Sunday March 9, 2014 Daylight Savings Time Begins In The USA & Canada


Daylight savings time starts Sunday, March 9, 2014 in the USA (except Arizona and Hawaii) along with most of Canada.

SPRING FORWARD with  your clocks 1 hour Saturday night so you won’t be late for Sunday appointments!

Daylight Savings Time will end Sunday, November 2, 2014  in America and Canada.

This is a great time to share with your customers the time changes around the world!  Find all the different dates for the world Daylight Savings changes right here.

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Spring forward s2

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No matter what business product or service you are associated with digital images can be used to share current events and help your clientele stay up to date with any kinds of changes.  

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Feel free to use any of our Time Change Graphics above or make your own with a free gift of stock photos from Photo Tour Global Directory™.

It’s easy to do…. download an approved photo that has space for text, add the text indicating when the time change will take place in your area, and post for the world to see.

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Learn about amazing places to travel, and wonderful Global Personal Photographers™ from the newsletter who can help you with shooting your vacation or event or can guide you to the icon shot locations when you travel.   On the site you will also find information on global photography workshops and helpful travel tips. Use this information to share with your customers and have something fun to talk about!

Don’t forget to MOVE YOUR CLOCK FORWARD 1 Hour Sunday, March 9, 2014 as Daylight Savings Time Begins in the USA (except Arizona and Hawaii) and most of Canada.  

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Photo Tour Global Directory™ Grand Canyon Temperature Inversion

Saturday, November 30, 2013 was a once in a 10 year experience for a Photo Tour Global Directory™ event with a “total temperature inversion” at the Grand Canyon, according to the National Park Service in an article posted by The Atlantic. The entire Grand Canyon was FILLED with clouds and not a single cloud in the sky above the canyon.  An incredible sight you are going to enjoy!

The National Weather Service explains temperature inversion as:”The warm air above cooler air acts like a lid, suppressing vertical mixing and trapping the cooler air at the surface.”

The Photo Tour Global Directory™ tour group going to the Grand Canyon to shoot the sunrise had no idea what a history making day this would be with a total cloud inversion.  The warm air of the cloudless sky was trapping the fog in the entire canyon for a unique viewing experience.  Being above the clouds was exhilarating as the sun filled the sky and the things became clear through the mist.

The photos tell the story best!  We arrived at the blue hour

Just before dawn Grand Canyon sn Declan at edge of GC2.jpg  sn Canon Trigger trap Declan Sunrise Grand Canyon Grand Canyon Sunrise Grand Canyon looking to Mather Point Grand Canyon sunrise with temperature inversion Mather Point in the clouds Grand Canyon Grand Canyon Cloud inversion Grand Canyon temp inversion


The best shots of the day were taken by a 15 year old young man on the tour who shares his photography under the name “Faceplant Photography.”  He captured the essence of the total temperature inversion as the sun rose on Saturday, November 30, 2013.  He also caught his dad reflecting on the majesty of the Grand Canyon and the wonder of it all!

Declan wow shot.jpg n Andy GB by Declan.jpg sn

The Business Insider had some great shots of this unique phenomenon as well.

Thinking about 2014?

Want to create some magical moments in your life through photography?

Is the Grand Canyon on your photo bucket list?

Want to know about photography events around the world? 

Connect with Photo Tour Global Directory™  to get FREE monthly announcements about photo workshops around the world, travel and  75 Seasonal Stock photos you can use in your business with 10 additional new stock photos each month.

Make 2014 the best year ever with fine tuning your photography skills with the help of the Photo Tour Global Directory™ team.  You might not see the total temperature inversion at the Grand Canyon but you will see something unique as it is different every single day!  Check with Photos by Carra  for Williams, Arizona and Grand Canyon tours. Book  your unique guided experience ANYWHERE around the world with a Global Personal Photographer™.

Check the calendar of events and meet photographers world wide at Photo Tour Global Directory™.

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Happy New Year! 2013

ccp_graphic_2013_b.png Happy New year

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Who Were You Nice To Today?

Paying It Forward To Seniors.

This time of year is the perfect time to start new behavior and pay it forward in some small way every single day!

This time of year we hear a lot about children and how we can help which is a wonderful and very important activity. 

Let's add our seniors to that list of people who would really appreciate some special treatment.

A holiday or New Years dinner, some cookies, a bouquet of flowers… something sweet to tell them they are important and valued.

It is my understanding from a long time ago, Tony Robbins tape that Shaquel O'Neil and his dad asked 3 questions every day which my family and I have enjoyed subscribing to.

