Twitter News!

Twitter News!

Most businesses today are starting to use Twitter… so if you haven’t started this might be a great time to see how the big boys are using social media.

Twitter in Vegas

I received the notificaiton below from Twitter today.  I know it seems like all the social media sites are continually changing formats and requirments. 

All I can say is nothing is constant except change…. it took me awhile to figure out that most technology products that come on the market are really “beta tests” and they learn what to change as the conusmer starts to use the idea.  Sounds like a reach.. but think about it!

I was having trouble with twitter on my iphone and now I know why!

Below are the latest Twitter changes to be aware of!  Direct from Twitter today!

Over the coming weeks, we will be making two important updates that will impact how you interact with Twitter applications. We are sending this notice to all Twitter users to make sure you are aware of these changes.

What are applications?

There are over 250,000 applications built using the Twitter API. To use most applications, you first authorize the application to access your Twitter account, after which you can use it to read and post Tweets, discover new users and more. Applications come in many varieties, including desktop applications like TweetDeck, Seesmic, or EchoFon, websites such as TweetMeme, fflick, or Topsy, or mobile applications such as Twitter for iPhone, Twitter for Blackberry, or Foursquare.

Update 1: New authorization rules for applications

Starting August 31, all applications will be required to use “OAuth” to access your Twitter account.

What’s OAuth?

  • OAuth is a technology that enables applications to access Twitter on your behalf with your approval without asking you directly for your password.
  • Desktop and mobile applications may still ask for your password once, but after that request, they are required to use OAuth in order to access your timeline or allow you to tweet.

What does this mean for me?

  • Applications are no longer allowed to store your password.
  • If you change your password, the applications will continue to work.
  • Some applications you have been using may require you to reauthorize them or may stop functioning at the time of this change.
  • All applications you have authorized will be listed at
  • You can revoke access to any application at any time from the list.

Update 2: URL wrapping

In the coming weeks, we will be expanding the roll-out of our link wrapping service, which wraps links in Tweets with a new, simplified link. Wrapped links are displayed in a way that is easier to read, with the actual domain and part of the URL showing, so that you know what you are clicking on. When you click on a wrapped link, your request will pass through the Twitter service to check if the destination site is known to contain malware, and we then will forward you on to the destination URL. All of that should happen in an instant.

You will start seeing these links on certain accounts that have opted-in to the service; we expect to roll this out to all users by the end of the year. When this happens, all links shared on or third-party apps will be wrapped with a URL.

What does this mean for me?

  • A really long link such as might be wrapped as for display on SMS, but it could be displayed to web or application users as or as the whole URL or page title.
  • You will start seeing links in a way that removes the obscurity of shortened links and lets you know where each link will take you.
  • When you click on these links from or a Twitter application, Twitter will log that click. We hope to use this data to provide better and more relevant content to you over time.

Thanks for reading this important update. Come and check what’s new at

The Twitter Team

That is the news today! Cosmic Shift Happens™ and we are a part of it everyday.. if you would like to learn more about the Cosmic Shift.. check out the Cosmic Shift Happens facebook fanpage and participate by asking quesitons or commenting on the discussion groups.  This is a place where we can all learn together as the Cosmic Shift Happens™.

Tweet bird

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Cosmic Shift Happens™

Cosmic Shift Happens™

A picture says a thousand words.

Have you ever felt like someone is messing with your head?

As the Cosmic Shift Happens™ you will soon learn that if you think someone is playing with your head, they very well might be.  The fear of the “head games” keeps many people from actively participating in online venues.

Joeann Fossland, a national speaker along with being a Master Certified Coach and I have joined forces to create an e-book to help people be able to navigate the Cosmic Shift™ and feel good about engaging online.

We would like to invite you to JOIN THE CROWD in a world wide collaboration of online citizens to create a “crowdsourced” e-book. Our vision is to make it easy for people to participate and evolve to the Internet Generation.

We will be utilizing the principle of “crowdsourcing” to obtain information from individuals wanting to collaborate and help create an e-book with us .  Those selected to participate with be credited as a co-author in the project. We have a site where the invited, qualified participants will actively comment on concepts presented to be discussed by the “crowd” hence the term “crowdsourcing.” The participants can start new discussions if the ideas lead in new directions. The “crowd” will be sharing their beliefs, concerns and suggestions to help others just entering the cyber world.

Join the crowd and help us build the bridges for communication as the Cosmic Shift Happens™!

The process is easy and will flow as follows:

1. Go to Cosmic Shift Happens™ and register for the Introduction and 1st chapter.

2. If you like the questions posed in the Introduction and 1st chapter and choose to participate in discussion, just click on the “crowdsource   participation” box to fill out a short application. We need to view your online presence so will ask for links to social media sites.

3. The application will be reviewed and your sites verified because as a co-author, readers will be going to see what your profile looks like online.

Your information will not be shared or distributed in any way without your permission

4. A participation agreement will be sent via e-mail to accepted applicants which must be signed and returned.

5. Once the participation agreement is returned you will be given a private location to engage in the discussions.

6. We will be allowing 2 weeks for discussion on two chapters and so far there are 8 chapters in the e-book.

7. Once the “crowd” input has been completed we will compile the information and do final edits.

8. All selected participants will be given co-author credit with links to their profiles and the opportunity to promote themselves as being a co-author of the e-book, Cosmic Shift Happens™.

9. The e-book will be for sale. The participant will not receive payment for participation however, will be able to sell the book as an affiliate and receive 30% of the sale price. The participant will NOT be able to use the book as a bonus or give away of any kind.

If this sounds too complicated and you don’t want to be a co-author right now….

You can still join the crowd!

Connect on our facebook page at where discussions will be going on simultaneously with anyone who is interested in posting a comment and sharing ideas that could be used in the e-book even if you are not a co-author participant. Your opinions and input are valuable to us and we would sincerely appreciate all contributions for the project by sharing on the fb page.

Start now and get the Introduction and Chapter one quesitons to be discussed at Cosmic Shift Happens™.

As a respected Cyber Citizen we’d like you to participate in our “crowdsourcing” event.  Regardless of your experience and knowledge level, we know your perceptions can help us make this e-book more valuable for those just getting started. We will be happy to credit you for specific content ideas in the book even if you are not selected as a co-author.

We will be promoting the project on radio talk shows, social media and mainstream media. As a co-author participant you can also use the work you are doing for PR releases in advance of the completion of the e-book.

The mission of the project is to reach out through writing, speaking and connecting to help people adapt to the Cosmic Shift as it Happens.

Let’s create a crowd on Twitter! Please follow and tweet about us!