Its summer time so listen and think about your favorite vacation idea?

Thinking about economical summer vacations makes me go back to summers in Missouri at the Lake of the Ozarks catching lightening bugs at night and putting them in a jar. Fishing off the dock for croppy and feeling as hot and humid at night as in the daytime. I think about the lemonade stand on the corner we built from old card board boxes and how we put real sugar in the fresh lemon juice. I remember bike rides with a brown paper bag and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. We would be on an all day adventure up by the canal and over the dirt hills pretending we were in the movie, Devil at 4’oclock with John Wayne. Yes, that was vacation growing up when you are fifty five. Our summer vacation what ever we could figure out to entertain ourselves. We would play hide and seek into the dark and camp in a tent made over the clothes line with blankets. Our life was great and we had lots of fun. We didn’t know we were missing anything because that is what our summers were.

In the recent past with the aggressive economy we had a little higher expectation of what a summer vacation should be. Today we are getting a reality check with discretionary spending so sharing ideas might be a fun thing to do as we adjust to new adventures.

Do you have fun things you do with your family or on your own which are economical and could be inspirational to others? Thinking out of the box is something we all are going to have to get used to as the new world unfolds and we adjust to the change. What things have you done to entertain yourself you remember and had meaning for you?

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