Battleship or Sinking Ship?

Summer movie season has started with a spectacular special effects action packed adventure film "Battleship."   Don't go tired because this is non stop engagement for full two hours and ten minutes.   It's loud, it's fast, it's fun, it's sad and it's compelling. There are many messages which if processed correctly can help everyone be a little better after watching it. Yes, there are many sinking ships in the film but the moive itself, is not one of them. 

Sharing the thought provoking ideas that came through the film is my thing. I really don't want to explain the storyline.. just review the valuable content that could make a difference in how we understand the world and what happens to us. 

Going to a movie with an empty slate is genuine a thrill for me.  It's like opening the cracker jacks box and finding the surprise.   My husband and I have a date day each Wednesday so we get to see trailers and usually make up our minds about a show based on that message alone.  Reading negative thoughts on the movie usually ruins it for me so I stay away from reviews until after I have seen it and am ready to share my thoughts.  What you get at the Cosmic Cow Pie is a vintage player aka baby boomer's point of view who is open to learn and absorb what the movie industry has to give.

Did you know that Battleship is a Hasbro board game that has been around for 81 years?  Yikes… I had no clue so I must live out in the Cosmic Cow Pie not to know that.  The game advertisement summarizes the movie, "Dare to defeat the enemy fleet in this classic game of strategic combat. Command a fleet of five ships as you search out the enemy, fire at coordinates and score hits. Can you sink your opponent’s fleet before your opponent sinks yours?"

Long story short, this is an epic scaled movie that unfolds outside of Hawaii with actual war games going when an alien-invasion disrupts the exercise and challenges all countries participating in the games to work together and really put their game on. 

I knew I was going to like the film when I saw Taylor Kitch from Friday Night Lights fame "Tim Riggins" in the opening scene crazy over a girl he sees at a bar.  It's a fairytale love story that keeps you wondering to the very end how it is going to turn out.  You will have to see the movie for that result… and stay past the very long credits for a trailor which looks to be Battleship 2.   Taylor Kitch plays a lost sole turning 26 and does not have any idea of where is going or how he is going to get there.  He has been a complete mess and ends up joining the Navy at his brothers encouragement.  In Friday Night Lights I always thought that Tim Riggins looked too old to be in high school and sure enough, he was born in 1981 making him 31 now. Love what research does to create positive reality connections. 

Rihanna is in the film as a tough Navy woman with a big gun.   I had heard the name Rihanna, but it did not register who she was until I again did the research.  She is one of the "mean girl" type singers of today and came from Barbados when she was 15 to start her singing career in America.  This is her first film and one of the ushers told me at the end he was not going to see the movie because she was in it and he did not like her and he thought the Hasbro game was lame.  After we talked he decided to see it because Rihanna actually did a fantastic job at playing her role and the special effects of the war games is incredible.  

Themes in the movie that will make you think!

  1. Love at first sight
  2. Parental approval of partners
  3. Direction in life
  4. Making mistakes
  5. Sacrifice
  6. Handicapped individuals, their lives and feelings
  7. Games in general
  8. Survival
  9. Bravery
  10. Handling fear in the face of adversity
  11. Team work
  12. Racial prejudice
  13. Country collaboration
  14. Disaster behavior
  15. Sports, winning and playing fairly
  16. Pressure to win
  17. Role models for behavior modification

Some of you may be thinking that aliens are not something you want to be watching.  For me, aliens are much better than vampires but that again is a personal choice.  I enjoyed Cowboys and Aliens because there was another big family message in that film as well as The Hunger Games.

One of the clips in the film really did make me think of David and Goliath and that faith was the only thing going to get them through the mess.  Watch and see how ET was going to call home.  Think about the underlying messages in the movie art forms and let your heart tell you if the movie is good or not based on the emotions it pulls out of you after watching. 

Have fun and go see Battleship.

If you haven't seen The Hunger Games that is a MUST see movie.  The games continue in "Battleship" as they do in everyday life.  In any game, it's knowing how to navigate those cow pies even if your ship sinks to win and survive.

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