Fresh Peach FREEZE In 4 Easy Steps

Fresh Peaches ready to freeze in 4 easy steps and enjoy later!

It’s the time of year we get to enjoy preparing our harvest for the coming year. Peaches from Grand Junction, Colorado are like nectar from above.  They ripen on the vine and have a beautiful yellow skin and red core.


4 easy steps to create your fresh peach freeze!

1.  Wash peaches first and then blanch the peaches in boiling water for 1 minute

2.  Let the peaches sit for about 2 to 3 minutes then peel the skin off the flesh.

3.  Slice the peaches

4.  Place the fresh sliced peaches in freezer bags with the date.

You are done with a fresh peach Freeze ready to enjoy when the time is right.


Step 1:  Blanch peaches for 1 minute in boiling water.blanch peaches


Step 2: Let the peaches sit for 2 -3 minutes then peel the skins off. peel skin off


3.  Slice the peaches.sliced peaches

 4.  Place the fresh sliced peaches in freezer bags with the date.   peaches in freezer bags


Perfect to have the fresh peaches ready to make a Cosmic Cobbler with white cake mix as the topping and baked in cream cheese….. follow us for the next cosmic recipes.

Cosmic Cobbler


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Yes, you can FREEZE  Gazpacho and have it anytime!



Happy Cosmic Cooking from Cosmic Cuisine!

Enjoy your Peach Freeze in 4 Easy Steps and have fresh peaches all year long!  

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