Roberta Flack Had It Right and Brad Pitt Blew It!


Brad Pitt made yet, another mistake in choosing "Killing Them Softly"  as a movie to make a social statement.  It seems as through he continues to try and keep up with Angelina in making the world aware of current problems.

Roberta Flack sang "Killing ME softly" in 1973 and had a huge hit where Brad Pitt strikes out on every pitch in this ball game. 


Even the trailer has no hook to catch the audience to watch this #epicfail for an attempted social message from Director/Writer Andrew Dominik.

Dominki tries to send a message to the audience with political allegories using Obama, McCain and Bush commercials and speeches throughout the film. 

The audience hears spots from President Obama's "Change" speech and we see McCain Billboards, we hear words about the confidence in our economy.  Goldman Sachs comes up in a Bush re-cap. The disjointed dots do not connect with the pathetic storyline of killers taking contracts for a discounted fee because of the economy.  We later hear a speech talking about the smooth transition of our economic recovery. All this underlying message mixed with contracts to kill for $10,000 a hit which is a $5,000 savings as before the recession were $15,000.  Who knew… now we do. 

Blood, violence, profanity if that is your thing this might be the movie but even the special effects with "Killing Them Softly" did not make the event any easier to watch. 

There is some humor… I am all about sharing the games that people play in REAL life as was so evident in the Hunger Games and how Katness had to go along if she was to survive literally!  There is a sequence with Brad Pitt talking to the handler saying that it did not matter that someone he wanted hit did not commit the crime because people thought he did so the best thing to do was to "waste him" because it was what the people thought and it would put the masses at peace.

Some of the classing lines:

  • Have you ever killed anyone?
  • I like to kill them softly.
  • None of this $h_t means anything its all bull $h_t
  • You got to make things right and admit you made a mistake.
  • Yes, we are all the same we are all equal.
  • We are a community we are one people, the strength of our kids unspoken .
  • This business is a business of relationships
  • In America you are on your own. We pay our own way
  • America is a business, Now I'm paying

Spoiler alert so you won't waste your money…. might be the worst movie of 2012!  Don't go see "Killing Them Softly"  Brad Pitt will not save the day and it takes away from Roberta Flacks song "Killing Me Softly" which really describes what this movie will do to you! 

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