Flight…….. Academy Award Winner?


Could the movie "Flight" sweep the Academy Awards?

No spoiler alerts here so feel free to read on. My husband and I walked out of the movie thinking it was an Academy award winning film.  "Epic" in terms of sharing the inside struggles of alcohol and drug abuse victims.   A powerful movie with 21st century "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf" scenes.

Yes, I used the term victim, because people who deal with alcoholism have a disease.  The disease can be treated and if left unchecked it will be fatal.  The worst thing about alcoholism and drug addiction is that not only can the person with the disease kill themselves, they can also take the lives of innocent victims.

That being said let's look at the movie… Denzel Washington showed all his stuff!  One "moon shot" for those who are timid about nudity but that is it for Denzel! The actor has set a new bar in his ability to act and draw the audience into the character he is playing.  This movie, Denzel Washington, the cast and crew of "Flight" will be sweeping the Academy Awards in 2013. 

Watch the trailer again for clues as to the content of the movie……. this is NOT an action film. There is a powerful social message on the big screen delving into things that touch most human beings in the world today.  Images of your friends, family, co-workers and acquaintances will become alive as you are watching. You will be casting your own version of this movie with people you know and care about. 

A lengthy debate arose last week with a friend on facebook about how he did not like the film.  As we talked I realized his expectations from the trailer and Denzel Washington was an action thriller film and that is not, what the movie delivers.  My friend was offended by the first scene with full frontal nudity and it went down hill for him from there.  Spoiler alert….there is only about 3 minutes of nudity at the beginning of the film, then the movie sends us to many haunting social messages.   Realize it's coming and wait for it…. the  film message that will move you one way or another.

Many film makers and screen writers do have a specific agenda to make a statement about society and modify the way people think with their artistic creativity.  I believe this movie does that if you are someone looking to improve the judgmental way you think about those around you, this movie is for you.

Screen writer John Gatins and  "Cast Away" director Robert Zemeckis touch our emotions with many provocative themes:

  • Marriage
  • Family relationships
  • Alcohol
  • Drugs
  • Co-dependency
  • Honesty
  • Cancer
  • Fear of flying
  • Ethics
  • Cover-ups
  • Corporate Fraud
  • Recovery

Walk the ethical tight rope with Denzel Washington, Captian Whip Whitaker and co-star Kelly Reilly, Nicole a recovering junkie, as their lives intertwine and their addictions drive their actions.    John Goodman, a Dr. Feelgood character, Harling, is the stand up friend that will take care of everything and makes us laugh at situations that happen every day in the real world. 

Movie watching is an interesting sport. Sometimes you go to be entertained and just laugh and sometimes you end up reflecting on who you are.  Director, Robert Zemeckis, keeps us processing here just like he did in Cast Away. 

Memorable lines in a favorite movie create valuable content for social gatherins.  Important memorable line in Flight,  "Have I reached my life long limit of lies?  With just one more lie……"  There are so many people living lies the line is destined to be a classic.  See the movie to connect the dots to learn something about people and life in the 21st century.

Questions from the movie…. will you fly again? 

Should pilots take breathalyzer or drug tests before starting that engine?

What difference will this film make in the way you see life, engage with your friends?

The movie ends with asking "Who Are you? 

Denzel Washington, the cast and crew of "Flight" will be taking home many Academy Award's in 2013.

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