What Is The Future Of Social Media?


What is the future of social media?

WHOOOOO will be watching?

who is seeing your message?


Wondering about the future of social media and where you fit in?
Join us TOMORROW Friday, September 27, 2013 9:00am PDTMeet a diverse group of Social Media experts and business owners as we discuss the future of social media.  +Shelley Roth  +john panico +Ken Cook +Valentina Cirasola +Katie Katz +Luis Galarza +Joeann Fossland +Carolyn McAndrew and +Alex McClure

Feel free to come share some images of your business, product or service on our event gallery and let us know what you do.

The small business entrepreneurs on the panel have been engaging in social media from around the world.
The group will share thoughts and ideas on what IS working and what the future of social media could be.Learn how you fit in the big scheme of things and how following or connecting with these knowledgeable people might help your social media navigation.1.  +Luis Galarza  Leominster, Massachusetts
Galarza’s Internet Marketing Services
Marketing consultant, Web Designer, Lead Generation, Social Media, Mobile Apps, Mobile Marketing, Google Places, SEO, Video Production, Video Marketing

2.  +Carolyn McAndrew from Perth Australia
Picardie Press
To Provide Small Business with Quality Affordable Publishing, Design, Printing and Social Media needs.

3.  +Joeann Fossland Tucson, Arizona
Life consultant
Need a coach? Support for the frazzled, unfocused & time challenged! My vision is to ignite joy, creativity & love! I can help you relax & produce remarkable results!
Visit http://www.joeann.com/ Purple Sage Realty, Tucson, AZ

4.  +Katie Katz   Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Bernard Katz Glass
+Bernard Katz Glass  features hand blown art glass by Bernard Katz. Bernard Katz alongside his wife Katie Katz co-design high quality art glass for art galleries, trade design and private collections worldwide.

5.  +Ken Cook Atlanta,Georgia
Digital Content Creator | Blog Content | Web Articles | SEO Research | Video | Audio | Graphics
Knowing what other people are saying about you or your brand is important. Telling people what to think about you or your brand is crucial.
My job is to do what I do best so you can do more of what you do best. I write accurate and timely articles, optimize existing content for search engines, create videos (YouTube), perform competitive research to determine who your search competitors are and how you can compete with them and win, work with you on predictive content creation based on seasonal and market trends, provide in-depth analysis of your website and your competitors.
Listen live to Social Media Edge Radio every Tuesday at 9AM Pacific or you can listen to the 4 years worth of archived episodes at iTunes.

6.  +Valentina Cirasola San Francisco, California and Italy
Valentina Interiors and Design
“Italian Luxury for Comfortable Living” – Pure – Elegant – Original. I am Valentina, =owner and principal designer of Valentina – Interiors & Designs, my international designing firm established in 1990. Visit me:www.valentinadesigns.com
Valentina Expressions
Author of  Design books and cooking from Italy.
From this platform I will bring novelties in a variety of subjects. I will announce classes, seminars or future trips to Italy I am organizing with groups. I will also continue offering my design consultations on-line.

7.  +john panico Atlanta Georgia
Social Media Dudes
– Social Media campaigns, websites, website and blog content, Smartphone (iPhone and Android) app development – training – consulting.
Social Media Dudes is all about helping individuals, small business owners, sales professionals, non-profit groups, and large companies with their overall internet and mobile strategy.
– Websites
– Blogs
– Article Content
– Video
– Marketing Strategy
– Inbound Marketing vs Outbound Marketing
– SmartPhone Application Development
– QR Code Strategies
– Affiliate Marketing
– Sales

8.  +Shelley Roth Houston, Texas
Social Media Navigator | Trainer | Consultant | Speaker | Author   www.shelleyroth.com
To bring passion, energy and creative thinking to businesses with the goal of directly impacting companies bottom line and corporate identity.
Company Overview
Since 1999, Springboard has been helping businesses create and implement ways to grow sales. As a social media trainer | speaker | consultant, Shelley has been working with companies and business owners with a focus on using social media marketing for business growth and brand recognition. At Springboard, we are passionate about teaching how to use social media tools to get the party started! The biz party that is!

9.  +Carra Riley Williams, Arizona “Gateway to the Grand Canyon”
Small business consultant and developer of the NEW World wide photographer directory +Photo Tour Global Directory™ where the consumer can connect  and research their own Global Personal Photographer™.
PTGD is a website with names and contact information of creative photographers worldwide who are willing to create custom photography experiences for global travelers AND small businesses who need help with their digital imagery.

10.  +Alex McClure From Phoenix, Arizona
Olympus Visionary Trail Blazer and COMMERCIAL Photographer

The questions we will be discussing are as follows:

1. What social media SITES  are  you participating in and which ones are working?

2.  How long did it take you to get profitable results from your social media work?

3  Do you think the news media and television shows like The Voice, America’s Got Talent and Dancing With The Stars driving people to Twitter and facebook  is something that small business should think about and participate in?

4.  What has been the MOST effective strategy you have implemented  in social media.

5.  Where does the future lie with social media and how will google+ fit into the mix?

6.  How does a small business balance social media time with the time it takes to run a business?

Remember, if you can’t make the event live you can always watch the archive.  If you would like to be in the social media circle reply “yes” or “maybe” to the event and we will include you after the show!
Hope to see you there chatting about the future of social media!  
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