Happy St. Patrick’s Day With The Spirit Of Aloha!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day With The Spirit Of Aloha!

As the luck of the Irish has it, I found a video I did last year when I first starting a video blog.  Thought I would bring it out and share as it answers a lot of questions about St. Patrick’s Day.

With all the snow in Williams, AZ I certainly have fond memories of Maui doing Maui Morning Moments as I finished writing “Cosmic Cow Pie…Connecting The Dots.”

Some St. Patrick’s Day Dots

The video might connect some “dots” about St. Patrick’s day.

1.  Why did St. Patrick’s Day get started?

2.  What does green have to do with it?

3.  Why did the Irish come to NYC in 1870?

4.  How many people participate in the St. Patrick’s Day parade in NYC?

5  Are the Irish really lucky?

YouTube Preview Image

There you go… a little history with the spirit of aloha!

Have a safe and fun St. Patrick’s Day!

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