Google- The Anti Social Networking Site

Google- Moves in on the Google+ phenomena

Breaking news in the social media world! Google- has come on the scene with incredible features to dazzle cyber citizens. The site starts with a universal list of followers and you just have to defriend the people you don't like. Hence the Anti-Social network site. There is a thumbs down option along with an auto birthday post to all your friends including an all caps and exclamation point choice. There is a "street alert" app which auto posts to your smart phone when you enter a business that is affiliated and also sends discount coupons to all your friends

For all the exciting details on google- watch this video.

Someone in my circle on google+ asked if there was a "slap button" instead of a poke!

Now in all seriousness Chris Brogan has created a multi video post on how to use google+. It is google+ 101 and give a nice overview of the subject.

Google+ is a beta test. It is an open format where there might not be a lot of privacy. Bottom line on that one is: don't go there if you are saying things you don't want others to see! To me it appears like it as an open platform and people are very accepting of everyone being new and trying to learn the systems. 10,000,000 members on a private invitation concept in a few short weeks says it might be around to stay for awhile.

A guy in one of my circles shared that he posted a new blog on google+ and it was ranked on google with that one post. Who knows what will happen with the SEO juice when you post at the main plant. I am thinking this might be BIG. The reception I have in the first 2 days has been great. I feel like #LarryCrowne in the scooter gang with unconditional acceptance at this point by Cyber Superstars!

Guy Kawasaki was commenting back and forth with me today about Enchantment:

Guy Kawasaki
– 11:18 AM – Public
I know we're all supposed to be all warm and fuzzy, kumbaya, socially engaging on G+, but this screenshot shows the potential of G+ for commerce. The link for redeeming Enchantment became a trending link in about two minutes.

I was the 1st comment There are 31 comments in between but here was our abbreviated conversation.

Carra Riley – It's now HARD Ball.. the games have begun!

Guy Kawasaki – +Carra Riley Mine are of steel

Carra Riley – Guy Kawasaki I KNOW.. did an interview with you at Blog World 2009… I know you are the Holy Kaw but I am the Cosmic Cow Pie… 🙂 Helping vintage learners become digital citizens! We should talk!

Guy Kawasaki – +Carra Riley Hah, I'm a vintage guy these days too!

JF – Guy I agree that this definitely has potential if your circles are large enough and you are a recommended person to circle, like yourself. Hard to image a small fry getting those same results.

Guy Kawasaki – +JF The whole point of social media, in my bizarre opinion, is that nobodies are the new somebodies. Used right, anyone can be a "somebody" using social media.

JR – +guy Kawasaki Like the Kardashians!

Carra Riley – +Guy Kawasaki +JFMaking a vintage user feel good!

TM – Nicely done, Guy! Great illustration of the potential!

From the conversation with Guy i have coined the phase "Vintage Participant" VP's to mean baby boomers in a digital world.

For google it could be that the third time is a charm. The wave and buzz did not work so well but looks like google+ could be on it's way to giving facebook and twitter a run for it's money or should we say advertisers!

Come play in my circle and if you don't have an invite let me know and I can take care of that! I got the juice!

Is it google- or google+ in your experience?   Want to join the "VP Gang?"

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