Karen Nation Happy RE-Birthday!

July 8th was an emotional day.  I received news of the loss of one of my most valued friends, Karen Nation. Karen had been our real estate office manager for eight years in the 90's and close family friend.  She was my right hand in everything I did.  Organization was her real FIRST name.  She could always fix the equipment, researched the manuals on anything, had a place for everything, thought about each detail in advance.  Karen always had a smile and always was kind.  She was a devoted mother, wife and grandmother. I could never have done what I did and had time for personal things if Karen had not been part of our team. Thank you Karen for being you and coming into our lives.

In 2000 Karen moved to Wyoming to follow her husband's dream to be closer to fishing and away from the crowds. Karen was the perfect example of unconditional LOVE!

I do believe that life is eternal and KNOW that her Love lives on. 

It's just sad on the human side as she will be dearly missed. I mailed her birthday card on Wednesday for her special day July 9th.

Today we also watched a tribute to the end of another era.  The space shuttle project.

This video has quite a message and one that really touched me for several reasons.                                                                            

Watch it and let it speak to you!  

"The earth is a very small stage in the vast Cosmic arena…….. suspended in a sunbeam…… Think of the rivers of blood….. Think of the endless cruelties… the delusion that we have some position in the Universe….  our planet is a lonely speck in the great Cosmic Dark…….it has been said that astronomy is a humbling and character building experience…  it underscores our responsibility to deal more kindly with one another!" 

Our Dash is the time between birth and getting a new zip code.  It is our opportunity for a character building experience.  My friend Karen Nation, lived her dash well in making the world a better place! 

Karen, we are celebrating your dash as you dance with us…. Happy Re-birthday! 

Contact someone you know is struggling and let them know you much you care!  The small dot and the dash are all connected in the Universe!