Oscars 2014 Meryl Streep Cosmic Pick Best Actress In August: Osage County


Oscars 2014 Meryl Streep, Best Actress Oscar Cosmic Pick for August: Osage County

The 2014 Winter Olympics have closed and the world is on to the next drama hook which is the 86 Annual Oscar Awards Ceremony.  The awards can be watched on ABC Sunday, March 2, 2014.

The Red Carpet event starts at 7:00 pm EST or 4:00 pm PST and runs for an hour and a half with the Oscars commencing at 8:30 pm EST and 5:30 pm PST.

The Red Carpet is sometimes more fun and creates more buzz and tweets than the actual Oscar awards.  The financial benefits of having a specific designer mentioned by a star on the Red Carpet can mean millions for the brand. The Red Carpet is FREE MARKETING.  Advertising dollars today are fragmented so determining the best ROI (Return On Investment) for promotion the concept of people tweeting, posting, pinning and sharing with their friends in social media what happens on the Red Carpet is of extreme importance to the stars and the brands they are representing on the walk.

 This year, Kantar Media estimates that a 30 second advertising spot will cost brands an average of $1.8 million during the primetime show.  Last year the 30-second advertising spot was only $1.65 million.  The show will be watched by several hundred million in the USA and more around the world.  Will you be there?  Who is your pick for Best Actress at the 86th Annual Oscar Awards?

Get an APP for that”  and watch on your phone if you won’t be close to a television, it’s going to be a great show!



The coveted Oscars are always full of surprises and delights as we see the behavior of many different personality types.  The Cosmic pick for best actress is Meryl Streep in August: Osage County.

Meryl Streep is a woman of poise and grace who has been nominated 18 times for an Oscar and has taken home the gold statue 3 times.  Jennifer Lawrence has been nominated for 3 Oscars at the age of 23 and after the fiasco at the Golden Globes has shared that Meryl Streep is her favorite actress  The two create an interesting dynamic of the experienced and new in Hollywood with incredible acting talents!

How will Meryl Streep react if she wins the 4th Oscar for August: Osage County?  Well she be like my favorite Oscar win with Roberto Benigni in 1999 when winning for best Foreign film with “Life Is Beautiful” standing on the seat and shouting his excitement.   Or will Meryl take the win in stride as she wins her 4th Oscar tying Katharine Hepburn for most Oscars won by one actress.

Roberto Benigni 1999 Winner for  Life is Beautiful Best foreign film

The nominees for Best Actress in a Leading Role are 

  1. Amy Adams for “American Hustle”
  2. Cate Blanchett for “Blue Jasmine”
  3. Sandra Bullock for “Gravity”
  4. Judi Dench for “Philomena”
  5. Meryl streep for “August: Osage County” 

Meryl Streep is the Cosmic pick for Best Actress for her role in August: Osage County.  

August: Osage County  shows the vulnerable raw emotions of many personality types found in families all around the world.

The film is an adaptation of the Pulitzer Prize and Tony winning play by Tracy Letts.   Watching the riveting dysfunctional family yelling and degrading each other was reminiscent of watching Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton in “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf.”  The intensity, the reality, the total immersion into the anxiety of the situation will take you to an emotional place that either you can learn from or will be terrified because of the reality that is being portrayed.

Family mental issues sometimes seem to be the “Mothers” fault and Meryl Streep portrays is the the ultimate “mom mess” sharing absolutely no FUN with this dysfunctional family.    She says “I am truth telling and some people are antagonized by the truth.”    The dad, Sam Shepard drank and the mom, Meryl Streep, self medicated with pills to get through life with the children being collateral damage. The parents thought they were doing their best to provide for the kids and what they did was for them.

The film covers:

  • Depression
  • Prescription drug addiction
  • Suicide
  • Death
  • Alcoholism
  • Incest
  • Resentment
  • Rape
  • Adultery
  • Aging

Love it or hate it August: Osage County has a message everyone can learn from.  The viewer will find characters and situations they can relate to and might even inspire some behavior modification from.

Meryl Streep provides an Oscar winning performance for Best Actress in a Leading Role.  

See you at the 86th Annual Oscars Awards on Sunday March 2, 2014 7 pm EST and 4 pm PST.

