Memorial Day 2013


Memorial Day is to honor the Veterans who have served in the United States Armed Service and have passed on.

The holiday is observed the last Monday in May and was formerly known as Decoration Day tele 5 mediathek videos. The tradition started after the Civil war to commemorate the Union and Confederate soliders who had died.

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Memorial Day is to remember the men and women who died while serving in the American armed forces telegram sticker herunterladen.

This should not be confused with Veterans Day, November 11th, which celebrates the service of all U video youtube. S. military veterans.

Memorial Day marks the start of summer and many people go camping, have picnics, go hiking, boating or bar-b-que with friends herunterladen.  It has also become a time where many family members go to cemeteries  to place flowers or visit loved ones that have passed.  The tradition of placing a flag on the gravesite of a Veteran is an activity that takes place in many communities around the country tickets downloaden.

Please feel free to use this stock photo from Photos by Carra to share your memorial day thoughts with others amazon musik auf pc herunterladen.  It will work for the 4th of July as well!

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Have this day become a tradition of acknowledging, honoring and loving those that made a difference in our lives das experiment herunterladen.

Take some time to reflect in the memory of those who made a difference on Memorial Day 2013



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Memorial Day 2011

Memorial Day is full of memories and this poem by Amanda Bradley takes those memories to a new level.


Love Lives On


Amanda Bradley

Those we love are never really lost to us—-

We feel them in so many special ways—

Through friends they always cared about and dreams they left behind,

in the beauty that they added to our days…. microsoft todo downloaden.

in words of wisdome they still carry with us and memories that will never be gone….

Those we love are never really lost to us—

For everywhere their special love lives on spiele zum herunterladen für kinder.


Have a safe and happy Memorial Day Weekend.  Make some new memories and celebrate life yumpuen!

Remember those serving our country in the armed forces today!