Linkedin Connection, Bill Denmark, Share Social Media insight

Linkedin Connection, Bill Denmark, Shares Social Media Insight!

This week on blogtalkradio/CosmicCowPie we will be talking with two business men who have been successful in using social media to expand their business.

My first guest is Tuesday, October 27, 2009 at 9:00 a.m. Pacific Time, Bill Denmark Vice President,Tourism Marketing Division at DME. He will talk about attitudes in Social Media.
Bill wrote “It is the goal of my customers and most businesses to monetize the efforts they put into social media.  You know it is a ton of work and frankly a pain in the rear!  There is a real disconnect between the social media braniacs and regular business people.  In some cases (here at DME included.) The people involved with guiding social media programs are actually ANTI business.  They love the “purity” of the system with no advertising and no “leaders.”

About Bill
linkedin Bill Denmark

Bill shared with me the following information “I know 67% of people on facebbok are women.  I know Twitter users have a lower income than linkedin users… I use social media to feed my blog.  From the blog we develop information on our ‘consumers.'”

I am excited to hear more about Bill’s work in social media in the tourism industry and hearing how it can apply to any business!  He wrote about some concerns with social media and I think every business person has the same thoughts.  It will be fun to hear how Bill has been working though the cyber media maze to connect business through social media.

Clic on blogtalkradio/CosmicCowPie Tuesday at 9:00 a.m. Pacific time to hear some exciting conversation about how social media is evolving in the business atmosphere and how it relates to you and your business. You can sign up for an e-mail reminder about the show.

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Post any questions here and I will be glad to ask them of Bill during the interview . You can also listen at any time to the recorded version by clickin on this link after the show. blogtalkradio/CosmicCowPie

Hope to talk with you on Tuesday!

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