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Cosmic CowFree Plan of Action Consultation

We are happy to offer you a Free 1/2 Hour Plan of Action Consultation to discuss your personal, business or real estate goals and how to achieve them. The best way to learn how we might be able to help you is to try our services — for FREE. Simply complete the form below and click Submit. This is an "No Obligation" offer. We are dedicated to helping you succeed! There is no charge if the call or visit runs overtime and there will be NO pressure for you to become a client. Being totally transparent, we only want to work with companies or individuals who really want help and are committed to embracing, and implementing, the business strategies and concepts we will share with them. ? We look forward to talking with you soon!
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Cosmic CowHourly Consulting

1 hour consulting $150

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Cosmic Cow1 month package

4 One hour sessions $299

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Cosmic Cow

Carra's Social Media Cliff Note Classes

  Carra's Social Media Cliff Note Classes include basics on:
  • Google+
  • Google plus pages
  • Youtube
  • Hangouts on Google+ with youtube access to create your own webinars with archives
  • Drop box for sharing files in the cloud
  • Instagram
  • Tumblr to post to Pinterest via mobile app
  • Facebook pages
  • Twitter
  • Foursquare
  • Bombbomb video e-mail
  • Linkedin
  • Yelp for business branding
  • Pinterest
  • Flickr for creating url's with photos and albums
  • Hootsuite for scheduling possts
  • bit.ly for custom url's
  Carra's Social Media Cliff Note Class: 8-5 lunch, soft drinks & snacks included for minimum of 6 to 9 students Williams, Arizona at the Cosmic Cow Pie computer cave Must register with minimum of 6 names $99.00 each. Add Attendees names to field below then select Add to cart and change quantity to the number of Attendees. 
Attendee Names (minimum of 6): Quantity:

View Cart   Carra's Social Media Cliff Note Class for 10 people or more: At your location $999 plus travel expenses. Room with WIFI must be provided, soft drinks or snacks up to class provider. 8 to 5 class with 1 hour for lunch Purchase below. I will contact you to arrange the travel expenses

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Carra's Social Media Cliff Notes

Starting June 4, 2013 9:00 a.m every Tuesday, Arizona time through September 2013. No class July 2, 1013 Learn just what you need to know to have a base of knowledge and start connecting using social media. 4 month program $199 This is only $12.43 a week 1 hour per week. We will cover: facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Google+ Connect your Social Media dots and then have access to all the webinars in the archive.

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Carra's Cliff Notes: Social Media 101 DVD

If you want your own library order a DVD of the sessions to have all the webinars for $29.95 to be delivered after the program is completed. You can take the program with you to review anywhere. $29.95 DVD of Carra's Cliff Notes: Social Media 101

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Speaking Engagement

Cosmic Cow 1. Hire Carra to speak at your event sharing how to reduce stress and create balance. Click Here to go to my Contact Form Cosmic Cow 2. Hire Carra to put on a retreat for your company. Click Here to go to my Contact Form Cosmic Cow 3. Hire Carra to come to your real estate office and get all your agents up and running on social media. Click Here to go to my Contact Form