Happy Are The Peacemakers

white and red flowers

 Ask yourself… what I am doing to create peace in my home, my community and my country?

Can I make a difference as one person?

What can I do to let my light shine?

How can I help my neighbor?

How can I love my neighbor?

Who can I be nice to today?

What did I learn today?

How am I better today than yesterday?

Where do your coping skills come from ?

Do I have any coping skills?

What are coping skills?

Trying to connect some dots? 

Ask yourself…..How can I be a peacemaker?

Why are peacemakers happy?

Happy Are The Peacemakers

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Pray For Oklahoma




A tornado of possibly, historic magnitude hit Moore, Oklahoma today.

If you are needing help or want to give help, click on the RED CROSS site set up for Oklahoma.

ABC news  is one of the hundreds of news agencies that have breaking information on what is happening.  They are updating this site on a regular basis.

Many people are waiting to help in any way possible after the devastation of today’s tornado.  The local service agencies are asking people to stay away as the first responders need to get in to help those in the rubble.

The most important thing we can do is PRAY for OKLAHOMA.  

We can also include the world and all the unrest we have going on in so many areas in our thoughts and prayers.  As we process the devastation in natural disasters of this past year  we can come together in individual neighborhoods to really love our neighbors before we are in a crises!

Pray For Oklahoma!


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Making A Difference in April!


Did you know that April is Child Abuse Awareness Month? 

Did you know that 5 children DIE every single day from child abuse?

Do you know that you can make a difference by reading this post?

child abuse 5 children

Flagstaff, Arizona Coconino Country Court House is the location of a major statement sharing April as Child Abuse Awareness Month. 

Last Sunday I was out taking photos of Spring in Flagstaff, Arizona and I came across this display in the middle of the city.  The recent events in ConnecticutBoston and West Texas have really put many of us on numb with reference to sharing online.  Upon reflection of the tragedies and how people have rallied to help their neighbors, it seemed like support of projects that are trying to reach out and create awareness need our attention as well.

If one more person becomes aware of the horrible death statistics for children during April that means we have started to become conscious of things around us that might need our help and love.   

It appears that the tragedies we have experienced recently all come back to the perpetrators feeling unloved and ostracized. Maybe we can take that information and reach out to anyone that might be hurting and express love in some way.   This means we need to be aware of those around us and giving a smile, offering a helping hand and showing kindness to those that may seem different is some way.  

field of dreams flagstaff.jpgs

The flags in the lawn commemorate each child that dies last year in Arizona.

What a wake up call to stop and think about what each of us can do to help.  

April 22, 2013 there will be nation wide marches across the country to help raise awareness on child abuse.

To find events in your area and more information on marchig against child abuse click here.  

The field of Hope display was shared and paid for by the Exchange Club of Flagstaff, Arizona.  By making the financial commitment to create this statement they are touching the world.

Please consider sharing something about Child Abuse month with people in your area to make a difference in your community.


Child Abuse banners.jpg s

Help is needed in Arizona through Prevent Child Abuse Arizona There are things you can do to make a difference.  Children are in need of foster parents, clothing and more.

For National information check out the National Movement for America’s Children.

Colorado is reaching out for awareness through this post.  

Search child abuse awareness in your area and see what you can do to support your community. If the recent events have moved you to think about preventing tragedy before it strikes.. this might be a door to walk into.

We change the world by changing ourselves… it starts with us and and how we are thinking and processing the tragic things that are happening in our world today.

Community actions can make the world a better place and it starts with us.

Let’s  make a difference in April, 2013!  


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Boston Marathon Bombing HELP


Boston Marathon Bombing HELP!

If you NEED HELP locating someone or you might have some HELP for the FBI, the links to HELP  you are included below.

Many are still in shock processing the senseless bombing of runners and spectators in the Boston Marathon, Monday, April 15, 2013.  Watching the video captures on TV and through social media brought back the sensations of 9-11 with the smoke and building front tumbling down at the initial exposure.

FIRST:  If you have photos or videos of the Boston Marathon you might want to view information on the Boston FBI website or call 1-800-CALL-FBI and share your information as you might have captured something on your cell phone or video camera that could be of HELP to the FBI.  

 As of 3:15 pm PDT 4-16-13 they are looking for someone carrying a black nylon bag that would contain the bombs.  The bombs might also have been in trash bags along the street.   MSNBC posted the photo below of what could possibly be a trash bag with the black nylon bomb bags inside. 

Boston Trash Bag


The website says: “No detail is too small.”  Please let anyone you know that was at the Boston Marathon, how they can HELP!

Boston TIp Line 

The atmosphere at the finish line for the Boston Marathon 2013 evolved into a calm rush to HELP the injured as spectators and marathon participants ran back into the smoke to HELP those who were hurt as a result of the two bombs that exploded at the finish line of the Marathon.  It is inspiring to see how our country is coming together in times of crises and rushing INTO the heat of fire to help those in need.  A true example of heroism in the hearts of those in Boston at the Marathon.

If you are looking for someone, in and around the Boston area you can connect on the Google person finder to share information about someone you know and is safe or if you are looking for someone.  This website was created for connecting during Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and now is part of the Google Crises Response program…..

“Making critical information more accessible in times of disaster”

“When disaster strikes, people turn to the internet for information. We help ensure the right information is there in these times of need by building tools to collect and share emergency information, and by supporting first responders in using technology to help improve and save lives.”

Boston HELP phone numbers:

• Boston Mayor’s Hotline for families of victims: 617-635-4500

• Boston Police line for witnesses who may have information:800-494-8477
Google Person Finder

There are two other sites to connect with to look for people.  

The American Red Cross has the “Safe and Well” site.

Red Cross

The final site to find a runner is available through the Boston Athletic Association site.

Boston Athletic Association

It is almost beyond comprehension to understand the thought behind the actions that disrupted a celebration of this magnitude in Boston.  In trying to “connect the dots in this Cosmic Cow Pie™” it seems as we are getting continual messages of the need to reach out and Love our neighbors…..    We have so many horrific tragedies taking place in schools, movie theaters, political gatherings and now sporting events.  What is the message and what can we do to heal this negativity?  

On December 14, 2012, 20 children and 6 educators were shot at Sandy Hook elementary.  A group of parents and kids from Newtown, Connecticut were “guests of honor” at the Boston Marathon to honor the 26 lives lost in their elementary school.  They had completed the race prior to the bombing but were traumatized yet again as they came to “Run 26 miles for 26 lives.”  None were injured but the anxiety of the attack is taking it’s toll as they all try to heal.

“Now, the Newtown group will try to return the favor, by attempting to honor the fallen and injured from the Boston bombings with their own annual race, their local Sandy Hook 5k Run, Nowacki said.”

‘You know, they dedicated 26 miles to us. The least we can do is 3 miles for them,’ she said.”

The 26 mile Boston Marathon honored 26 lives lost in Newtown, Connecticut  and now the Newtown group will be hosting a marathon of 3 miles and as of now, there are 3 lives that have been lost in the bombings at the Boston Marathon.

Helping one another in all communities, all around the world is something  to ponder and then take action in the way you are directed.  You can HELP the world and your community with the love, compassion and the kindness you show to those in need.

If you know anyone that was at the Boston Marathon, please let them know how they can HELP by looking at their photos and contacting the FBI.

The Boston Marathon Bombing can HELP us come together. 

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Pray For Boston, Pray For The World!


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