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The Internship Movie Review


Last week we saw “The Intership” and have been experiencing some difficulty getting the written review completed.  The biggest obstacle was reading the reviews AFTER I watched the movie and I had to assess what I was thinking and what I saw and what my mood was when watching the movie.  Many factors go into the reason we like or don’t like something and the external factors are of great importance when trying to be objective in a review.

Wednesday was somewhat filled with a few Cosmic Cow Pies™, so going to a movie filled with one liners which made me laugh for 119 minutes with Vince Vaughn and Owens was a great time of entertainment.  If  you are going to the movie for fun, you will enjoy it.

If you have a business, product or service, have been involved in some type of sales, have been laid off you job, just graduated from college, are not 20 to 30 something years old with an attitude  and find adjusting to all the technology changes present a challenge, then you will enjoy this film too!

Relax… take the binder off your brain and enjoy the ride… we are all on the same train!  Society has baby boomers to millennials which will relate to this film.

The story starts with Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, protagonist “salesmen”  who have been released from a watch company that has closed down because technology has reduced the need for telling time by looking at your wrist. Thinking about the concept of being tied to the phone is sad in a sense because a watch is on your wrist all day without having to think about it and if you are depending on your phone, the electronic leash has taken over for your source to keep appointments.    I do still wear a watch but in the film you will see a boomer receptionist looking at her phone to tell the time when asked what time it is!  End of the watch story!

The two middle aged guys are now without jobs and no skills except their last century sales personalities.  The movie looks into personal motivation, the ability to adapt and to do what they do best… SELL!  In today’s world we are all selling something however the method in which we engage with a consumer has evolved into a new strategy and you will see how the new world and the old world colide to create a BIG BANG.

The movie touches on a lot of emotions, from individual human acceptance, to love and if you are watching you can see how the old school and the new school do have an important roles to play with one another in creating a balanced life in today’s world.

A prerequisite for this movie is to watch Flash Dance.
There many references to the 1983 film,  if you have not seen it you won’t “get” some of the funniest, motivational sequences.

Happy Potter concepts show up in a quidditch game with the Interns.  I had to explain  to my husband  about the game with the broom sticks… if you haven’t read any of the Harry Potter books, the Quittach match is a sport that is very important at Hogwarts University.  In the Harry Potter series they can fly on the broom sticks… if only google could help us fly!

If you liked Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson in Wedding Crashers you will love them in The Internship.    This film is an opportunity for you to let loose and laugh so even if you did not see Wedding Crashers or thought it was stupid try this show in the right frame of mind to get the “social message” and there is one while laughing at the changes in our world.

Does the photo below seem ridiculous to you?  Then don’t go see the movie….. unless you want to loosen up and get over being so critical or stuck in your ways.  Digital citizens… this is funny to many people so think about getting in our shoes and laugh with us!  If you need to have all the technical aspects of a scene correct to enjoy it.. don’t come to this movie.. this is just entertainment with a message of how the aging society is connecting with the new technical wave of digital citizens in a Vince Vaugh and Owen Wilson sort of way.

Humor Internship.


Favorite one liners:

  1. People hate people times have changed.
  2. Strap it in boys you two are dinosaurs.
  3. You always figure out a way to screw things up and let people down.
  4. We meet them here?..  A hangout on air?.. in the childrens section of the library?
  5. Turn being stuck in a blender into an advantage?
  6. Far more than brain power, googliness, intangible stuff.
  7. The 12th man on the bench still wears the ring when the team wins.
  8. We are WYSIWYG
  9.  Flash dance,  she spinned  herself into our hearts.
  10. Believe in yoursleves put your leg warmers on and dance your ass off.
  11. 1st thing on your calender that is regret.
  12. Dont minimize, don’t cleck that little red x in the corner.  The whole american dream thing is just what it is.
  13. Your imagination is so wild reality is going to be a let down.
  14. Google has single handedly cramped by ability to BS.
  15. Life is like a stationwagon sometimes it throws you through the windshield.
  16. New customers, new franchies all work at the click of a button.
  17. Connect to people and people to information.
  18. Their googliness is off the chart.

Conan O’Brien did a hangout on air with Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson around Valentines day before the opening and you can really get some insight as to what went into the planning and production with #Google to make it fun, light and include a message!  I think we can see our own    on the The Internship backdrop between Conan and Owen!

Originally shared by

Need a google partner to help in your business?  Google IS the 800 pound gorilla in the room so look at what they can do for you:  https://www.google.com/partners/

The Internship is a must see movie for those that love learning and are embracing the change taking place in our world today!

