Who Is On Your HOT List?

Do you have a HOT list?

2012 is going to boil with business and a HOT list will fuel the steam engine that needs to get to 212 to move. It's all a function of having the right tools to run the machine.

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This is the 4th Tip in a 30 day program of sharing ideas to help develop new strategies and habits to stay on track.

Each day there will be a post with one idea that might help with creating balance and reducing stress!

Creating your HOT list.

Do you have a sphere of influence list which should include:

  • name
  • address
  • cell phone
  • home phone
  • e-mail
  • social media links
  • website

The sphere of influence list should be a list of everyone that you know including teachers, club members, doctors, dentists, house keepers, lenders, service providers etc. Someone you know and could call if you needed something.

This list is beyond your holiday card list and should include anyone you would recognize and could talk to at the grocery store. This IS your sphere of influence list NOT your HOT list.

If you don't have one of these lists you NEED to create one. Make some forms that you can have with you in your purse or computer case. When you are talking with someone, ask yourself "Do I have all their current contact information?" If you do not, then have them fill out the form or take out your smart phone and add them to your contact management program.

Every day you should be adding at least 2 to 5 new people that you meet personally to the list. Yes, that should be an HVA (High Value Activity) daily if you have a business product or service you have to sell.

Don't forget about meeting new people in social media… another Cow Tip on adding new contacts to Google+, facebook, twitter, foursquare and linkedin.

Have a value added subscription program like a newsletter, video blog or tips on your business, product or service as a door opener to be able to get the new information from the contact. This concept will be discussed in another future Cow Tip.

The HOT List!

The HOT list is a sub category from your sphere of influence. These are people you have lunch with or do things socially. These are people that love you, support you, will help you unconditionally and you would do the same for them.

Go through your sphere of influence and select the people that should be on your HOT list. Create a letter that, you will hand address specifically to them letting them know they are on your HOT list and that you want to know what you can do to SUPPORT THEM. You might want to have a form in the letter for them to update social media connection links, websites and e-mail. Make it fun.

Send the letter in a colored envelope with a fun stamp. The post office has Love stamps, Celebrate Stamps andCelebrate Stamp all kinds of causes. Pick a stamp the friend will look at and think they are special. Maybe a cartoon stamp would work better for you. Decide what stamp works from you and your personality.

Use your home address as the return and again, HAND address this letter.

Think about the impact of getting a letter in a colored envelope with an interesting stamp hand addressed. What about including a $2.00 certificate to Dairy Queen or Mc Donalds for an ice cream…. they will laugh and should think you are a fun person. Be creative and be yourself. Come back and let us know if you think of something else to add.

In the letter encourage your HOT list friend, to call you and set a time for you to get together to have coffee or lunch to talk about supporting each other in 2012.

Personal referrals are the key to success in any business so to make 2012 the year that boils at 212 degrees you need to do something different. Creating your HOT list is going to work. Create your own specific dialog in print and think about what you will talk about when you get together. Each business, product or service is unique just like your networking style so develop conversation that you feel comfortable with.

Fishing in the pond of people who know you, love you and will refer you is the place you want to be. Your HOT list can be the source of new people to connect with and the job is much easier if someone has given a referral as an introduction.

Think about this concept. Take it and work it.  I would be honored to give you individual ideas to help 2012 BOIL with your HOT list! 

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It Was The Best of Times, It Was The Worst Of Times – 2011

2011 was the best of times and was the worst of times for the Riley family.

Sharing some of my deepest thoughts, I am letting you know, dear reader, I was so happy to go to bed in 2011 and wake up to a new day and a new year and a new way of thinking! I have seen many posts on facebook and google+ with similar feelings and I am excited to try and get to a higher altitude with you in 2012.

Controlling  thoughts and emotions can be a challenge throughout life and this is the year…. 2012  where things are going to boil (212 degrees). 

Pondering the concept of turning up the heat made me think of separating the silver and gold from the dross.  Things have to get heated up to purify and refine the silver and gold to get to the pure substance. The dross or the imperfect materials have to be purged to get to the gold.  Another thought about heat comes from running a steam engine.  The heat has to be up to the 212 to make it run!  So turning up the heat in 2012 to refine the gold and run the engine is going to be exciting. 

As members of the human race we are all connected in one way or another. It is my humble opinion we are all one, through the creator.   We are in charge of our thoughts and have complete control of where they go.  Life is about demonstrating the skill in exercising what we will and won't think and accept in our thoughts.  We can dwell on the positive or we can submerse ourselves in the negative.  We do manifest what we believe. 

Our cup can be half empty or it can be half full.  When you think about it… whether the cup is half full or half empty with liquid, it is ALWAYS overflowing with air.  You see your cup runs over no matter what, you just have to decide to accept that fact or not.  You are in charge!  Self talk helps us be victorious over those disturbing thoughts that take our peace away.   This year I am going to try each day to only listen to positive messages and know that my cup is running over being grateful for what I have and my ability to read, think and reason through any cow pie out there.  I look forward to sharing with you on our 2012 journey. 

