Has The Economy Got You Spinning?

Has the economy taken it’s toll and your “A game” is on the bench?

Get your head back into the game!  Is the mantra for Kit Cummings.

I had the pleasure of meeting Kit at a speaking event in Flagtaff, Arizona two years ago and felt his energy and message was one that would light up the world. I was right and I now have the privilege of interviewing Kit Cummings on Blogtalkradio Monday, September 27th 9:00 a.m. PDT and via webcam on CarraRileyLive.com October 14, 2010 at 9:00 a.m. PDT

Having attended literally hundreds of seminars this man is at the top of his game to inspire listeners to action. His message is FRESH, clean and new. Kit walks the walk of what he teaches! He is a doer not just a talker.

Set a reminder to meet Kit Cummings Author, Speaker and Coach on blogtalkradio with Carra Riley September 27, 2010 9:00 a.m. PDT as Kit celebrates the launch of his new book “Unshackled Diary of a Prodigal Son”. Call 347-994-1903 during the show if you want to ask Kit questions or join the chat room. He will be speaking around the country to groups about his journey through life and we have the incredible opportunity to talk with him live.

Read some of the reasons why Kit and his book WILL make a difference to the reader and why you want to tune into the blogtalkradio show. Hear what Kit has to say about many things happening in today’s world.

  • Kit spreads his energetic and life-changing message of power, optimism and hope to the corporateKit and sport hero Bo Jackson world, the schools and his community.
  • Kit does weekly work inside a maximum security prison and Death Row.
  • Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Kit has been involved in the field of personalKit Cummings & Bo Jackson development and team building for over twenty years.
  • Having worked with Fortune 500 companies and Non-Profit Organizations, Kit has devoted himself to teaching, coaching and training for many years, speaking to thousands of people around the country, as well as overseas.
  • Today people are being bombarded with drama: whether it be politics, the economy, the war, or health concerns– they’re being drained of their vital energy.
  • With so much bad news and negativity surrounding us at work and in the media, people have begun to EXPECT more bad news and unconsciously started looking for it.
  • Whether it be working with executives, athletes, inmates or youths, energy and attitude are always part of growth, recovery and victory. Kit shares principles and techniques that help people to increase their personal energy and develop an attitude for success.
  • Athletes speak of being in the “zone” or conversely, being in a “slump.” How much more effective could you be, if you could quickly recognize when you were beginning to slump and had the tools and resources to move back into that other place of efficiency and power? It’s all a matter of “Attitude Science.”

Kit Cummings has written the book “Unshackled: Diary Of A Prodigal Son”

“Unshackled takes the reader on the spiritual, emotional and psychological journey of a modern day

Book cover Unshackled: Diary of a Prodigal Son

book cover

prodigal son. Primed to be one of today’s spiritual leaders, Kit Cummings’s success as a minister ill prepared him for the dark turn his life took. Plagued by an addictive past, confronted by a disillusioned flock, and angered by a seemingly absent God, Kit left the shelter of God’s arms for the chains of worldly pursuits. Alone, depressed and on the run, Kit would experience his greatest suffering, realize his worst fears and squander the Spirit within. It took an old friend in shackles to set him on the course to true freedom and help him find his way back home. Unshackled is the true story of one man’s spiritual search that became inextricably linked to an unlikely group of random individuals on the road to Redemption. If you’ve ever been in chains and longed for the keys to true freedom, allow Unshackled to be your guide!”


Get your head back in the game.

Many experienced, talented and knowledgeable people have simply “checked out” and are merely trying to get by.

At the same time there are others that are thriving in this challenging market.

The difference: attitude, energy, and mindset.

Kit says, “Don’t just settle, when you can create the life that you desire.”

Kit shares how to effectively manage your mental, emotional and physical energy, and tap into your purpose and passion…

Fear & anxiety are on the rise, brought on by financial crisis & economic uncertainty.

Many are burning out from all the “Drama.” The Solution? Get your head back in the game…

Both shows will have a message you need to hear!

Tune in and listen to Kit Cummings on blogtalkradio Monday, September 27, 2010 9:00 a.m. PDT

Call 347-994-1903 during the show if you want to ask Kit questions or join the chat room.

See Kit Cummings LIVE on CarraRileyLive.com October 14, 2010 9:00 a.m. PDT.

Listen and watch Kit Cummings in his own unique, energetic and humorous style, share his message of optimism, enthusiasm and positive change.