Who Were You Nice To Today?

Paying It Forward To Seniors.

This time of year is the perfect time to start new behavior and pay it forward in some small way every single day!

This time of year we hear a lot about children and how we can help which is a wonderful and very important activity. 

Let's add our seniors to that list of people who would really appreciate some special treatment.

A holiday or New Years dinner, some cookies, a bouquet of flowers… something sweet to tell them they are important and valued.

It is my understanding from a long time ago, Tony Robbins tape that Shaquel O'Neil and his dad asked 3 questions every day which my family and I have enjoyed subscribing to.

The three questions they asked daily, are:

1.  Who were you nice to today?

2.  What did I learn today?

3.  How was I better to day than yesterday?

A great way to keep track of progress is to actually keep a journal on each daily question.

When reviewing your week there is no better inspiration for the next week than reading about the good you have done, what you have learned and how you have improved. 

This holiday season we took a turkey dinner to senior friends in Flagstaff, Arizona along with cookies and a floral arrangement.  We made a Christmas dinner for some senior friends in Aurora, Colorado at their home with everything from the ham to cherry pie.  The icing on the cake for us was making the pea soup from the ham bone which was their favorite soup and putting all the left overs in bags they could freeze.  The slide show below shows you just how easy it is to make someone's day special and make them feel important and valued. 

There is still time to go to your favorite grocery store… get a roasted chicken, turkey breast, ham and the fixin's with a little sizzle to start the New Year out right! 

As we roll into 2012 think about a daily good deed.

Consider the idea of sharing the three question program in your home, your school, your faith organization or philantropic group.

By paying it forward, we all make the world a better place. 


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