A journey around the world was on our "Goddard List"  (aka bucket list) and we saw the world for the best of times.  We started to think global and act local. 

A near death experience with a young family member made it the worst of times. I won't go into the details at this point  but we all learned from it and continue to appreciate new sides of all situations and gratitude for everything.  

Learning from the past, our family has been through financial difficulties where we even sold our furniture to eat so I know the pain of having no money and not knowing where the next meal was coming from.  We were basically on numb getting through each day one moment at a time.  Getting over the embarrassment and humiliation of this difficult financial life experience in 1992 helped me relate to others in similar situations. I can look anyone in the eye and say "I KNOW how you feel and this is what we did." I am happy to report we worked through the financial meltdown one step at a time never declaring bankruptcy and paying back every dime we owed through Consumer Credit Counseling.  Experiences are trials that help us grow and make us stronger and gives us the ability to help others through similar situations.  

On the voyage around the world I took lessons from the universe and completely listened as we embarked on foreign ground.  A new book from the Cosmic Cow Pie series is emerging with the global lessons which should be launched in 2012 "Connecting The Dots Around The World."  It will inculcate lessons from major land marks we visited.  The book will have pictures from sites like India and Brazil that have been photographed by thousands and I will share a message to help trigger a change of thought when experiencing a stress situation.  The book will take global icons and the message should help the reader think about new "coping skills" to navigate the cow pies of life that continue to be in the way no matter what year it is.  Life really is about how we put our boots on and get through those piles.  SSDD  Same Stuff Different Day applies as nothing is constant but change. 

One of my favorite quotes applies to everything happening today in a most timely manner,  "You can't change the wind you can only adjust your sails."

As the winds of change blow they bring new challenges and new ways of thinking.  When trying to modify thoughts to stay with the positive, build a bridge, walk on over it and never look back. 

Taking control of your thoughts requires forgiveness. If you are trying to think only positive and good thoughts in 2012 so you can get that steam engine running you can't have negative energy coming in taking away from your ability to go forward.  Whatever was in the past needs to be in the past and you need to forget it.  Throw it over that bridge and don't think about it again.  Forgiveness means that you forget it ever happened.  If you keep bringing up the past you can't live in the present. 

The present is here and now and will reflect the way you think. 

Don't be thinking about old issues.  If you can resolve a conflict just DO IT.  If you can't, simply build that bridge and walk on over it. 

Let's make 2012 the best of times together. 

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Social Media Summer Camp… No Bugs at This Summer Camp!

Social Media Summer Camp… No Bugs at This Summer Camp!

How can that be……. you may be asking? Are you trying to put the puzzle pieces of Social Media together?

Have you been putting off learning all the confusing pieces of social media and how they all fit or do you know someone who needs to get with what is happening today in social media marketing?

No matter what business you are in, sharing this information can help someone you may know struggling with social meda pieces. Bring or tell a friend and go to Social Media Summer Camp and forget the bugs!

Hear how every business can maximize profits using social media on Blogtalkradio when Shelly Roth, President of Springboard Ventures, is a guest on the show May 11th 9:00 a.m. Pacific Time . We will be discussing Social Media Summer Camp 2011 and her new books. Call in and ask questions at (347) 994-1903

  • If you already KNOW about social media, this is an opportunity for you to share with others how they can get up to speed in a balanced manner.
  • Simply forward this blog post or send a link to someone NOT using social media so they can listen to the blogtalkradio show and hear firsthand what Shelley will be teaching.

Shelley R. Roth, President of Springboard Ventures has designed a user friendly summer program to learn about facebook, twitter, linkedin, blogging and e-mail campaigns. Spend ONLY 1.5 hours, one time a week for six weeks to be up and running with confidence in social media.

Shelley Roth is an author, trainer, motivational speaker, and social media navigator. She inspires and empowers businesses to achieve higher levels of productivity and growth through creative sales and marketing initiatives. As President of Springboard Ventures, Inc., Shelley has worked for more than a decade with dozens of entrepreneurial ventures in various stages of development, as well as Fortune 500 companies. She has served on the advisory boards of several technology companies, served as a mentor and member of the Rice Alliance for Technology and Entrepreneurship, and the Houston Technology Center and MIT Forum.

Social Media Summer Camp 2011

The program has everything you ever wanted to know about social media and how to turn it into a profitable endeavor.

