Great Day In The MV Explorer Neighborhood!

The second day of school was smooth as silk.   We got to sleep in because there was not 8:00 a.m. class to go to.  Just made coffee time by 8:30 and had time to sit out and enjoy some sunshine before going to class.

Tom and I both had 12:15 classes so ate a quick lunch at 11:30 and were off to class again.  Tom is taking a WWII history class and really enjoyed it.  I am taking an advanced Anthropology class where we will be writing “ethnographies.”  We were assigned a research project to study groups of people that represented the ports we would visit or our on ship community.  I will be studying the children on the ship along with the lifelong learners. This was research I was going to be doing on my own and now I have a class structure to help define the work for a specific purpose.

Later in the day there was a great  “Cosmic Connection” with the children as one of the parents came to the lifelong learner meeting at 4:30 and was looking for speakers to come in and talk with the children.  All the dots connected…. the perfect opportunity to share the 14 principles in Cosmic Cow Pie…Connecting The Elementary School Dots.  So I will be going in for 14 weeks talking about each of the chapters and working with the children about learning the concepts.

We started to see birds so we knew we were getting close to land.  The black bird you see in the slide show is called a masked boobie, yes, that is the name and it looks like it has a mask on it’s eyes.  The island in the slide show is called Saba Island.  it is about 8 hours outside of Dominica.  Look at how high the town is up above the water level. You can see the docks and then the steep road up to the middle of the Island before development starts.  There are even homes at the TOP of the island.  Interesting enough to make me want to do more research on the development of the island.

January 16, 2011 we will be in Dominica and are going on an aerial tour of the rain forest! I will be able to upload videos at a cyber cafe and share more of the beauty!

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  1. Bird eye views are stunning!

  2. Gorgeous!!! Love the photo’s of the island. Most of all, that’s fantastic that you get to talk with the kids about your 14 points! What a wonderful opportunity to continue connecting the dots on your journey.
    Seems that the dots are all there, it’s just a matter of getting yourself to them. 😀