What is Digital Etiquette?

What is Digital Etiquette?

Are you unsure of when it’s ok to answer your phone?

Do you question when it’s appropriate to text in front of others?

On Tuesday June 15th, 2010 at 9:00am, author and digital etiquette expert Michelle Cimino will be joining me on Blogtalkradio to talk about her book, “Cell Phone Etiquette, observations from a Mom.” The book is a humorous look at Michelle’s oldest daughters relationship with her cell phone. She tells funny stories, gives Do’s and Don’ts and includes an acronym list (so us parents can find out what these kids are talking about!). Join us by listening online, and participate in the chat room, or call in to (347) 994-1903.

Tune in and listen on the e-launch day for Michelle’s book and learn about special bonus features available when buying her book that day.

Michelle Cimino is a Digital Etiquette Expert and Author of two book: “Cell Phone Etiquette” and “NETiquette, on-line etiquette”. Michelle is not an international motivational speaker. No, she is not sitting on the board of some fantastic non-profit organization. And she has never flown to a third-world country to help the less fortunate…yet! She is just a regular person: a working mom and wife who noticed a lack of “manners” when it came to cell phones. Her cell phone etiquette book is receiving rave reviews from Business people to Self-Help guru’s and everything in-between. If you have a cell phone…you need her book!

It’s easy to relate to this breezy, entertaining look at the etiquette missing from today’s cell phone users—especially among teenagers! The hilarious, un-believable, annoying & silly stories will make you laugh out loud. Along with the much needed DO’s and DON’Ts of cell phone use and etiquette.

This book also gives advice….don’t let anyone take naked pictures of you! Duh! The simple format will seem as though a friend is telling you a story. It would make a great gift book for a new cell phone recipient or secretly placed on that co-workers desk. It also includes a Texting Quick Reference Acronym list, and how to make funny pictures with cell phone symbols. It is a small book, but it speaks volumes.

And remember, June 15th is the e-launch day for Michelle’s book and when you purchase a copy on that day, you will receive a ton of bonus gifts. So please check out everything you will get when you participate in the e-launch. Visit www.cellphonemom.com for more information.

How can you get in touch with Michelle? You can friend her on Facebook, follow her on Twitter, visit her website at www.getmanners.com or email her at Michellecimino@comcast.net

Don’t forget about this fun show! Set your reminder, and join us for some great humor and learn a little bit about digital etiquette!