Connecting Dots in the Amazon “The 18 Mile Rule™”

The 18 Mile Rule™

One of the great mysteries of the rain forest resides six miles east of Manaus, Brazil on the Amazon River.   This phenomenon of physics brings a global lesson to possibly every local organization, group and individual who look at it and think about the higher meaning of this transformational occurrence. “The 18 Mile Rule™” at the mixing of the waters represents  a message to help any community or individual looking to combine ideas and resources.

Eighteen miles along the Amazon River the dark waters of the Rio Negro tumbling from Colombia lay side by side with the latte colored water of the Solimoes River stemming from Peru before they mix into one turbulent entity flowing to the Atlantic.

The Amazon River has recently been deemed the longest and widest river in the world, ousting the Nile by a mere 150 meters according to our jungle guide. The Amazon has one of the largest drain basins in the world with over 7,000,000 square kilometers and accounts for 1/5 of the world’s total river flow.

Extreme Science published an article giving interesting statistics and showing some of the huge creatures that live below the surface of the Amazon giving it even more intrigue.   Smells, sounds and  visual stimulation come alive along the amazing Amazon.

As my husband and I travel the world “Connecting Dots” we are taking the global lessons and applying them to local situations as identified in the theme of the Spring 2011 Semester At Sea voyage.

The graphic illustration of the two entities of water created the perfect metaphor representing the three variables which are part of the physical equation to sustain this phenomenon

  1. Temperature
  2. Velocity
  3. Density

The Solimoes River travels at 6 km per hour with a temperature of 18 C and a high density.

The Rio Negro is traveling at 1 km per hour with a temperature of 23 C and a low density rich with natural acids and chemicals from the jungle. The acidic content of the water actually kills the mosquito larva coming in from the hibiscus leaves so there are very few mosquitoes on the Rio Negro. There are some unique physics involved in the mixing of the waters with the three important physical variable factors existing between the two bodies of water. The significant force which is created by both rivers takes 18 miles of traveling together before they actually combine as one.

The picture of this phenomenon stimulated thoughts about how this compared to people and organizations. Two different organizations might be moving at different speeds, some are warmer in the way they present their services and they might be rich with content. The other group might be slower and cooler with what they are providing and not so dense with additives. The two groups must travel the 18 miles together twisting and turning before they can blend and become one. Many times the people running the groups might not have the patience to go the 18 miles for success to become one entity and the blending never takes place which could be a severe loss for many causes.

The same concept could be applied to people. One person is warm, friendly, inviting engagement at a moderate speed in a light manner. Another individual might be cold, running at a fast pace and be more toxic with external additives. Unless the two people are willing to travel the 18 miles together, mixing the ideas, concepts, sharing and respecting, they too will never become one entity blending with a harmonious union. The waters can part, never to combine now or in the future with each entity continuing on an independent path not ever creating a blend of talent or resources which could help make the world a better place.

The rule of 18 miles™ has emerged as a new principle to be shared in “Cosmic Cow Pie…Connecting the Dots around the World,” derived from the meeting of the waters in the Amazon. The rule requires someone to travel 18 miles with a group or an individual before the “parting of the waters” or “kicking them to the curb.” Today it appears many are quick to pass judgment and make decisions without nurturing the merger or association between people and groups. It takes time and energy to accept and process the value one gives to another. Ridicule, condemnation and misunderstanding others stand in the way of a great mixture. Political agendas or simply personal agendas keep groups and people from combining to create a successful combination.

Thinking about the rule of 18 miles™ could possibly change the course of many a group or relationship by giving the relationship time to see if the temperature, velocity and density can blend to create a harmonious flow between the two. Each group or individual might be coming from a different “temperature” so taking time to warm up to giving each other the opportunity to reflect and then the respect of different thoughts and ideas has to be an integral part of the mixing. Some individuals or groups proceed at a different “velocity” moving faster than the speed of light and others take time to strategically asses the possibility of a merger. Taking the concept of “density” to an organic level brings to mind the content and toxicity of the combination. Utilizing the 18 miles to reach a common temperature, velocity and density ultimately ends up with a successful mixing of the waters and a flow that reaches to the Atlantic to become one with the ocean or larger purpose.

Taking the global lesson from the mixing of the waters at the Amazon River outside Manaus, Brazil and applying to our local situations might create some lasting relationships that are built on understanding and a concerted effort to mix and create one massive entity flowing together combining the uniqueness of each.

The question to ponder will be how do we apply and quantify the The 18 Mile Rule™. How much time or how many twists is 18 miles when trying to blend or mix with an individual or group? Are you willing to implement The 18 Mile Rule™ to help to work together to reduce social  injustice and create a sense of balance around the world and in local communities?

Father Serafim Gascoigne on Carra Riley Live!

Father Serafim Gascoigne Author of “The Landing Place” is coming to Williams, Arizona on his book tour and will be interviewed on Carra Riley Live!

