Cow Tips to Manage Change!

Managing Change!

So much change so little time!  Does your life resemble this?

I have been invited by the Prescott Area WCR Women’s Council of Realtors to present a talk on “Managing Change” in Prescott on Tuesday, September 14, 2010 at 11:30 a.m. till 1 p.m. The event includes lunch for $5.00 and will be held in the Yavapai Title conference room located at 1235 East Gurley St. Prescott, AZ.  Please call Pat Mercurio of REdo-REnew Interiors 777-0333 or to make your reservation.

Today’s universe is all about change. The world is evolving into a digital communication network through the Internet and mobile applications.  It is time to “build a bridge” and get over the anxiety of learning it and just DO IT.

How do we manage the Mess? Cyclone

1.  Identify the areas you need to learn and how they integrate into your marketing strategy to attract buyers and sellers.

  • Smart phone
  • Facebook fan pages
  • Linkedin profile
  • Twitter account
  • Youtube channel
  • Flickr
  • Blog
  • Digital listing presentations and marketing
  • Zillow
  • Trulia

2.  Design a strategy to start learning each venue one at a time.

  • Set a specific time each day for 1 hour to learn this new  way of communicating
  • Take FREE classes online about each concept
  • Google the concept and read blog posts about each subject
  • Set up a master mind group with several people doing the same thing and learn together
  • Follow people who know what they are doing and “cherry pick” what you like about their presentation
  • Learn to text and set up a mobile program
  • Become involved in an online community and join groups where you have recreational interests

Read, Think and Reason.

Everything you need to know is available on the Internet.  Check out your individual industry through google or bing.  For real estate you can look at  WCR, Women’s Council of Realtors (check out the free webinars and conference calls on the left side of the home page) NAR, National Association of Realtors (check out Right Tools, Right Now)  AAR, Arizona Association of Realtors ( check out the informative videos, blog and online magazine) or your state association and  Activerain University (The online classes will get you up and running on blogs and help you with SEO Search Engine Optimization.) Most organizations have websites you can go to and subscribe to their learning tools so all you have to do is “Practice”  what you read about.

“You Can’t Get To Carnegie Hall If You Don’t Practice.” Piano

  • Set up your branded name as an account and set up a practice account if you are afraid
  • Join groups you know the people participating are understanding to new individuals
  • Know that you are going to make mistakes
  • No one starts out understanding all the rules so get comfortable saying you are new and practicing

If you are fearful of the “unknows” in cyberspace come and read what the participants are saying in the facebook group “Cosmic Shift Happens” just watch and read. When you are ready you can ask questions by starting a discussion or post your questions on the wall.  It’s fun and a great place to learn.  For a free discussion chapter in the e-book “Cosmic Shift Happens™” go to  This is a project which is being “Crowdsourced” meaning the book is going to be put together by many people.. hence the crowd.  The input from the “crowd” will be complied and a new book completed by the participants.  The project is just getting started so get your free chapter and come to the facebook page to participate and share what you would like to know.

We would love to help you “Manage Change.”

Below is a link to the type of information you might want to read to start to understand what is happeing in cyberspace!

6 Lessons Learned From the Demise of MySpace

By Jay Baer at his social media Strategy Blog

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Survival 101 is a 3 hour class with how to set up strategies to create a business plan and balance in your life.

Survival 102 is the advanced class which is 6 hours and you will leave with a completed business plan ready to implement action at completion of the class.

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