Tie Dyed Eggs for Easter

Do you love tie dye?

Create an interesting dish with tie died hard boiled eggs!

To boil eggs!

Place the eggs in a pan in a single layer with cool water covering the eggs by 2 inches.

Add 1 teaspoon of baking soda to make the eggs easier to peel.

Bring eggs to a boil and boil the eggs for 1 minute and then take off the heat while leaving covered for 10 minutes.  Time might change depending on the altitude so take one egg out to practice to make sure it is not a deep bright yellow yoke.  If it is keep covered several minutes longer.

Place the eggs in ice water and get ready to dye!

  1.  Crack the egg by rolling on the counter or cutting board
  2.  Place in a baggie to color
  3. Pour the food coloring over the egg in the baggie
  4. Roll the egg round in the baggie with the food coloring to dye the egg
  5. Peel the egg over the sink
  6. Rinse off the egg and share on a plate

Use many different colors to spice up the plate!

Have fun and try different colors for a creative presentation with tie dyed Eggs for your Easter  table.


tie dyed egg.jpg 2 Hard boiled eggs 1 Hard boiled eggs 2 eggs and ice cracked egg Egg red dye and baggie Dye and Egg peel dyed egg egg in baggy with dye egg finished tye dye

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