Cosmic Cow Pie – Connecting the Dots…

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Without balance, everything seems out of control. Life seems like one continuous field of Cow Pies. For city dwellers, these are the presents left behind from cows in a field. The last 35 years, the life experience for my family has been exciting and compares to one amusement park ride after another. We were running from one adrenaline rush to the next, just getting through all the cow pies which came into the pathway, trying to get personal agendas intertwined with business goals. Our philosophy was, when the music stopped, we would have gone for all the brass rings that were out there and would have left no stone unturned. Plans were always being made for the next event. Decisions were being made on the fly and the consolation for the behavior was the fact, if they were wrong, plans could always be changed. We always felt that, at least, we were making forward progress. “Calm” and “peaceful” were not adjectives that described the flow of daily events. We would get up in the morning, put on our flak jackets and run.

Once we stopped the running, got off the hamster wheel and started slowing down, we began to connect all of the important aspects in our lives and we received a clearer image of how values in our lives were supposed to connect to one another. The picture became crystal-clear, like looking through a magnifying glass and seeing everything come together.

This book will inspire you to modify your behavior on the quest for a balanced life as you learn to dodge the cow pies flying around in the universe. You will be able to connect the dots of values so your life reflects the clear focus of how you really want to live.

The principles expressed in this book can make a difference in how you process the “Cosmic Cow Pie” of life. It is all about how you respond to the cards you are dealt. It is how you play them and what you think to get your direction. Kenny Rogers sings a song about this concept: “Know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em, know when to walk away, know when to run.” When you finally “Connect the Dots,” you will be focused and balanced. Many of the principles you will read are just a “reframing” of concepts you have heard before. They are framed with my real life experiences as a recovering Realtor after 30 years of running at maximum speed. I hope that you will learn from the book and not have to make some of the painful mistakes I did. The concepts can help take the pit out of your stomach when bad things happen. You can pick yourself up by the bootstraps and move on. You can build that bridge and get over it! You can take that red wagon that you pull behind you with all your baggage and install a “dump button” on it. You will be on your way to life with the focus of a ninja, balanced to perfection.

For example….Change is in the air!

The government is bailing out financial institutions and many foreign companies are buying others. The government borrowed money to provide a “stimulus package” to the American public and all they could do was buy some gas and eat another couple weeks. Exactly what did America “pledge” as collateral for all these loans? Where will this all end and how do we connect all the economic “Cow Pies” flying around us?

Our lives will be different in the years ahead. We need to have the tools and be ready to adapt for the definite change taking place. The skills to read, think and reason are more important than ever. Understanding how to CONNECT THE DOTS IN THE COSMIC COW PIE will enable you to weather the storm. You never know when your world is going to change and how you fit into the picture.

December 30, 2008… Denver Broncos coach Mike Shanahan got “kicked to the curb” by long time friend and Bronco owner, Pat Bolin. Mike had $20 million left on his 3-year contract with a 35,000 square foot new home under construction and got the boot.

2008 was Mike’s 14th season as head coach of the Denver Broncos, a franchise he has guided to two Super Bowl victories, three conference championship game appearances, seven postseason berths and nine winning seasons. His achievements since being named Denver’s head coach on Jan. 31, 1995, have helped position the 49-year-old franchise among the most successful and highly regarded in all of professional sports.

In the 2008 NFL season, the Broncos had a three game lead to win the division at the end of the season. They only had to win one additional game to make the division play offs out of the three games left. The Broncos did not win any of the games and Mike Shanahan paid the price as head coach of the team in his own Cosmic Cow Pie. You just never know when those pies are going to fly!

Without input from my friends and clients, allowing me to participate in their lives’ journey, none of the concepts presented in this book would have been possible or practiced. Some of it was rather painful but we got through it and we are better people for having gone through the experience.

Let’s get started…

Concepts flying around in the cosmic cow pie that need connecting to create balance in our lives are listed below. Add more ideas and put them in order of importance to you. Try this as a group or with your family. Check and see if they put the ideas in the same numeric order as you. After reading the book, decide what you are going to do to do to connect all the dots in your Cosmic Cow Pie!
Some of the Cow Pies of Life Flying Around Us…

  • Fun
  • Friends
  • World Peace
  • Exit plan
  • Love
  • Philanthropy
  • Home
  • Interest rates
  • Life styles
  • Relationships
  • Children
  • Parents
  • Self Fulfillment
  • Your enough
  • Politics
  • Education
  • Retirement
  • Finances
  • Making the world a better place
  • Ethics
  • Stress
  • Freedom
  • Vacation
  • Economy
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Career
  • Passion
  • Health
  • Satisfaction
  • Supply
  • International status
  • Happiness
  • Focus
  • Balance