42: More Than Just A Baseball Number


Brian Helgeland, Director of 42, knocks the ball out of the park with the Jackie Robinson #42, Brooklyn Dodger story.

42 on back

Chadwick Boseman plays Jackie Robinson, Harrison Ford is Branch Rickey the visionary executive of the Brooklyn Dodgers and Nicole Beharie plays Rachel Robinson.  All three actors will most likely be academy award nominees.   This could be the role of a lifetime for Harrison Ford in his portral of the man whose vision changed the game of baseball in America forever.   Check out the cast of characters to find Gray’s Anatomy  and New Christine TV stars bringing life to the big screen.

What ever you are doing this weekend you must go see this movie!  The message is NOT just baseball the message will move you to social responsibility with things happening around the world right now!

There would be no Jackie Robinson story without  Brooklyn Dodgers team executive Branch Rickey.

Branch Rickey is a man with a vision and a mission to walk his spiritual responsibility in loving his neighbor. He had an early encounter with racism which ultimately let him to take the steps he did to make a difference.  He said, “I may not be able to do something about racism in every field, but I can sure do something about it in baseball.”

The spiritual theme of doing the right thing, walking the walk and talking the talk shines through this film and sets a bar that sometimes falls down with human behavior in different   situations we find ourselves in today.  Get ready to pick it up and run.  The audience was clapping at the end of this moving so you know it is going to touch you where it counts!

Take your kids, go with your friends, talk about what you can do to make a difference in our world today.  The movie is one that will INSPIRE you to stand up and stand out from the crowd.  

Great lines and thoughts to discuss in groups from the movie 42:

  • When you break an unwritten law you will be an outcast…..
  • Give me a player who has the guts NOT to fight back….
  • Be a fine gentleman and a great baseball player and like our savior have the guts to turn the other cheek… can YOU do that?
  • Jackie is a Methodist, I am a Methodist and God is a Methodist……..
  • You are in my heart….
  • God built me to last…..
  • He can take it, God built him to last….
  • These men have to live with themselves…..
  • Do you know what it is like to live in the wilderness…..
  • Get out there and win this game.  Everyone needs you and you are the medicine…..
  • Do you think God likes baseball…..
  • Maybe tomorrow we will all wear 42 and they won’t be able to tell us apart…..
  • Why did you do this Mr. Rickey……
  • What is your higher calling…..

Step up to the plate, see how men lived the Bible message, turned the other cheek and changed the course of sporting history by taking a stand for humanity.

Even the music in 42 has a message that must be heeded and will  probably be nominated for an Academy Award.  Mark Isham creates unforgettable melodies continuing to be one for the post prolific and provocative artists of the last three decades having won a Grammy, an Emmy, a Clio and multiple Grammy, Academy Award and Golden Globe nominations for his work. Mark Isham produced the Original Music for 42.  “Jesus is standing at the home plat……… Moses is waiting to be called”  are some of words in the chorus of a theme song that is destined to go platinum!

Play your part in this global ball game.  Go to see 42 and make a difference in your community.

42:  IS More Than Just a Baseball Number

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  1. Excellent review, Carra. I have never thought to discuss great movie lines in a group; great idea!


    • DaniLew,
      Isn’t social media fun! We just are connecting all over and I am so appreciative of you taking the time to read this review and comment. I think movies that really have a social message should be discussed and really impact behavior. I take high school kids to movies and then we have a discussion like a book club after it.. we go with the list like on this post and then they think about all the different things while they are watching. We did that with Hunger Games and the lessons were incredible! Great to connect DaniLew!