International Intrigue!

Do spy novels peak your interest!

How wild is your imagination?

Father Serafim Gascoigne Author of “The Landing Place” will be a guest on CarraRileyLive 9-9-10 at 2 p.m. PDT in Williams, Arizona.

Reverend Serafim Gascoigne was born in London in 1944 and has lived in the USA for fourteen years and currently in California. He Father Serafin Gascoigneserved as a Russian linguist in the British Army in Berlin during the ‘Cold War’ and also worked as a German interpreter.

In Berlin he came across first hand experiences of Russians who had lived in Siberia, committing their stories to memory to be used later for his own writing.

After leaving the army he taught in London and rural parts of England, and was a pioneer in computer education in the 1980s.

During this time he published educational computer books with Macmillan and later with Sybex (John Wiley) and IDG. He traveled to eastern Turkey and central Siberia where he met the archetypes for his fictional characters. He also traveled to Lebanon and Syria, visiting Christian communities and pursuing his interest in ancient languages and cultures.

In 2008, he saw a need for teen novels that are family-friendly with traditional heroes and heroines and decided to draw on his vast experience and write his own. Rev Serafim is currently a presbyter of an Eastern Orthodox parish in Seattle.

Great reviews on this Book of intrigue!

  • Fr. Serafim Gascoigne has a delightful grasp of the English language and paints magnificent pictures with hisThe Landing Place cover graphic descriptions in this suspenseful read. Every page arouses your curiosity leading you to turn pages faster and faster. He blends history, drama, romance and deep life lessons within the content of the book. The series of complications involved with “The Landing Place” and the interesting characters creates a book you will not want to put down. The fascinating storyline with a Russian Imperial Air force pilot discovering the secrets of “the mountain” keeps your attention throughout the book and leaves you wanting more from the author.
  • In the early 20th century, a young pilot in the Russian Imperial Air Force crash lands on Mount Ararat on a reconnaissance mission. Thus starts an adventure that touches on the mysterious and the miraculous. The author has a clear sense of place; everything, including the rocks, the plants, and the weather, is described in vivid and lively terms. The story itself is engaging and holds the reader’s interest throughout. A good read for young adult readers and their families.
  • I found myself mesmerized by a time and place in history of which–I realized–I know very little. The author has a masterful way with language and creates both the suspense and the humanity that takes the reader into a different emotional space. Like others, I could not put it down. I’d like to see a sequel so I know what happens to the main characters. Just a delightful read. I hope there are more!
  • Move over CS Lewis, another teller of tales that makes us seek our God has just arrived. I started reading “The Landing Place” in the afternoon. It was going to be a summer reading project. I could not put it down. In the wee hours of the morning I was racing through the finish and wanting to start it again. I only put it down once, to let the dog in, and was exasperated to have to leave the action for even a brief moment. Father Serafim Gascoigne has captured characters so passionate, so real that anyone would care what happens to them. I spent the next day feeling I know these people. His descriptions of the people, myths and culture are also accurate. I have traveled to many of the cultures involved here and can tell you he captured smells, flavors and myths and mystical powers to perfection. Children will love this book. Not only is it a moral tale, it is based on no other place than the mountain site of Noah’s Ark. Parents will love to read this tale to their youngsters. But be prepared for begging to read “one more” chapter every night.

I am very excited to meet Father Serafim Gascoigne in person on September 9, 2008 in Williams, Arizona and do an interview on CarraRileyLive at 2 p.m. PDT. Join us LIVE to hear all about his background and history which makes the book even more exciting.

Check out the website to purchase the book.

“Wow! What an exciting book. It starts off with a bang, grabbing you from the first page and then racing along, full of thrills, leaving the reader exhausted and illuminated.” ~Brian Tracy, Author, Success is a Journey

Connecting The Dots In Step Families

Connecting The Dots In Step Families

Are You  A Step Monster?

Yes, I am!  Or I should say: I have been a Step-Mother for 35 years in August.

Many times the Step-Mother in a family is considered to be a MONSTER just like the character in Cinderella. I don’t think I was a monster and only the kids can tell now! We had a lot of fun but that was because I came from a divorced family and knew what I didn’t want to experience again.

Family relationships are a factor in all major decisions. The differences can become daunting if there are issues going on within the family unit.

Eleanor Spackman Alden from Denver, Colorado has written a life changing book for step family members to help adjust to new family dynamics in her  book, “StepWisdom.”

Meet Eleanor Spackman Alden, LIVE in Williams, Arizona on Tuesday, August 3rd at noon PDT. Come be part of the audience or join us on and ask step family questions.

Eleanor Spackman Alden, LCSW, BCD is a psychotherapist in private practice and has worked with StepFamilies for over 40 years. She taught graduate school at Naropa University for over a decade, and prior to that taught physicians in a Family Medicine Residency program. She became increasingly concerned at the negative perspective of so many people that stepfamilies were second best or worse, and a sign of a declining culture. This viewpoint did not fit her knowledge of cultures in history, nor her experience as a therapist, teacher, or friend to so many who came from stepfamilies. StepWisdom grew out of the frustration with the present day “myth” about stepfamilies, and from growing up as a stepchild herself.

