Game On: Where In The World Is Carra Riley?

Let The Games Begin: Play “Where In The World Is Carra Riley?”

Carra Riley is a writer, speaker, small business and real estate consultant going on a 104 day voyage around the world on Semester at Sea with her husband Tom. They live in Williams, Arizona and are taking their local community with them as they travel from the East to the West. This is the announcement post of the new INTERNATIONAL game… Where in the world is Carra Riley?

The Theme of the Spring 2011 voyage is  “Global Interdependencies: Thinking Globally Acting Locally”

“Glocal: Someone who is able and willing to think globally while acting locally to improve the human condition and the planet we inhabit.”

7 wonders of the world

Williams, Arizona IS an International melting pot with visitors coming from all over the world as it is the “Gateway” to one of the SEVEN natural  wonders of the world, the Grand Canyon. Photo image courtesy of Bob Ribokas His appreciation of one of the seven wonders of the world is amazing!

As the Author of Cosmic Cow Pie…Connecting The Dots I am inviting you to PLAY a game of engaging as we journey around the world sharing transformational concepts and information.

My vision of the trip for the experience is three fold.

  1. Learning how we are connected globally, what the outcomes of this connection are and how we can be a positive force in this process as we go “glocal”.
  2. Bring back the message from around the GLOBE on how we can better serve those coming to visit our country and specifically our local Williams, Arizona community.
  3. The contestants can ALL take the information they are sharing and then implement those ideas in their community.

Carra has been creating videos on youtube with her WilliamsArizona1 channel and posting pictures of this diverse community on flickr. She has posted on her blog information about fasinating local places to go and things to do in the Williams area such as Bearizona, The Grand Canyon Railway and the Grand Canyon Coffee and Cafe.

Carra and Tom love their local community and are looking at this experience as an opportunity to help bring global issues and concerns back to the local community to process this information and start thinking about how all the dots connect together. The Williams News ran a great story about the adventure and Williams-Grand Canyon Chamber of Commerce is excited about the opportunity to share Williams with the world!

Enter the “Where in the world is Carra Riley?” contest.

What you can win!

How to enter and rules:

Get points for engaging about the world and how lessons abroad can be taken back to local communities.  Watch the videos, photos and blog posts, then participate by commenting. It’s as easy as that.  Sharing global issues and talking about how we can take the information and apply it to make the world a better place.  Carra will be writing the book “Cosmic Cow Pie…Connecting The Dots Around The World” and your participation will help clarify the information that can possibly help the world come together in sustainability, global economics and peace among nations. Each comment on any of the social media site will be counted as one point.  The more you comment the more points you can build up! First register at the Cosmic Cow Pie Forum at “Where in the world is Carra Riley?” section so we know you are playing then just go watch the posts all over cyberspace and comment!

  1. Register in the forum at and comment on the days events on the blog or in the forum, start a conversation, add a cow tip and/or
  2. Visit the facebook page CosmicCowPie “like” the page comment or share a link and/or
  3. Subscribe to the CosmicCowPieSAS youtube channel and comment and/or
  4. View the photos on flickr and comment on what you are thinking it.

All the points from comments will be tabulated starting January 12, 2011 when the journey embarks from Nassau, Bahamas.  The contest ends on April 24, 2011 in San Diego, California. You must register for the forum, post your location with all your usernames for facebook, youtube and flickr along with a statement that you are “in the game”  to be eligible for the contest. You do not need profiles on all those accounts just let us know the name you will be posting under.  Limit to 5 comments per day per username. In the event of a tie, the Cosmic Cow Pie team will look at additional participation on the social media sites… so if you post a Cow Tip or a link to something that will help readers “Connect The Dots Around The World” that will be taken into consideration for additional points.. again this is just in the case of a tie.   The winner will be announced on the Cosmic Cow Pie website, Friday May 13, 2011 in time to make summer plans in Williams, Arizona, “Gateway to the Grand Canyon” from connecting the dots around the WORLD. The winner will also be notified by e-mail and must respond within 48 hours to claim the prize.

Connect The Dots Around The World with Carra Riley and win a trip to Williams, Arizona the Gateway to the Grand Canyon and experience one of the seven wonders of the world.

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Bearizona Hosts “Breakfast with the Babies”

Bearizona Hosts “Breakfast with the Babies”

Williams, Arizona is home of Bearizona a Drive-thru Wildlife Adventure. The perfect place to come and enjoy the mountain atmosphere when either riding the rails or driving to the Grand Canyon.

