Emerge Gently Into the World of Cyber Space Social Networking

Watching the world evolve into cyber communication it came to me we will need to help one another through the transition. The social networking elephant is way too big to eat by yourself. As I started to learn the components of the new social networking sites I realized I was spending literally 8 to 10 hours A DAY glued to the computer trying to click all the buttons and read about each function. I had to figure out how to upload pictures for profiles, create screen names and pass words.

I started with facebook, terrified I would go out in public with 0 friends. I was aware the facebook format shows right up front how many friends you have, so I called the few people I knew on facebook begging to let me be their friend. As my online tribe grew I was happy to have over 100 friends in a week. The key to building the group was hijacking friends of my friends. When one friend would accept me, I would go to their friends and see who I knew and sent them an invitation. I always wrote a note on the invitation so we could really make a connection on a personal basis.

My next endeavor was Twitter. I got the screen name and then decided I would not worry about finding followers till I understood what was going on. I still post on twitter from my lap top as I really have not figured it out on the phone nor have I decided if I want to have all those tweets coming through. I did get hooked up with an online writing group from a twitter tweet and it has worked out wonderful to meet people all over the world interested in writing articles. My learning curve has been expedited by the kind words and support from the individuals in that group. I started posting on twitter and now I have people wanting to follow me over two or three tweets a day.

I signed up on youtube and learned how to post my videos from a 9 year old who had a “how to video” on uploading my video content. I originally started using a logitec video cam which was $31.00 at Sam’s club. I had to use Microsoft movie Maker to create the videos to upload to youtube.

I knew I needed better equipment and I asked for help from my friends on facebook. I found I needed a Flip cam and now I am a master of editing and taking videos everywhere. I would never have been at this point if I hadn’t had help from my friends.
I also signed up for Linked in and joined a group within the Linkedin entity where I went through asking group members to be part of my network. One of the members was a Dj on blip.fm and sent out some great music. So I went to blip.fm and now I am a DJ too.
One of the members of my article group had a radio show on blogtalkradio.com so I am going to have a radio show soon. This method of communication and learning is addicting.

It is my opinion that it took help from other group members for me to emerge into cyber space and feel comfortable. At first it was overwhelming and the time it took to understand how each network functioned totally consumed me and I was spending way too much learning. I had some help online but mostly I learned from self teaching with hours of trial and error. I have tried to help others by saving them the ramp up time and getting them to the finish line without the long journey I took.

What do you think about social networking? How are you working it? What help do you need? Ask me more questions I would love to share my learning curve lessons. If I don’t know the answer I have friends and will get you the answer.

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About Carra Riley

Fun loving classic writer who is a life long learner. Helping people connect the dots as a consultant for small business and real estate along with custom workshops and seminars.


  1. Jackie Dras says

    I’m very, very new at social networking as well. I resisted get involved with facebook, twitter, blogs and the whole nine yards because I was afraid of the dreaded “facebook addiction”. That is where people spend so much time updating their profile, they lose the rest of their social life. I’ve started to put a toe into the social networking waters and it’s actually quite easy and fun! I do have to check myself though to pull away.

  2. CarraRiley says

    Jackie, I think your concerns are valid. It is all bout the learning curve. To learn the process just takes time. There is no other way beside classes, to learn which is good choice. But without the option of classes is is trial and error. What I have decided to do is to spend a specific amount of time and even set a timer to get on to other things.. because you are exactly right, you can lose hours in cyber space. It’s lots of fun so once you get caught up with friends.. you can discipline the time spent. It’s all about balance in the Cosmic Cow Pie.

  3. Roz Fruchtman says

    How true. I spent the best part of 2008 learning about Twitter and Facebook — JUST LEARNING.

    I ran from one free teleseminar to the other. As long as they were discussing social networking I was there.

    By Friday night my head was literally about to fly off my shoulders – this is for real.

    I felt it was all a waste of time, however, when the end of the year came – December 2008 – I realized how far I had come and began to look toward 2009 to put it all to work for me.