Contact Eleanor:

My Amazon and Barnes and Noble review on the book:

Perfect “Steps” To Creative Relationships After Divorce

“I am a ‘step’ individual in every category, step daughter, step mother, step grandmother, step sister, step aunt etal. I was excited to read “StepWisdom” to see what I could learn to improve those relationships.

My expectations were exceeded and I can’t wait to share this book with others. Eleanor Spackman Alden has provided an easy to understand handbook for all types of relationships. She takes case studies of dysfunctional marriages and destructive divorces to illustrate certain rapport issues. Eleanor uses examples from the Bible, Greek mythology and Dr. Jung, a Swiss Psychiatrist to graphically depict specific behavior tenancies. She uses humor to lighten the load of uncomfortable situations and demonstrates how to correct the situation.

This book is a must read for any person wanting to nurture and progress to create loving and supportive family relationships in all circumstances. Reading this book can help avoid unpleasant interaction mistakes”

Please join us LIVE in Williams, Arizona on Tuesday, August 3rd at noon PDT on

If you have any quesitons for Eleanor you can leave them in the comments below or join us in the chat room on the show.

Trying To Connect The Dots With Mortgage Changes?

Trying To Connect The Dots With Mortgage Changes?

How can a buyer shop for a lender and feel safe with the decision?

Is the New HUD closing statement good or bad for consumers?

If you would like to have the answers to some of those questions, join Gene Mundt on to get the inside scoop on how to deal with the changes.

Mark your calendar for  Friday July 30, 2010 at 9:30 a.m. CDT to hear mortgage professional Gene Mundt on  Gene will help “connect some dots” with guidelines that home buyers need to know about right now. Gene is a professional mortgage banker from Naperville, Illinois. Gene will be explaining some of the recent changes in the mortgage industry’s practices, and how the changes effect today’s buyers. Gene will talk about the new HUD requirements and the Good Faith Estimates for closing. He will also discuss the pre-qualification process to be prepared to go out and buy some of the fantastic opportunities in Real Estate today.

Gene Says, “With almost 30 years within the mortgage/banking industry, I can draw upon a vast background and wealth of experience for the benefit of my customers and business relations.  I thoroughly understand the lending and banking processes because I have learned and used each step during my professional lifetime. This extensive background enables me to offer a more complete and better mortgage service to my customers and referral contacts.”

Programs and services that Gene offers:

  • Credit/Debt Counseling, Repair, and Management
  • Small Commercial Lending
  • 2nd Home/Investment Lending
  • Asset-based Lending
  • Financial Planning/Mortgage Planning
  • Bilingual Capabilities

Connect with Gene on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and ActiveRain. Or you can visit his website at email or give him a call at (815) 277-4036. And be sure to check out his great blog filled with useful information!

Please join us on Friday, July 30, 2010 9:30 am CDT as we learn what changes are taking place around the country in the mortgage business.  Bring your questions to the chat room for Gene. I look forward to to seeing you there!

Working on a Plan B? Join Live Webinar 7-6-10

Working on a Plan B? Join Live Webinar Tuesday, July 6, 2010 10 a.m. PDT

Now is the time to recapture the retirement or investment dream that might have slipped away in the past several years. Candice will be live on camera with graphics of the area sharing the current opportunities for investment in the beautiful Colorado River area surrounding Bullhead City and Mohave Valley.  All this activity just across the river from Laughlin, Nevada and only 1.5 hours to Las Vegas.

Candice Donofrio is my guest on Tuesday, July 6, 2010 at 10:00 a.m. PDT.

Candice will be sharing current real estate information on commercial and investment opportunities around the beautiful Colorado River.

Location, Location, Location.. and the prices are right!

Candice Donofrio

Candice is from Pasadena, California and is the most cutting edge broker on the Colorado River.   She embodies the Colorado River lifestyle.

Candice’s pooch is Luna, a 4 year old Chow/Pit/Lab.

Contact Candice A. Donofrio

Next Wave Real Estate Investments, LLC, Fort Mohave, AZ

Contact Candice A Donofrio, Broker Fort Mohave, AZ Txt 928-201-4242
Office Phone
(866) 228-2643
Cell Phone
(928) 201-4242
Alt. Phone
(928) 704-5181
(775) 205-6962
Fort Mohave, AZ, 86426
Real Estate On The Beautiful Colorado River! Bullhead City, Fort Mohave, Mohave Valley AZ. Cert. ePRO/Trainer. Cert. RE Specialist/Instructor.

Set your alarm! Don’t miss Candice as she shares her Colorado River secrets!

Candice Donofrio on Tuesday, July 6, 2010 at 10:00 a.m. PDT.

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