If You Have Been Crawling Your Enitre Life, Can You Really fly?

Think about caterpillars do they always turn into butterflies with wings?
Good question!

Linda Christensen of Black Diamond Life Style Management & Concierge contacted me and explained Angela Chase, the Author of “Discover Your Wings” had an important message to share and I might be interested in hearing what she had to say.  Linda was right, I read the book and felt a sense of freedom with a new consciousness about “wings, butterflies and caterpillars.” I became aware in a short read how people can have a deadly effect on others without even knowing it!

Meet Angela Chase, Author of “Discover Your Wings.”

Was a victim of a nasty divorce at a young age.
Was sexually abused by a cousin at 8.
Had an abusive step-father.
Had difficulty in school.
Had alcoholism in her family and her family projected she might have many problems in life.

Angela, believed in herself and listened to her heart.

Improved her grades.
Graduated from college.
Has published 3 books.
Has no addiction issues.

I will be interviewing Angela Chase on Monday, December 20, 2010 at 4:30 p.m. Mountain Time on Blogtalkradio.  Listen online or call in 347-994-1903. A live chat will also be open to ask any questions you might have of Angela.
The book is created in a format that allows a freedom to develop new ideas with the interesting characters and  really points out lessons that can easily be overlooked.
Parents, friends and neighbors can unknowingly cause people to question their ability to accomplish anything  they set their mind to.

Questions like:
1.  Are you good enough?

2.  Can you really do anythihng?

3.  Does your background limit your forward progress?

Does FEAR hold you hostage from going forward in life?

After reading about the confident butterfly, the reader is guided through a series of exercises that will show how to overcome limiting beliefs and break free of the cocoon of mis-beliefs that could be holding a person back.

Is flying an option after spending life crawling on the ground?
Find out by listening to Blogtalkradio on Monday, December 20, 4:30 p.m. Mountain time.  Call in to 347-994-1903 or join us in the chat room.
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Shed your caterpillar skin and fly!