Cosmic Cloud Pies!

What is that you say?  Cloud Pies NOT Cow Pies!

On the journey to “Connect The Dots Around The World” flying from Phoenix to Charlotte to Nassau I looked out the plane window and saw Cosmic Cow Pies… it looked like a field of Cloud Pies!   A much more “cosmic” visual than those actually left in a field by a cow! COSMIC CLOUD PIES aka Cosmic Cow Pies. What do you think?

Cosmic Cloud Pies

The message came through the clouds and I could see the shadows on the ocean.  Very symbolic of the Cloud Pies that we have to navigate in life.

Cosmic Cloud Pies create shadows in life

All the “pies” flying around create shadows in life and when the clouds go away with the light of the sunshine the path clears up and we have smooth sailing…..  balance and no stress.

Cosmic Cloud Pies Disolved

Navigating the Cosmic Cloud Pies of life aka Cosmic Cow Pies of life can be fun and easy when you apply the 14 principles found in Cosmic Cow Pie…Connecting The Dots.

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Can’t wait to read what you think of the Cloud Pie concept!