Photo Tour Global Directory™ Grand Canyon Temperature Inversion

Saturday, November 30, 2013 was a once in a 10 year experience for a Photo Tour Global Directory™ event with a “total temperature inversion” at the Grand Canyon, according to the National Park Service in an article posted by The Atlantic. The entire Grand Canyon was FILLED with clouds and not a single cloud in the sky above the canyon.  An incredible sight you are going to enjoy!

The National Weather Service explains temperature inversion as:”The warm air above cooler air acts like a lid, suppressing vertical mixing and trapping the cooler air at the surface.”

The Photo Tour Global Directory™ tour group going to the Grand Canyon to shoot the sunrise had no idea what a history making day this would be with a total cloud inversion.  The warm air of the cloudless sky was trapping the fog in the entire canyon for a unique viewing experience.  Being above the clouds was exhilarating as the sun filled the sky and the things became clear through the mist.

The photos tell the story best!  We arrived at the blue hour

Just before dawn Grand Canyon sn Declan at edge of GC2.jpg  sn Canon Trigger trap Declan Sunrise Grand Canyon Grand Canyon Sunrise Grand Canyon looking to Mather Point Grand Canyon sunrise with temperature inversion Mather Point in the clouds Grand Canyon Grand Canyon Cloud inversion Grand Canyon temp inversion

The best shots of the day were taken by a 15 year old young man on the tour who shares his photography under the name “Faceplant Photography.”  He captured the essence of the total temperature inversion as the sun rose on Saturday, November 30, 2013.  He also caught his dad reflecting on the majesty of the Grand Canyon and the wonder of it all!

Declan wow shot.jpg n Andy GB by Declan.jpg sn

The Business Insider had some great shots of this unique phenomenon as well.

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Williams, Arizona Gateway to the Grand Canyon and Home of Bearizona

Bearizona Update 2! The Bear Cubs Are Getting Frisky!

Welcome to the Bearizona Series.

Bearizona is a new wildlife drive through park located at the “Gateway to the Grand Canyon” in Williams, Arizona.

The new park has over 160 acres of Ponderosa Pine and gentle terrain to house Northern American wildlife.

Summer hours 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Plenty of time to take the train to the Grand Canyon and see the wildlife at Bearizona.

Catch up with the Soft Opening information.

Check out great Bearizona pictures on Flickr.

Please feel free to join the Bearizona group on Flickr and add your photos or videos.

See more Bearizona videos on TheCosmicCowPie channel on youtube.

Today you can see:

  • Full grown bears
  • Bear Cubs
  • Dall Sheep
  • Longhorn Sheep
  • Buffalo
  • White Bison
  • Burros

Bearizona cubs and lambs

In a week to 10 days the Alaskan Tundra Wolves should arrive and the wolf pup exhibit should be open.  The Bearizona group hasn’t decided on names. Two males and one very dominant female.  They would like to come up with historic, regional names.

Any ideas?

Follow Bearizona:



Bearizona Opens in Williams Arizona

Bearizona Opens in Williams Arizona

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Bearizona had its official “Soft” opening.

What is Bearizona you may be asking?

Bearizona is a drive-through wildlife park at the gateway to the Grand Canyon in Williams, Arizona.

Live animals in a natural habitat in one of the world’s largest Ponderosa tree forests. See bison, mountain goats, big horn sheep, black bear and wolves all roaming freely in 160 acres of Arizona wilderness.

Bearizona has easy access located just south of I-40 at Highway 64 (Historic Route 66) Only 58 miles to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon and 25 miles west of Flagstaff.

Having attended the Soft Opening on May 22, 2010 I must say this is well worth the price of admission.

The time we had in the park was MAGICAL! No other word describes how you will feel watching the animals navigate the natural habitat in such a serene environment.

Background on the Bearizona project was posted in an article By Steve Miller Journal staff March 15, 2010 “Two members of the Casey family, which owns Bear Country USA near Rapid City, are starting a similar attraction in northern Arizona. Partners Sean and Dennis Casey, sons of Pauline Casey and the late Doc Casey, founders of Bear Country USA, plan to open Bearizona in Williams, Ariz., in May. Bearizona, like Bear Country USA, will be a drive-through wildlife park, but it will put more emphasis on conservation and the environment…”

The article indicates they would like to have about 40 species, including bears, wolves, bison, mountain goats, mountain lions and javelinas. Bearizona with it’s 160 acres, will be slightly bigger than Bear Country USA in Rapid City. The project was estimated to be 15 million to begin with.

The area is going to include cliffs and waterfalls which will make it easy to hide enclosures. The initial plans for the park is permitted to have up to 800 hotel rooms, which are going to be designed into the park and would be in a future phase of development.

Bearizona is going to be a wonderful addition to the Williams Rt. 66 and Gateway to the Grand Canyon atmosphere. With the local Williams elevation at about 6700 feet it is the perfect place to escape the heat from other Arizona locales and be close to the Grand Canyon majesty.

Everyone we talked with on our soft opening adventure was delightful and loved what they were doing. I have followed Bearizona on Twitter, liked their page on facebook and registered the location on foursquare.

Like Bearizona on facebook

Follow them on Twitter

This is going to be a fun ride so follow along as new animals and excitement arrive at Bearizona in Williams, Arizona.

1500 E. Rt. 66, Williams, Arizona 86046