The three questions they asked daily, are:

1.  Who were you nice to today?

2.  What did I learn today?

3.  How was I better to day than yesterday?

A great way to keep track of progress is to actually keep a journal on each daily question.

When reviewing your week there is no better inspiration for the next week than reading about the good you have done, what you have learned and how you have improved. 

This holiday season we took a turkey dinner to senior friends in Flagstaff, Arizona along with cookies and a floral arrangement.  We made a Christmas dinner for some senior friends in Aurora, Colorado at their home with everything from the ham to cherry pie.  The icing on the cake for us was making the pea soup from the ham bone which was their favorite soup and putting all the left overs in bags they could freeze.  The slide show below shows you just how easy it is to make someone's day special and make them feel important and valued. 

There is still time to go to your favorite grocery store… get a roasted chicken, turkey breast, ham and the fixin's with a little sizzle to start the New Year out right! 

As we roll into 2012 think about a daily good deed.

Consider the idea of sharing the three question program in your home, your school, your faith organization or philantropic group.

By paying it forward, we all make the world a better place. 


How Does Your Customer Service Feel?

How Does Your Customer Service Feel?

It has been said: "people remember how you make them feel and not what you say."

No matter what sales or service industry you are in, lessons can be learned from the way Lexus treats it's clients. Leading by example the Stevinson Lexus group of Frederick, Colorado is setting the bar in customer satisfaction.

The opening of the new store in Frederick made me sit up and take notice of how important every single detail is creating the feeling that lasts and generates raving fans!

Making a long story short, our car ownership evolved from the Mercedes family to Lincolns, to the Lexus group over 32 years in real estate and small business consulting. The Lexus story begins with a friend of mine from my life guard days in Thornton, Colorado when I was 16 years old. My friend sold cars for Lexus and kept me on his contact list. His service went as far as ordering our latest SUV over the phone in Colorado and having it delivered to Lake Havasu City, Arizona at the Home Depot parking lot. He took care of every detail including the call for us to meet the driver to take delivery of our new car.

We now live in Williams, Arizona so the closest Lexus dealership is Las Vegas or Phoenix both are about a 3 hour drive from our home. It never bothers us to go to Vegas to have our car serviced as we can meet friends and have fun at the same time. What is consistent about the Lexus dealerships all over the country is the way the team treats the consumer. We can always make an appointment and have a loaner car to be able to do what we need to do while in the big city.

This past October we were in Colorado and I called my friend at Lexus to make a service appointment at the new store in Frederick. Again, as a Lexus owner I am never concerned about the quality of the service as I know it is going to be top quality no matter where I am. Our original sales friend made a move but my new best friend in the service end, Andy Anderson, took over and got us all set up with the loaner car and an orientation of the new store.

The new store in Frederick is amazing. There is a new Mac in the waiting room for customers to use sitting around the big screen or enjoying a roaring fireplace which makes you feel like you are in a 5 star resort. One of the very favorite unique branding tools I found at Stevinson Lexus in their west store was the waterfall faucets in the magnificent bathrooms. The labeled towels and mouthwash are icing on the cake in a Lexus restroom. Many stores have nail boutiques, hair booths and shoe shine stands for the consumer waiting for their car. The coffee bar with fresh pastry, fruit and juice again, make you feel appreciated as a customer.

I created a simple foursquare check in talking about the new store after getting the tour. Within 15 minutes of leaving the store we received a call from our service consultant, Andy Anderson, letting us know that the post on foursquare had been noticed by Lexus corporate and they appreciated our "shout out." Now, think about how I felt as a customer receiving a call about my post on twitter and facebook about the great new store in Frederick, Colorado. I felt like a valued client who meant something to the Lexus organization and I feel like supporting the Lexus team in every way possible.

Do you think we have a mutual admiration society? I think so and am looking forward to going to Stevinson Lexus of Frederick tomorrow for the 5,000 mile service again.

Let's discuss how social media fits into every business today. It' fun and it works!

I can't say enough good things about Lexus and the team at Stevinson in Frederick, Colorado. I hope you will think about a Lexus, go into a showroom, talk to the professionals and create your own team of supporters.

More great Lexus news.  As I posted this to twitter and checked out the @Lexus tweets I see they are giving $5.00 for each tweet with #LexusBigRedBow or sharing on facebook to Toys for Tots so check it out and share the #LexusLove

Thank you Lexus, for showing us the way to exceptional customer service and how to create raving fans.



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