Girlfriends…A Little Something For The Soul

What do you think girlfriends……Do You Need To Reboot Your Brain?

When is the last time you really had:  

  • Mad FUN                                                                                                                                                 
  • Got crazy
  • Had a little fantasy
  • Learned
  • Laughed
  • Cried                                                         

with your girlfriends?

Are you ready to go boldly into WHAT’S NEXT?

You may be a little tired, or discouraged or unsure or just not certain about  who you are and what you really want.

The economy may have you scared and feeling less than on top of your game….

For sure…. you know you could use some time without distractions… Some time to relax, reboot and re-connect with what’s important to you….not just what the world seems to expect from you.

Do you want to connect with your source and come away with something for the soul?

How about…a.. just us girls weekend?

It's easy to understand that "SHIFT Happens."  Do you remember "As The World Turns?"  It seems like our world is spinning and it might be a good idea to get off the hamster wheel and talk with people who are working through all the change with balance and joy! Once you have a new view, at a higher altitude you can help others and everyone rises to a new level.

supportive circle of women to giggle  (or cry) with.

In a simple, cool setting with all your needs met for 3 days at the gateway to the Grand Canyon?

Would this work?

Totally cool!!!! Because that’s what we have in mind

IF the ideas above are ringing any bells then "Girlfriends Reinvention Weekend to Reboot Your Brain Camp" is FOR YOU!

Embracing “Cosmic Shift Happens ™”  in all aspects of life, is part of the vision of the weekend!! 

Master Certified Coach, Joeann Fossland and I have partnered to create a way for YOU to experience a fun 3-day break from all the BUSYNESS…… Think about how taking a step back to reboot might help with forward progress.

                          Girlfriend Circle


What: A 3 day girlfriend-only "Reboot your Brain" Camp Weekend
(think… slumber party, relax, giggle, reframe and rejuvenate)

When: Friday through Sunday, August 19-21st

Where: Williams AZ (where it is cool in the mountains in summer)

What's Included: 3 Days to Connect with other Amazing Women, Time to relax and reflect, Time to Play, Structured mini-seminars to Learn & Grow, Meals & Snacks from Friday night through Sunday morning, Camp Lodging Friday & Saturday and much more!!!!

What Will We Be Doing? Here's the tentative schedule.

How Much? Early Bird Registration $322 OR sign up with a girlfriend — not just for real estate people, bring your best friend or anyone needed a reboot! — for $297 (you each save $25) OR Enter to WIN one of TWO FREE Registrations! (after July 30, the cost will be $399.)

So… perhaps it all sounds goods and you know you want to come…

Cool! Sign up now (and we'll refund your money if you win the contest!)

OR… perhaps it all sounds good BUT…

  • You are doing something else that weekend… oh my, I haven't the power to enable you to be in 2 places at once… we'll miss you!
  • It's too far away… consider going to see the Grand Canyon or Sedona and taking a few extra days to really have a vacation (you deserve it, you know!)
  • It's too much money… Enter the contest :>)
  • It's too much money or any other reason other than you just aren't interested… That may be EXACTLY the reason to take a leap of faith and come, because it IS about Rebooting and getting unstuck or at least a new, lighter'll walk away with a new excitement and empowerment to make the 2nd half of the year extraordinary!

There is a very cool contest to enter and 2 lucky ladies are going to have a place at this event for free.  Check out the rules… it's easy.. write 250 words about what you have to share and how coming will make a difference for you… then tweet, post, e-mail or video to share with the world.  Extra points are given for social media love so blog away and have some fun with this. 

We're also randomly giving away registration prizes  where you have a 1 in 6 chance of selecting one of the gifts if your registration number is one of the lucky choices! The prizes will be presented at the opening event.

Reboot camp really is a camp and a place where you will be able to connect with yourself… have some fun in Williams and even talk to the animals!                                                                The slide show should give you a great idea of where  you will be spending your reinvention weekend. 


Bear cubs at Bearizona

We will be talking to the animals at Bearizona, going to a gunfight on the street in Williams, AZ and cruising Rt. 66 to experience all the nostalgia of this historic area.

This really is a Reboot CAMP so bring your sleeping bag, cowboy boots and an open mind.

We are going to learn, laugh and be inspired to a new way of thinking!

You know what they say about all work and no play!

Please join us for a little something for the soul and leave our event with a new altitude of thought! 


Carra Signature Large

Book Signing Bonanza in Broomfield, Colorado

Broomfield, Colorado is the place to be if you want to meet three dynamic writers and local artists!

Carra Riley will be interviewing three local authors, Shay Fabbro, Penny Holguin and j.a. kazimer LIVE on blogtalkradio at Calico Book store in Broomfield, Colorado, Saturday June, 25 2011 from noon to 2.