Session 1 – Facebook 101

  • Set up your Personal Profile and Optimize for Business
  • Create status updates, ask questions, share links, upload pics
  • Research Business Pages
  • @Tag people, pages and events
  • Create distribution lists
  • Upload contact lists
  • Set privacy settings

Session 2 – Facebook 102

  • Create your Business Page
  • Understand New Business Page Navigation
  • Research Applications and other Pages
  • Learn to use the Photo Stream for Marketing
  • Upload your contacts and invite to LIKE your page
  • Get Sticky with your content
  • Sourcing Content

Session 3 – LinkedIn 101

  • Completing your Profile for SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Getting Referrals
  • Completing yoru profile 100%
  • Uploading connections
  • Finding connections
  • Searching for people, companies, groups

Session 4 – LinkedIn 102

  • Setting up and Managing Groups
  • Researching Applications for Business use
  • Answering Questions and Establishing Expertise
  • Setting up your Business Profile
  • Twitter and LinkedIn-Peanut Butter and Chocolate
  • Creating an Event and Promoting it

Session 5 – Twitter, Blogging and Tools for Streamlining Social Media

  • Creating a Twitter Account
  • Why Tweet?
  • What to Tweet
  • Searching on Twitter
  • Blogs Overview-Wordpress and Blogger
  • Tools for ease: bit.ly ;hootsuite.com;ping.fm

Session 6 – Power of Email Marketing

  • Why use an email marketing service such as Constant Contact?
  • How to best position your email to get opened and read
  • Creating CTA’s (calls to action) with your email
  • Building a quality contact list
  • Using Social Media sites with your email campaigns

To receive a $20.00 discount on the purchase of the Social Media Summer Camp please enter code: CARRA when you purchase the event.

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Shelley is the author of an informative social media book entitled “Get Real, People! What your Digital Body Language Says about You Online” Watch the trailer on the link below and get ready for some FUN with social media.


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Phone 713.937.1006


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And remember, there are no bugs at this summer camp, so leave the bug spray behind and join us!

Has The Economy Got You Spinning?

Has the economy taken it’s toll and your “A game” is on the bench?

Get your head back into the game!  Is the mantra for Kit Cummings.

I had the pleasure of meeting Kit at a speaking event in Flagtaff, Arizona two years ago and felt his energy and message was one that would light up the world. I was right and I now have the privilege of interviewing Kit Cummings on Blogtalkradio Monday, September 27th 9:00 a.m. PDT and via webcam on CarraRileyLive.com October 14, 2010 at 9:00 a.m. PDT

Having attended literally hundreds of seminars this man is at the top of his game to inspire listeners to action. His message is FRESH, clean and new. Kit walks the walk of what he teaches! He is a doer not just a talker.

Set a reminder to meet Kit Cummings Author, Speaker and Coach on blogtalkradio with Carra Riley September 27, 2010 9:00 a.m. PDT as Kit celebrates the launch of his new book “Unshackled Diary of a Prodigal Son”. Call 347-994-1903 during the show if you want to ask Kit questions or join the chat room. He will be speaking around the country to groups about his journey through life and we have the incredible opportunity to talk with him live.

Read some of the reasons why Kit and his book WILL make a difference to the reader and why you want to tune into the blogtalkradio show. Hear what Kit has to say about many things happening in today’s world.

  • Kit spreads his energetic and life-changing message of power, optimism and hope to the corporateKit and sport hero Bo Jackson world, the schools and his community.
  • Kit does weekly work inside a maximum security prison and Death Row.
  • Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Kit has been involved in the field of personalKit Cummings & Bo Jackson development and team building for over twenty years.
  • Having worked with Fortune 500 companies and Non-Profit Organizations, Kit has devoted himself to teaching, coaching and training for many years, speaking to thousands of people around the country, as well as overseas.
  • Today people are being bombarded with drama: whether it be politics, the economy, the war, or health concerns– they’re being drained of their vital energy.
  • With so much bad news and negativity surrounding us at work and in the media, people have begun to EXPECT more bad news and unconsciously started looking for it.
  • Whether it be working with executives, athletes, inmates or youths, energy and attitude are always part of growth, recovery and victory. Kit shares principles and techniques that help people to increase their personal energy and develop an attitude for success.
  • Athletes speak of being in the “zone” or conversely, being in a “slump.” How much more effective could you be, if you could quickly recognize when you were beginning to slump and had the tools and resources to move back into that other place of efficiency and power? It’s all a matter of “Attitude Science.”

Kit Cummings has written the book “Unshackled: Diary Of A Prodigal Son”

“Unshackled takes the reader on the spiritual, emotional and psychological journey of a modern day

Book cover Unshackled: Diary of a Prodigal Son

book cover

prodigal son. Primed to be one of today’s spiritual leaders, Kit Cummings’s success as a minister ill prepared him for the dark turn his life took. Plagued by an addictive past, confronted by a disillusioned flock, and angered by a seemingly absent God, Kit left the shelter of God’s arms for the chains of worldly pursuits. Alone, depressed and on the run, Kit would experience his greatest suffering, realize his worst fears and squander the Spirit within. It took an old friend in shackles to set him on the course to true freedom and help him find his way back home. Unshackled is the true story of one man’s spiritual search that became inextricably linked to an unlikely group of random individuals on the road to Redemption. If you’ve ever been in chains and longed for the keys to true freedom, allow Unshackled to be your guide!”


