Welcome to the Cosmic Cow Pie.

I am elated you found me in cyberspace!

First things first, what is the Cosmic Cow Pie?  Cow pies are Cow pies… presents left in a field by cows. Life is full of cow pies flying around in the cosmos hence Cosmic Cow Pie.

This site has tools to help navigate all the obstacles or cow pies, flying around in your universe. It helps Connect the Dots to find balance and reduce stress.

If you’re a confused or overwhelmed individual, entrepreneur or small business owner, seeking support to figure out how to reduce stress and find balance, I can help you!

The first book in the Cosmic Cow Pie series, Cosmic Cow Pie…Connecting The Dots is available here in soft cover, CD format, MP3 and pdf download. You will also find workshops, webinars and fun stuff to reduce stress.

I am a Speaker, Writer and Consultant.   I help independent professionals, entrepreneurs and business owners to demonstrate balance and stay focused to accelerate their business profits.

I am fervent about showing fellow professionals how to develop powerful relationships and process the cow pies of life.

After applying the fourteen principles I profess, my clients typically experience a significant increase in balance and reduction of stress in their lives.

I am passionate about helping people create balance in the Cosmic Cow Pie of life!  Everything I do revolves around reducing stress and creating new relationships which complement one another.

I am available for hire as a speaker, workshop leader, or personal consultant.

I look forward to meeting you soon!

Dedicated to living life with fun and balance,