Mexican Prisons and Drug Smuggling

Do you remember Midnight Express?

Have you ever thought about how people get involved in being drug smugglers?  How an ordinary person could get caught up with a drama hook so big they risk everything for drug money?

Please join me with Lisa Walker the co/Author of “The Mirror Maze: A Norwegian Man’s Story of

co/author Lisa Walker

Five Years in Mexican Prisons”on my blogtalkradio show Tuesday, November 9, 2010 at 9:00 a.m. Arizona Time same as Mountain Daylight time.  Call into 347-994-1903 or join us in the chat room with questions.

Lisa will share the thoughts and transformation one of her family members went through traveling down the drug path. Check out the Book trailer

Story Summary: The Mirror Maze is an inspiring true story of incredible human survival, courage, triumph, overcoming obstacles, pain and suffering from the power of the light within and the ability to make the best of a situation against all odds. It has very powerful humanitarian messages. In the 1980s, a Norwegian businessman, Tom Brungar, had an increasing drug problem that ultimately pulled him into an international cocaine trafficking operation, while vacationing in Ibiza. He was arrested along with his partner at the Mexico City airport, while smuggling cocaine from Peru to California. He then served five years in a series of Mexican prisons, where he quickly found that corruption is just as rampant among the officials as in the outside world. Half of his time was in four prisons in Mexico City and the remainder on the notorious Islas des Marias. The Mirror Maze has a strong anti-drug message and displays that inhumane treatment and torture must stop in the name of humanity. In a world seemingly without hope, he achieves the impossible via amazing perseverance, strength, faith, meditation, self-therapy and transformation of awareness. His good heart, honesty, intelligence, strong ethics, talents and ability to quickly learn the culture and language helps him befriend fellow prisoners and amuse his captors. He also meets and falls in love with Adriana, the prison psychologist, who with the help of the Norwegian embassy obtains his release. This account is multi-faceted, intertwining Tom’s personal, philosophical and spiritual revelations on a foundation of socio-political issues. The title signifies the “Mirror” he sees himself in and the “Maze” he travels through to arrive at the exit. Upon his release, he went back to Norway where he was welcomed home and worked for the Norwegian government to assist immigrant refugees. Our sweet Tom lived a peaceful life until age 65. His wish and promise to God was that his story be told and we are carrying this out. Novel and Screenplay by Tom Brungar and Lisa Walker.

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You can buy the book on Amazon right now.

As the economy changes this temptation could happen to anyone so reading about the journey and the lessons might be a message to be shared as a warning and inspiration.

Feel free to leave questions below and I will ask Lisa for the answers on the show!

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Lisa Walker is currently talking with screen play teams so this could be the next “Midnight Express” story.  Check out her website!

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