The the trailer does not do the film justice but it’s a start.

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Roberta Flack Had It Right and Brad Pitt Blew It!


Brad Pitt made yet, another mistake in choosing "Killing Them Softly"  as a movie to make a social statement.  It seems as through he continues to try and keep up with Angelina in making the world aware of current problems.

Roberta Flack sang "Killing ME softly" in 1973 and had a huge hit where Brad Pitt strikes out on every pitch in this ball game. 


Even the trailer has no hook to catch the audience to watch this #epicfail for an attempted social message from Director/Writer Andrew Dominik.

Dominki tries to send a message to the audience with political allegories using Obama, McCain and Bush commercials and speeches throughout the film. 

The audience hears spots from President Obama's "Change" speech and we see McCain Billboards, we hear words about the confidence in our economy.  Goldman Sachs comes up in a Bush re-cap. The disjointed dots do not connect with the pathetic storyline of killers taking contracts for a discounted fee because of the economy.  We later hear a speech talking about the smooth transition of our economic recovery. All this underlying message mixed with contracts to kill for $10,000 a hit which is a $5,000 savings as before the recession were $15,000.  Who knew… now we do. 

Blood, violence, profanity if that is your thing this might be the movie but even the special effects with "Killing Them Softly" did not make the event any easier to watch. 

There is some humor… I am all about sharing the games that people play in REAL life as was so evident in the Hunger Games and how Katness had to go along if she was to survive literally!  There is a sequence with Brad Pitt talking to the handler saying that it did not matter that someone he wanted hit did not commit the crime because people thought he did so the best thing to do was to "waste him" because it was what the people thought and it would put the masses at peace.

Some of the classing lines:

  • Have you ever killed anyone?
  • I like to kill them softly.
  • None of this $h_t means anything its all bull $h_t
  • You got to make things right and admit you made a mistake.
  • Yes, we are all the same we are all equal.
  • We are a community we are one people, the strength of our kids unspoken .
  • This business is a business of relationships
  • In America you are on your own. We pay our own way
  • America is a business, Now I'm paying

Spoiler alert so you won't waste your money…. might be the worst movie of 2012!  Don't go see "Killing Them Softly"  Brad Pitt will not save the day and it takes away from Roberta Flacks song "Killing Me Softly" which really describes what this movie will do to you! 

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Just Say “NO” to Men In Black 3

Three strikes and you are out!  Men in Black 1 was leading edge, alien fun from someone who lives in the Cosmic Cow Pie of life.  Men in Black 2 left a lot to be desired toward filling the expectations of a sequel to the first block buster of the Men In Black trilogy.  The third strike is way out and a movie you should not spend money to go and see.

Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) and Agent J (Will Smith) are usually great in any film but the temptation to go back to the well one more time caught them in this ridiculous travel back in time, alien disaster.  Rotten Tomatoes review says that Josh Brolin saves the day as a young Tommy Lee Jones but have to strongly disagree with that ideas as the entire movie was out in the cosmos and certainly not my type of entertainment.  Different strokes as they say and usually I just pass on writing a negative review but in this case since the first movie was so good my goal is to save you the pain of hoping the series would get better, it doesn't.

Understanding how to get a refund for a bad film is a technique learned through experience.  After sitting through a painful movie I once described to a manager how bad it was and he indicated that if  a movie goer really doesn't like a film in the first 30 to 45 minutes you can come up to the desk and request a credit to see another movie.   Running out the door with my popcorn was a visual I had after the first five minutes of watching Men In Black 3. The slap stick alien message was not computing in this vintage mind trying to reach for something that could be deeper inside the middle school boy theme which was not humorous or entertaining.  Disgusting is the adjective I am reaching for as the two foot long toung of an alien called Boris played by Jemaine Clement) enters the mouth of his girlfriend Lily Poison (Nicole Scherzinger) dancing with the stars professional as they create a diversion to break out of space jail. 

There were actually several messages and funny lines however, I question how the sixth and seventh graders going to see this film will understand the message being shared.

Will Smith, Agent J describes being "fish slapped" by a huge fish. That was funny!

In the trailer Will Smith is "neurolizing" or taking memories away from a group of people in China town after telling them that the tiny fish they got at the school carnival they threw away in the toilet is now out of control.  Now the new phase that can be coined  "I am going to fish slap you."    Funniest part of the movie so if you find this is a reach to laugh, again don't waste your money. 

