Practice Does Make Perfect!

Practice Does Make Perfect!
What did it take for Michael Jordan to be one of the most memorable basketball stars ?

What did Tiger Woods do to be on his way to one of the greatest golfers ever?

What did Donny Osmond do to win Dancing With The Stars?

What is it the Olympians do to go for the Gold?

How did  Chris Brogan become a Social Media Expert?

Listen to this adorable boy explain how to get better!


Now think about everything we do in life…. no one starts knowing how to do everything well without practice. We are no different than our children… we MUST practice to get better at anything new we try.

Do you play Texas holdem? How did you play to begin with?  What did it take to get better?

Do you want to understand social media better? What does it take? Jump in and Practice! Practice with your friends! Try facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin, Get a fanpage and have some fun! No one gets better without practice! Let’s connect all over cyberspace!

If you have started to blog what were the 1st posts like? How did you get better?

Wanting to get better at anything?

Just Practice like the stacking boy video!

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