Shedding Your Sales Shark


Shedding Your Sales Shark: Lessons from a Recovering Shark for Social Media and Life

Meet Shelley Roth, author of this valuable, resource book available November 28, 2012 on

Blogtalkradio at 2:00 PM MST or  Call into 347-994-1903

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Shelley Roth, M.Ed., is an entrepreneur and social media trainer, speaker, consultant and author. As founder

and president of her company, Springboard, she is dedicated to helping people, organizations and teams get

real, know their purpose and bring who they really are to their business – all with the aim of improving results

via social media. Springboard’s methodologies and services are based on over 25 years of successful

business development, sales and educational leadership of individuals, early-stage companies, small

businesses and Fortune 500 corporations.

Professional sales people from the last  few decades could be having serious issues with the right

techniques to communicate with today's consumer!  

If you are not performing at your peak in today's market this show is for you! 

Shelley is  a recovering  sales shark and shares some ideas from the book.

  "Social media has completely shifted the

   sales and marketing landscape and how

   business gets done.

   Corporate environments often thrive on an

  intense “eat-what-you-kill” approach.

  The inclusive community-driven nature

  of social media is sending traditional sales

  sharks, and their  shark tanks, the way of the dinosaur.

  This book is designed for those looking for effective ways to

  engage with their clients and community via social media

  networks. Shelley Roth, a recovering sales shark turned

  social media consultant, shares her discovery of how social

  media’s demand to be transparent opens doors to creating

  new abundance in business and in life."




From concepts in the book we will be discussing:

            Getting out of your own way

            Why being flawsome is awesome

            Evolution from Competition to Cooperation

            Engagement Marketing: The New "Non-Sales" technique

            Digital Body Language

            Adding value to your community


  We close with sharing how the social media revolution has sent the sales shark

 up the river  & how to use top social media tools to set you & your  business  free. 


Set a reminder at the show link for November 28, 2012 2:00 PM MST   Call into 347-994-1903 and join the launch party for Shelley Roth's second book: 

"Shedding Your Shark Sales."  Lessons from a recovering Shark for Social Media and Life.  

Listen to the show for all the fun giveaways at the launch party the day of the show. 

Some of the fun bonus gifts will be Free books and entry to a drawing for a critique of a facebook page or linkedin page ($125.00) value.                   Everyone that buys a book on the launch day will receive a seat to Shelley's Marketing Webinar to be held December 3, 2012 in Houston, TX  a $35.00 value. 

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