Becky Chapin, Manager of the “Green Book Store”  will be sharing some of the great features her store offers readers.

  • Trading Books for Store Credit
  • Large Selection of Used Books (over 18,000)
  • Growing Selection of Local Author Books
  • Book Ordering : Hard-to-Find, Out-of-Print, and New Books
  • Watch/Reserve List
  • Book-Signings by Local Authors
  • New Book/Author Suggestions
  • Friendly Conversation
  • Free Coffee

If you ever have thought about writing a book and wondering how the process works, you will not want to miss this event either LIVE in Broomfiled Colorado on on the blogtalkradio network.  We will be talking about the following concepts with all the authors:

  1. How they got started
  2. What is writing like mixed with life in general
  3. Where does  writing inspiration come from
  4. What is it like to get a publisher or self publish
  5. What is the marketing of the book like
  6. What part does social media play in the marketing of a book or blog
  7. What advise do they have for someone wanting to write a book

Meet the authors!

Shay Fabbro is a native Coloradoan, currently living in Grand Junction with her husband, Rich, and their two cats. This high-energy author will talk about how her scifi/fantasy books:  Portals of Destiny and Adventures of Alexis Davenport and how they evolved.

She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Mesa State College before earning her doctorate degree in Human Medical Genetics from the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora, CO. While hard at work on her PhD, Shay had a series of dreams that continued to haunt her even during the light of day. The idea for a series of science fiction/fantasy novels began to take shape. Hold on to your seat when listening to her describe her journey!

Portals of Destiny and Adventures of Alexis Davenport and how they evolved.  Hold on to your seat when listening to her describe her journey! She had dreams and they spoke to her!

The Chosen: Book One of the Portals of Destiny

Finalist in the Indie Excellence 2011 Book Awards

The Mekan hoard threatens all life in the galaxy and only the Chosen, a select group chosen by fate,
can fight these metal monstrosities and save those that call this galaxy home. But when one of the Chosen is murdered, the untimely death could spell doom for all.

This series will bring the reader face-to-face with an age-old question: How much of our lives.

Dangerous Reflections: The Adventures of Alexis Davenport: Book One

Alexis Davenport wants to go home. She hates her new school, her mother for moving her away from her friends, living in her aunt’s guesthouse, and her father for walking out.

To make matters worse, Alex is haunted by the images of strange girls reflected in her mirror. It is bad enough juggling homework, a relentless bully, boys, and a deadbeat dad.

Now, she must save the world from an evil presence hell-bent on changing the past–and our futures. Who knew her A+ in history was going to be this important?


Facebook fanpage for Portals of Destiny

Facebook fanpage for Adventures of Alexis Davenport

Meet j.a. kazimer at the Sizzling-Summer-Book Signing Bonanza at Calico Books.

She will be talking about her Good Reads Giveaway!

Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, j.a. escaped at a young age, and now lives and writes in Denver, Colorado. Books include, The Junkie Tales (Obscure Publishing, 2010), Stolen Kidneys, Dead Hookers &; Other Nursery Crimes (Obscure Publishing, 2010), &; The Body Dwellers (Solstice Publishing, 2011). Forthcoming books include, CURSES! A F**ked Up Fairytale (Kensington, March 2012) &; Holy Socks and Dirtier Demons (Champagne Books, Spring 2012).

j.a. kazimer holds a master’s degree in forensic psychology, and has worked as a PI, bartender, and most recently at the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics. Giveaway ~ The Body Dwellers

The Body Dwellers by J.A. Kazimer

Giveaway ends August 01, 2011.See the giveaway details at Goodreads.Enter to win

What’s the book about? In a world segregated by genetics, a pink combat-boot wearing rebel must protect her treacherous former lover in order to save her mutated race.?
Look for j.a. kazimer’s quirky urban fantasy, Holy Socks &; Dirtier Demons to be released by Champagne Books in spring 2012.
A thirtysomething ex-soldier and playboy, a narcissistic angel, a Zen-spouting Buddhist, and a demonic feminist search for a kidnapped Baby Jesus in New York City in an attempt to stop the coming revelation.
Connect with j.a.


Children’s author, Penny Holguin speaks to educators, parent groups and others about the escalating tide of bullying (which begins in preschool!). She addresses the neurology of learning and how simple acts of kindness taught repetitively and rewarded publicly can make huge shifts in behavior that have a transforming impact on young children.

Penny’s children’s picture book ‘Sarah O’Hara ~ Gift of the Fairy Wings’ has won three national awards. She was inspired to write it because her ADHD daughter had difficulty picking up on social cues. A background in visual arts, aided by Penny’s understanding that lessons told through story and character are a much more effective way of teaching children, helped bring her book to life. It’s about Sarah O’Hara, who receives a pair of fairy wings for her birthday. She’s anything but a princess when she bullies her classmate. Ultimately Sarah discovers the most important gift of all; that it takes more than a pair of fairy wings to be a real princess.

