers:

  • Credit/Debt Counseling, Repair, and Management
  • Small Commercial Lending
  • 2nd Home/Investment Lending
  • Asset-based Lending
  • Financial Planning/Mortgage Planning
  • Bilingual Capabilities

Connect with Gene on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and ActiveRain. Or you can visit his website at email or give him a call at (815) 277-4036. And be sure to check out his great blog filled with useful information!

Please join us on Friday, July 30, 2010 9:30 am CDT as we learn what changes are taking place around the country in the mortgage business.  Bring your questions to the chat room for Gene. I look forward to to seeing you there!

2010 Half Way Point! Do You Need a Plan B?

2010 Half Way Point! Do You Need a Plan B?

Have you created some plans, set some objectives or identified goals for 2010 and are you on track?

The mid point of the year just past and it IS time to look at your strategy to assess how it is working.

Looking at the 2010 plan:

  1. What is working?  Keep doing that!
  2. Do the financial outcomes need to be adjusted?
  3. What needs to be changed in the strategy to accomplish your objectives or goals?
  4. What is not working?  Stop doing it and take it off the list!
  5. Do you know what really makes you tick?  Is that your passion?
  6. Are you living your passion?
  7. How can you live your passion?
  8. Is Plan A really working?
  9. Could Plan B possibly be a much better alternative?

NOW is the perfect time to start to get a jump on 2011 and practice if you didn’t have a plan.

Nothing gets better without practice.

Start with your specific values, then create a plan to get you where you want to go.

Value concepts to consider incorporating in the new direction:

  • Family
  • Health
  • Financial
  • Spiritual
  • Education
  • Retirement

If your family is important to you do you have all the school games or activities in your calendar, Birthdays, Anniversaries, vacation?  If family is your priority then make them first on the list of things to do.  Make these days or times NON NEGOTIABLE Items.

Is Health important to you? Does exercise fit into your game plan to achieve better movement or weight?  Put it on the calendar and stick to the plan.

It is your life so take control and have your activities reflect what is important to you.

Do you need to prospect to find more buyers? What is your plan?

Here  is a “Cow Tip” from Carra: Last week I walked down Rt. 66 with a flyer on my new listing describing a great financing opportunity with Bond Money in Arizona where a buyer can get in with as little as $1,000 down.

I have two buyer prospects from doing the basics. Eyeball to eyeball seeing the people! What did they like?  The fact the home had the special financing, a huge detached garage along with the fact I was out on the street selling real estate.

STOP now. Write in a specific time to assess what you need to do today. this week, this month and the rest of the year.

You are in charge of you and your time! Don’t ever be fooled into thinking you can’t say “NO, not now, it works better for me at this time.” Think about how you wait for an attorney, a doctor or an accountant.  Busy people have time schedules and they stick to them working clients in in the slots they have available.

Get a partner to be accountable to!

If you create the plan you need to WORK the plan and make sure you stay on track!

Celebrate planned direction!

Bearizona Hosts “Breakfast with the Babies”

Bearizona Hosts “Breakfast with the Babies”

Williams, Arizona is home of Bearizona a Drive-thru Wildlife Adventure. The perfect place to come and enjoy the mountain atmosphere when either riding the rails or driving to the Grand Canyon.

It was a beautiful summer day to have breakfast with the new babies at Bearizona and watch their jovial antics.

Meet Cassidy and Kid the new fox babies.

Check out Foxy and Memphis the new lynx babies and Sig the baby Bob Cat on the video!

YouTube Preview Image

Owner Sean Casey and his family were gracious hosts sharing their love of the animals with all in attendance.

The Bearizona blog series started with the soft opening May 22, 2010.

See the bear cubs getting frisky in this Bearizona update.

Share your Bearizona pictures on Flickr in the Bearizona group.

Follow Bearizona on facebook or Twitter.

Thank you Bearizona for a wonderful breakfast with the babies! Season pass owners can look forward to more fun events!

Audition Video For Oprah Winfrey Network

I Sincerely Need Your Help And Vote Through 7-3-10

Woo  Hoo!  I really did it!  Got out of the comfort zone and put it all out there!

I had to apply several chapters in “Cosmic Cow Pie…Connecting The Dots” to my thought process to move on and just DO IT!  So that is what I did.

Yes, there were are pits in my stomach because of the UNKNOWN. Out of comfort zone

Doing the video and submitting the application was simply like applying for a job.  In order to get hired the work must be done and an interview takes place.  To that end I processed this adventure and am sharing it with you.

In life we all just keep on plugging away working toward our goal.

One of my goals is to :

“Connect on the right level with the right people to make a difference”

To that end I have submitted a video to the Oprah Winfrey Network as an audition for a new talk show host on her new network.

The name of the show:  Cosmic Cow Pie.

Please Listen to the video and if you like it, please vote for me and send the link to your friends. I would be honored if you would tweet the link and post it on your facebook wall fan/like page and re-blog this post to other groups.

NOTE:  The screen shot below is NOT live.. click this link to view the video and vote.

Oprah audition

The message from the Cosmic Cow Pie is about creating balance and less stress. There is a surprise at the end of the video that I know can HELP many people in need today.

I hear what you are saying all over the blogosphere and want to share your messages with the world.

A final request.

1.  Share the link with your friends and ask them to vote.

2.  Tweet the link

3.  Post the link to your facebook wall and  fan/like page

4.  Vote whenever you turn on the computer.  There is no vote limit.  We have till July 3rd to get   the votes.

5.  Leave a comment under the video if you like it!

6. Re-blog to help me out if you like what I have to say :)
We can make a difference together.