Get your head back in the game.

Many experienced, talented and knowledgeable people have simply “checked out” and are merely trying to get by.

At the same time there are others that are thriving in this challenging market.

The difference: attitude, energy, and mindset.

Kit says, “Don’t just settle, when you can create the life that you desire.”

Kit shares how to effectively manage your mental, emotional and physical energy, and tap into your purpose and passion…

Fear & anxiety are on the rise, brought on by financial crisis & economic uncertainty.

Many are burning out from all the “Drama.” The Solution? Get your head back in the game…

Both shows will have a message you need to hear!

Tune in and listen to Kit Cummings on blogtalkradio Monday, September 27, 2010 9:00 a.m. PDT

Call 347-994-1903 during the show if you want to ask Kit questions or join the chat room.

See Kit Cummings LIVE on CarraRileyLive.com October 14, 2010 9:00 a.m. PDT.

Listen and watch Kit Cummings in his own unique, energetic and humorous style, share his message of optimism, enthusiasm and positive change.

Cow Tips to Manage Change!

Managing Change!

So much change so little time!  Does your life resemble this?

I have been invited by the Prescott Area WCR Women’s Council of Realtors to present a talk on “Managing Change” in Prescott on Tuesday, September 14, 2010 at 11:30 a.m. till 1 p.m. The event includes lunch for $5.00 and will be held in the Yavapai Title conference room located at 1235 East Gurley St. Prescott, AZ.  Please call Pat Mercurio of REdo-REnew Interiors 777-0333 or redorenew@msn.com to make your reservation.

Today’s universe is all about change. The world is evolving into a digital communication network through the Internet and mobile applications.  It is time to “build a bridge” and get over the anxiety of learning it and just DO IT.

How do we manage the Mess? Cyclone

1.  Identify the areas you need to learn and how they integrate into your marketing strategy to attract buyers and sellers.

  • Smart phone
  • Facebook fan pages
  • Linkedin profile
  • Twitter account
  • Youtube channel
  • Flickr
  • Blog
  • Digital listing presentations and marketing
  • Zillow
  • Trulia
  • Homes.com

2.  Design a strategy to start learning each venue one at a time.

  • Set a specific time each day for 1 hour to learn this new  way of communicating
  • Take FREE classes online about each concept
  • Google the concept and read blog posts about each subject
  • Set up a master mind group with several people doing the same thing and learn together
  • Follow people who know what they are doing and “cherry pick” what you like about their presentation
  • Learn to text and set up a mobile program
  • Become involved in an online community and join groups where you have recreational interests

Read, Think and Reason.

Everything you need to know is available on the Internet.  Check out your individual industry through google or bing.  For real estate you can look at  WCR, Women’s Council of Realtors (check out the free webinars and conference calls on the left side of the home page) NAR, National Association of Realtors (check out Right Tools, Right Now)  AAR, Arizona Association of Realtors ( check out the informative videos, blog and online magazine) or your state association and  Activerain University (The online classes will get you up and running on blogs and help you with SEO Search Engine Optimization.) Most organizations have websites you can go to and subscribe to their learning tools so all you have to do is “Practice”  what you read about.

“You Can’t Get To Carnegie Hall If You Don’t Practice.” Piano

  • Set up your branded name as an account and set up a practice account if you are afraid
  • Join groups you know the people participating are understanding to new individuals
  • Know that you are going to make mistakes
  • No one starts out understanding all the rules so get comfortable saying you are new and practicing

If you are fearful of the “unknows” in cyberspace come and read what the participants are saying in the facebook group “Cosmic Shift Happens” just watch and read. When you are ready you can ask questions by starting a discussion or post your questions on the wall.  It’s fun and a great place to learn.  For a free discussion chapter in the e-book “Cosmic Shift Happens™” go to CosmicShiftHappens.com.  This is a project which is being “Crowdsourced” meaning the book is going to be put together by many people.. hence the crowd.  The input from the “crowd” will be complied and a new book completed by the participants.  The project is just getting started so get your free chapter and come to the facebook page to participate and share what you would like to know.

We would love to help you “Manage Change.”

Below is a link to the type of information you might want to read to start to understand what is happeing in cyberspace!

6 Lessons Learned From the Demise of MySpace

By Jay Baer at his social media Strategy Blog

WATCH for new programs:  Survival 101 and Survival 102

Survival 101 is a 3 hour class with how to set up strategies to create a business plan and balance in your life.

Survival 102 is the advanced class which is 6 hours and you will leave with a completed business plan ready to implement action at completion of the class.

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