Penny Holguin lives with her husband and two children in Denver Colorado.



Award Winning Author

“Sarah O’Hara Gift of the Fairy Wings”;

Publisher, Charmers Press

Facebook – Penny Eisenoff Holguin

Facebook – Fans of Sarah O’Hara ~ Gift of the Fairy Wings

Twitter – @pennyholguin




Listen or call 347-994-1903 on June 25, 2011 noon to 2 for LIVE  blogtalkradio or come in person to Calico Books 300 Nickel St. Broomfiled, Colorado and meet the authors, book store owner Becky Chapin and local artists!  If you have ever wanted to write a book this is the show to listen to!

Meet the authors up close and personal!

Calico Books

300 Nickel Street,
Broomfield, CO 80020

Calico Books

Twitter @CalicoBooks



Sins Of A Queen

Find Out Italian Design and Cooking Secrets!

Valentina Cirasola is an Italian Interior and Fashion Designer, working in the USA and Europe. She blends well fashion and interior in any of her design work. She loves to remodel homes and loves to create the unusual. Her design reach is global and she is always ready to serve.

“I build spaces that do not exist yet, but they exist in your mind. I build your dreams!” Valentina

Valentina is the coordinator for the San Francisco Bay area event with different stores called “October the Month of Italian Style”. The event revolves around Valentina talking on a design subject related to the merchandise the store sells, they have food, wines, raffles and good time while people learn from her expertise. She makes the event really fun, lot of laughter and joy fill the event. One of the topics this year is about “Etiquette at an Italian dining table” (when in Rome, do like the Romans).

Filming is ready to commence for a design show with an Italian T.V. company which will feature the most beautiful homes she has designed in San Francisco Bay Area. The show will air in Italy close to the end of the year.

Valentina is available for anyone who needs the magical Valentina’s touch.

“Italian Luxury for Comfortable Living” – Pure – Elegant – Original.”

Listen to Valentina on blogtalkradio, June 14, 2011 9 a.m. PDT.  Call in and ask her any design questions at 347-994-1903 and find out about her cook books!  She will be talking about how she combines the cook books with design work for the kitchen.

Valentina has been an Interior Designer since 1990 to present · San Francisco, California

  • Architectural Interior Designer
  • Designs new beautiful homes
  • Remodels ugly homes
  • Turns shacks into a castles
  • Designs any space with architectural drawings

She has received awards from: U.S. Commerce Association “Best Of Local Business” July 2010. U.S. Local Business Association award “Best Of Sunnyvale Award” December 2008.

The focus of her design is on kitchens, Wine Cellars/Grottos, Bathrooms and Entertainment Centers. In her designs, she includes landscaping concepts, lighting, architectural color analysis, furniture and custom designed furniture, which she always manages to produce locally, resulting in a good saving for her clients. She also designs office spaces and restaurants.

A new addition to her business is design GLOBAL consultation on-line any where in the country and abroad.

“As the professional who is always ready, I shall be prompt and ready to help you with any of your needs, whether it will be decorating, designing, or remodeling.”….”Every person who has a home deserves to live in beauty, harmony and comfort. My goal is to touch and transform people’s lives.”

Valentina’s cook books will delight your palate with healthy Italian recipes.

Valentina was born in Bari, Italy to a family of artists, designers and food connoisseurs.

Valentina goes to Italy! She organizes culinary tours that delve into the rich history, beautiful architecture and the discovery of hidden corners and food of her homeland. Valentina is an avid, passionate cook. She takes interest in cuisines of the world and she is especially interested in food in the history. She is an intellectual, entertainer, teacher of cooking classes, a designer and world trotter.

Cook books available NOW:

Sins Of A Queen Sins of a Queen

The book is easy to read with large font and beautiful pictures of her delicacies handed down from her Italian Heritage. An added bonus is the color prints of her original artwork. This woman is someone you want to connect with on facebook and buy her cook books! She has a third book coming out on color.

Come Mia Nonna- A Return To Simplicity

This book is a tribute to slow food and appreciation of life, a life made with human rhythms. A return to simplicity because these recipes from the Region of Puglia, in Italy are so very uncomplicated that even if you have never cooked in your life, you will be able to put an attractive dinner together in a short, short time.

valentinadesigns blog

Book Come Mia Nonna

Book Sins Of A Queen

Connect with Valentina on facebook

Valentina has been invited to write a new column about deisgn for the Philippe Matthews site

She will be on his radio show and will be filming her homes for the TV side of the PM Show in the next few months!


Set a reminder and don’t miss Valentina Cirasola on blogtalkradio, June 14, 2011 9 a.m. PDT. Call in and ask her any design or cooking questions at 347-994-1903 and find out more about her cook books, her cooking classes along with trips to Italy!

