How Does Your Customer Service Feel?

How Does Your Customer Service Feel?

It has been said: "people remember how you make them feel and not what you say."

No matter what sales or service industry you are in, lessons can be learned from the way Lexus treats it's clients. Leading by example the Stevinson Lexus group of Frederick, Colorado is setting the bar in customer satisfaction.

The opening of the new store in Frederick made me sit up and take notice of how important every single detail is creating the feeling that lasts and generates raving fans!

Making a long story short, our car ownership evolved from the Mercedes family to Lincolns, to the Lexus group over 32 years in real estate and small business consulting. The Lexus story begins with a friend of mine from my life guard days in Thornton, Colorado when I was 16 years old. My friend sold cars for Lexus and kept me on his contact list. His service went as far as ordering our latest SUV over the phone in Colorado and having it delivered to Lake Havasu City, Arizona at the Home Depot parking lot. He took care of every detail including the call for us to meet the driver to take delivery of our new car.

We now live in Williams, Arizona so the closest Lexus dealership is Las Vegas or Phoenix both are about a 3 hour drive from our home. It never bothers us to go to Vegas to have our car serviced as we can meet friends and have fun at the same time. What is consistent about the Lexus dealerships all over the country is the way the team treats the consumer. We can always make an appointment and have a loaner car to be able to do what we need to do while in the big city.

This past October we were in Colorado and I called my friend at Lexus to make a service appointment at the new store in Frederick. Again, as a Lexus owner I am never concerned about the quality of the service as I know it is going to be top quality no matter where I am. Our original sales friend made a move but my new best friend in the service end, Andy Anderson, took over and got us all set up with the loaner car and an orientation of the new store.

The new store in Frederick is amazing. There is a new Mac in the waiting room for customers to use sitting around the big screen or enjoying a roaring fireplace which makes you feel like you are in a 5 star resort. One of the very favorite unique branding tools I found at Stevinson Lexus in their west store was the waterfall faucets in the magnificent bathrooms. The labeled towels and mouthwash are icing on the cake in a Lexus restroom. Many stores have nail boutiques, hair booths and shoe shine stands for the consumer waiting for their car. The coffee bar with fresh pastry, fruit and juice again, make you feel appreciated as a customer.

I created a simple foursquare check in talking about the new store after getting the tour. Within 15 minutes of leaving the store we received a call from our service consultant, Andy Anderson, letting us know that the post on foursquare had been noticed by Lexus corporate and they appreciated our "shout out." Now, think about how I felt as a customer receiving a call about my post on twitter and facebook about the great new store in Frederick, Colorado. I felt like a valued client who meant something to the Lexus organization and I feel like supporting the Lexus team in every way possible.

Do you think we have a mutual admiration society? I think so and am looking forward to going to Stevinson Lexus of Frederick tomorrow for the 5,000 mile service again.

Let's discuss how social media fits into every business today. It' fun and it works!

I can't say enough good things about Lexus and the team at Stevinson in Frederick, Colorado. I hope you will think about a Lexus, go into a showroom, talk to the professionals and create your own team of supporters.

More great Lexus news.  As I posted this to twitter and checked out the @Lexus tweets I see they are giving $5.00 for each tweet with #LexusBigRedBow or sharing on facebook to Toys for Tots so check it out and share the #LexusLove

Thank you Lexus, for showing us the way to exceptional customer service and how to create raving fans.



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