Cyber Media Magic™!

Anyone with a fancy to be a writer!  Read on!

Cyber Media Magic™ can happen with this contest for a writers workshop to be held in Taos, New Mexico July 24 – 30, 2011.

Jen Louden is giving away ONE seat for an incredible week valued at $2,140.00 to her world famous writers retreat.  It’s easy to enter AND social media can help you win!  Hence the Cyber Media Magic™!

You are reading this because you blog and/or read blogs so if you have been thinking about going to the next level with your writing… this workshop could be for you!

Jen Louden just might be one of your new best friends… you can hang out with her at the Savor & Serve Cafe.

This is what Jen Louden says about her writer retreat event:

2010 Taos Workshop

“That’s right, I’m giving away one spot to attend my world-famous  Luscious, Nurturing, Get Your Writing Done While Laughing Your Butt Off And Maybe Crying A Little Too Writer’s Retreat.”

You love to write. You like to write. You think you’d like to write.

For sure you know that if you had time free of distractions, you would get out that thing that that burns in you onto the page or would finally get ______ done.

Oh, and it would be pretty darn great if someone was serving you delicious food, and there was a coach on hand to hold yours when you got stuck.

You know what would be good? A supportive circle of women to cackle with.

Some heart-fueling, creativity-expanding writing seminars to melt away your fears and charge you up with sparkly, crackling inspiration wouldn’t be bad either.

And while you’re dreaming, why not add gentle yoga, learning about feminine power, strolls through Taos, a funky arty field trip, a labyrinth to walk and ask writing questions, and fresh baked goods (aha, the cream puffs!) and and and…

Sounds kinda perfect?

Hot damn because I’ve got that and more cooked up and I would love, love, love to share it with you.”

If anything above sounds like something you might be interested in come on in and join the crowd! I did!   Enter the contest here.

Should you decide NOT to enter you can help me and I would be eternally grateful because I am “in the game!

Please go to the entry page, when you get there,  scroll down the comments and “like” my entry. I entered on May 13th so my comment under Carra Riley will be back  however many days it is from May 13th.  My avatar is the Cosmic Cow Pie cover so you will see that too! Leave a comment if you feel like it.. that would make this more fun!

To help with the Cyber Media Magic™  follow me on twitter @CarraRiley and @CosmicCowPie and RT my #WritersRetreat tweets with @JenLouden!   I get points for sharing the message!   Both the #hashtag and @JenLouden should be showing

I look forward to seeing how this Cyber Media Magic works!