It was a beautiful summer day to have breakfast with the new babies at Bearizona and watch their jovial antics.

Meet Cassidy and Kid the new fox babies.

Check out Foxy and Memphis the new lynx babies and Sig the baby Bob Cat on the video!


Owner Sean Casey and his family were gracious hosts sharing their love of the animals with all in attendance.

The Bearizona blog series started with the soft opening May 22, 2010.

See the bear cubs getting frisky in this Bearizona update.

Share your Bearizona pictures on Flickr in the Bearizona group.

Follow Bearizona on facebook or Twitter.

Thank you Bearizona for a wonderful breakfast with the babies! Season pass owners can look forward to more fun events!

Williams, Arizona Gateway to the Grand Canyon and Home of Bearizona

Bearizona Update 2! The Bear Cubs Are Getting Frisky!

Welcome to the Bearizona Series.

Bearizona is a new wildlife drive through park located at the “Gateway to the Grand Canyon” in Williams, Arizona.

The new park has over 160 acres of Ponderosa Pine and gentle terrain to house Northern American wildlife.

Summer hours 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Plenty of time to take the train to the Grand Canyon and see the wildlife at Bearizona.

Catch up with the Soft Opening information.

Check out great Bearizona pictures on Flickr.

Please feel free to join the Bearizona group on Flickr and add your photos or videos.

See more Bearizona videos on TheCosmicCowPie channel on youtube.

Today you can see:

  • Full grown bears
  • Bear Cubs
  • Dall Sheep
  • Longhorn Sheep
  • Buffalo
  • White Bison
  • Burros

Bearizona cubs and lambs

In a week to 10 days the Alaskan Tundra Wolves should arrive and the wolf pup exhibit should be open.  The Bearizona group hasn’t decided on names. Two males and one very dominant female.  They would like to come up with historic, regional names.

Any ideas?

Follow Bearizona:



Bearizona Opens in Williams Arizona

Bearizona Opens in Williams Arizona

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Bearizona had its official “Soft” opening.

What is Bearizona you may be asking?

Bearizona is a drive-through wildlife park at the gateway to the Grand Canyon in Williams, Arizona.

Live animals in a natural habitat in one of the world’s largest Ponderosa tree forests. See bison, mountain goats, big horn sheep, black bear and wolves all roaming freely in 160 acres of Arizona wilderness.

Bearizona has easy access located just south of I-40 at Highway 64 (Historic Route 66) Only 58 miles to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon and 25 miles west of Flagstaff.

Having attended the Soft Opening on May 22, 2010 I must say this is well worth the price of admission.

The time we had in the park was MAGICAL! No other word describes how you will feel watching the animals navigate the natural habitat in such a serene environment.

Background on the Bearizona project was posted in an article By Steve Miller Journal staff March 15, 2010 “Two members of the Casey family, which owns Bear Country USA near Rapid City, are starting a similar attraction in northern Arizona. Partners Sean and Dennis Casey, sons of Pauline Casey and the late Doc Casey, founders of Bear Country USA, plan to open Bearizona in Williams, Ariz., in May. Bearizona, like Bear Country USA, will be a drive-through wildlife park, but it will put more emphasis on conservation and the environment…”

The article indicates they would like to have about 40 species, including bears, wolves, bison, mountain goats, mountain lions and javelinas. Bearizona with it’s 160 acres, will be slightly bigger than Bear Country USA in Rapid City. The project was estimated to be 15 million to begin with.

The area is going to include cliffs and waterfalls which will make it easy to hide enclosures. The initial plans for the park is permitted to have up to 800 hotel rooms, which are going to be designed into the park and would be in a future phase of development.

Bearizona is going to be a wonderful addition to the Williams Rt. 66 and Gateway to the Grand Canyon atmosphere. With the local Williams elevation at about 6700 feet it is the perfect place to escape the heat from other Arizona locales and be close to the Grand Canyon majesty.

Everyone we talked with on our soft opening adventure was delightful and loved what they were doing. I have followed Bearizona on Twitter, liked their page on facebook and registered the location on foursquare.

Like Bearizona on facebook

Follow them on Twitter

This is going to be a fun ride so follow along as new animals and excitement arrive at Bearizona in Williams, Arizona.

1500 E. Rt. 66, Williams, Arizona 86046