Meet Valentina Cirasola and share her design and cooking secrets Tuesday June 14, 2011!

Book Signing in Broomfield, CO Black Friday!

Big Fun In Broomfield, Colorado on Black Friday!

Need to reduce stress and create balance in your life?

Last year many people laughed at me and my blog post as I got up at 3:00 a.m. to go to Best Buy with my daughter and her fiance in Flagstaff, Arizona to buy a TV.  I do want you to know that I love the small notebook computer I picked up on that day for only $125.00 and think of it every time I am in a class with my small lightweight unit taking notes. I did say I was not going to get up at 3:00 a.m. again so I have some new fun for this year and Black Friday!

Becky Hancock CEO of Calico Books has invited me to a book signing on Black Friday, in my hometown of  Broomfield, Colorado from 10 to 2 at 300 Nickel St.

Calico Books is a trendy “green” book store where a reader can come and “recycle” current books and find hidden treasures. They are branching out to the “new book” line and have already hosted two

Becky Hancock CEO Calico Book Store

local authors prior to this event and will be hosting two more local authors  before Christmas. Calico Books is intended to be far more than just a used bookstore. It’s a place to come and enjoy a cup of coffee or cocoa (free of charge) and find a new author to enjoy or bring books in for Trade Credit.

There will be a number of sales going on in the store where the standard prices are already half-off the cover price of the books. Both the paperback and audio versions of the book Cosmic Cow Pie…Connecting The Dots will be half-off the retail price for Black Friday only.

There will be 10 free monkeys for the first 10 book purcahses and buttons that correspond with the chapters in the book for each person who buys throughout the day.

Eleanor Alden Author of StepWisdom will be at the Black Friday event sharing wonderful ways to deal with step family situations in a loving way.

Calico Books is the daughter-store of Booklover’s Used Bookstore in Fort Collins, CO. Both stores are owned by Becky’s family, while Calico Books is hers to manage. Becky has already made many steps towards integrating the store with the Broomfield community and trying to provide services which might not be available elsewhere. In addition to carrying local authors, Calico Books is also supporting the community by carrying gift items that have been hand-crafted by locals-such as gift cards, bookmarks, book covers, and even purses.

Becky brings with her six years experience working as a bookseller and manager in her family’s store along with a lifelong passion of reading. She moved into the Denver Area this past summer in preparation for opening the store and has kept busy ever since. She is continually trying to find new ways in which she can be an asset to the community and improve the store’s accessibility and offerings as a whole.

Please stop by to meet Becky and talk about how you might be able to create a “customer” event in her book store!

Becky, Eleanor and I feel that stress relief and balance is of major interest especially during the holidays when the effort of preparing for gatherings, parties, or getting packages shipped on time  carry with them a high degree of stress. We hope to provide a brief respite during the frenzy of Black Friday along with the tools to reduce stress and friction over the holidays and well into the New Year.

The book “Cosmic Cow Pie…Connecting The Dots” shares my experience in navigating the Cosmic Cow Pie of life.  I am currently an author, speaker, real estate and small business consultant.  This first book in the Cosmic Cow Pie series, includes an integrated principle-centered approach for solving problems with penetrating insights and pointed anecdotes. The reader will find reality writing and honest which might inspire the application of fourteen principles which will help anyone trying to adapt in today’s evolving world to reduce stress and create balance.

Click the link to get a free chapter of latest crowd sourced e-book project entitled “Cosmic Shift Happens tm. “ As consumers are exposed to “mean monkeys” in cyber space, the “crowd” felt it was important for individuals to understand a little bit about the thinking of some “predators” who could be lurking in the dark side of social media. The content will help readers be prepared with a mechanism to cope and forge through the mental anxiety of the cyber abuse.  Understanding the rules of engagement in cyber space and how to respond should help avoid “Social Media Syndrome tm” Knowledge is power and understanding the rules of engagement can make social media much more fun and exciting.

Mid December should be the e-launch of four children/parent e-workbooks, which follow some of the principles identified in Cosmic Cow Pie…Connecting The Dots. The links show video of children using the principles to maintain balance.

If you would like to get on a list to be notified when the children’s books will be available please register here for the newsletter and we will keep you up to date on the release. We are designing a new Cosmic Cow and will be having a “name that cow” contest.  The newsletter format will be video Cow Tips.. so follow the action and sign up now. Cosmic Cow Pie… Kids Rules For Life will also be coming out soon.

I look forward to talking to you on Black Friday from 10 to 2 at Calico Book store in Broomfiled, Colorado at 300 Nickel.

Connect with Calico Books:

Website Calico Books

Facebook Calico Books

Twitter Calico Books

Rebecca Hancock Linkedin

Youtube Calico Books