    I got a little off track because of all the personal tumult caused by the economy, but now that I have reached acceptance I realize *this is a time of opportunity* and I am raring to go.

    I have not done my first video yet, which I am dying to do. I DID get a Flip, but have not done a thing with it yet. It does look simple enough to anyone to do, so I AM going to jump in.

    I DID sign up for a Camtasia class that starts this coming Tuesday. I have lots of ideas about Camtasia Videos.

    Carra, YOU are my inspiration. Your videos are the greatest.

    I may have to get a web cam though. I have one, but am not sure if it will work with my computer as I got it free from Earthlink many years ago.

    I signed up for a Blip.fm or whatever you call it account, but can’t figure out how it works. When I asked no one knew! So I have a Blip account that is sitting.

    I always wanted to have a BlogTalkRadio.com show, but am trying to figure out the topic.

    I am getting closer.

    It seems with all the research I have done on the article writing I discovered a new twist / new ideas that I may not have ever discovered with the article writing involvement.

    I too looked at what others were doing and analyzed how it would work for me. It’s an interesting phenomena, but VERY time consuming. I am still burnt out, but with the longer days and good weather I am taking a bit of time for me and that is rejuvenating.

    I am sure we can help each other.


  4. Cosmic Cow Pie says

    Roz, Thanks for sharing your journey. Seems like it the same for all of us. I really just started my social media journey in March 2009 with the 100 Article Challenge. I saw it on someone’s twitter I realized I knew NOTHING about social media and internet marketing.. so we are all new together. I am do happy you like some of the things I have found! I love the Blip.fm it is realy easy.. just slow down.. go on the site, pick a song, you can search by title or by artist, then preview the song and then stop and on the left it says blip.. and it gives you a link with your name and the song you bliped. You can copy and paste or you can share with twitter or facebook.. see not so hard.. as far as the flip.. you do not even need a book as a matter of fact there is no book because the software is in the camera. I just got mine, plugged it in and read the screen. Before you start set yourself up with a Youtube account. You can do that too. The software for the video is in the camera.. so just plug the camera into the USB port.I got n extension cord. First you should take a test video.. easy, turn on the camera.. now look in the view finder.. see the picture.. push the red button and you are recording. It will say in the window recording. Get yourself about 2 or 3 minutes.. .then go to the computer, plug the camera into the USB port and follow the screen.. it will be in the camcorder so go up to the top and click create a video. then click on the test clip you just did and click create. It will then take you to a screen where you can create a title page with what you did..test then click continue and it asks if you want music to be in the background or loud to cover the audio.. then continue and it will ask if you want a credit page. so put your name and your e-mail or website.. then click create.. it takes awhile and when it is done.. you will see it running on the left side of your screen.. when it is done you go into a file on the screen that says movies.. you click on your new movie and then up on the left hand side of the screen it says share. So you go to the Youtube link or aol link or where ever you want to share and click then in a few minutes your video is on youtube. You go in and click edit and name it what you want… copy the url and you are a movie maker! I think I am going to write an article on this and do a video.. so it will be easy.. Take deep breaths all you have to do is RTS Read The Screen. you are going to be a great film artist I can just tell! Thanks for commenting on this blog and sharing with others.. Maybe they are going to feel better because of the time you took to share! Warm aloha, Carra

  5. Jackie Dras says

    I was listening to Kidd Kraddick in the Morning on the radio today and they were talking about how a lot of people join Twitter but end up not using it within 60 days. I thought that was pretty interesting because it seems like Twitter is a hot trend right now. Is it just a passing phase or will people stick with it? Not being a Twitter-er, I wouldn’t know!

  6. Cosmic Cow Pie says

    Jackie, You are right on with what is happening and I think people will have to dig deeper for why they are participating in Twitter. There are a lot of great links being passed around on twitter with information that is helpful… there is also a lot of noise… so you just have to read through the noise to find the pearls. Discount coupons to restaurants and stores…gold courses. It is a new way to advertise. It is not the end all be all but part of the new technology mix.