Taking notes and assessing some helpful thoughts from any movie is how we connect the dots in the Cosmic Cow Pie for movie goers.  There were a few messages that were profound and reading them here will be enough unless you just want to look for something entertaining or a deeper message. 

Lines that made sense in a movie that makes no sense.

  • The most destructive force in the universe is regret. 
  • The bitterest truth is better than the sweetest lies.
  • To stay happy I don't ask questions I don't want to know the answers to
  • There are things out there you do not need to know.

Four memorable quotes is what Men In Black 3 had to offer.  The meaning behind those quotes are actually very powerful the presentation of the messages was missing a pay grade or two .  Don't ask questions you don't want the answer to really does make sense and is a theme that was brought out in the film several times uncovering the secrets of the past which ties back to the truth is better than lies.  No regrets if you miss this movie! 

Just say  "NO" to Men In Black 3.


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Battleship or Sinking Ship?

Summer movie season has started with a spectacular special effects action packed adventure film "Battleship."   Don't go tired because this is non stop engagement for full two hours and ten minutes.   It's loud, it's fast, it's fun, it's sad and it's compelling. There are many messages which if processed correctly can help everyone be a little better after watching it. Yes, there are many sinking ships in the film but the moive itself, is not one of them. 

Sharing the thought provoking ideas that came through the film is my thing. I really don't want to explain the storyline.. just review the valuable content that could make a difference in how we understand the world and what happens to us. 

Going to a movie with an empty slate is genuine a thrill for me.  It's like opening the cracker jacks box and finding the surprise.   My husband and I have a date day each Wednesday so we get to see trailers and usually make up our minds about a show based on that message alone.  Reading negative thoughts on the movie usually ruins it for me so I stay away from reviews until after I have seen it and am ready to share my thoughts.  What you get at the Cosmic Cow Pie is a vintage player aka baby boomer's point of view who is open to learn and absorb what the movie industry has to give.

Did you know that Battleship is a Hasbro board game that has been around for 81 years?  Yikes… I had no clue so I must live out in the Cosmic Cow Pie not to know that.  The game advertisement summarizes the movie, "Dare to defeat the enemy fleet in this classic game of strategic combat. Command a fleet of five ships as you search out the enemy, fire at coordinates and score hits. Can you sink your opponent’s fleet before your opponent sinks yours?"

Long story short, this is an epic scaled movie that unfolds outside of Hawaii with actual war games going when an alien-invasion disrupts the exercise and challenges all countries participating in the games to work together and really put their game on. 

I knew I was going to like the film when I saw Taylor Kitch from Friday Night Lights fame "Tim Riggins" in the opening scene crazy over a girl he sees at a bar.  It's a fairytale love story that keeps you wondering to the very end how it is going to turn out.  You will have to see the movie for that result… and stay past the very long credits for a trailor which looks to be Battleship 2.   Taylor Kitch plays a lost sole turning 26 and does not have any idea of where is going or how he is going to get there.  He has been a complete mess and ends up joining the Navy at his brothers encouragement.  In Friday Night Lights I always thought that Tim Riggins looked too old to be in high school and sure enough, he was born in 1981 making him 31 now. Love what research does to create positive reality connections. 

Rihanna is in the film as a tough Navy woman with a big gun.   I had heard the name Rihanna, but it did not register who she was until I again did the research.  She is one of the "mean girl" type singers of today and came from Barbados when she was 15 to start her singing career in America.  This is her first film and one of the ushers told me at the end he was not going to see the movie because she was in it and he did not like her and he thought the Hasbro game was lame.  After we talked he decided to see it because Rihanna actually did a fantastic job at playing her role and the special effects of the war games is incredible.  

Themes in the movie that will make you think!

  1. Love at first sight
  2. Parental approval of partners
  3. Direction in life
  4. Making mistakes
  5. Sacrifice
  6. Handicapped individuals, their lives and feelings
  7. Games in general
  8. Survival
  9. Bravery
  10. Handling fear in the face of adversity
  11. Team work
  12. Racial prejudice
  13. Country collaboration
  14. Disaster behavior
  15. Sports, winning and playing fairly
  16. Pressure to win
  17. Role models for behavior modification

Some of you may be thinking that aliens are not something you want to be watching.  For me, aliens are much better than vampires but that again is a personal choice.  I enjoyed Cowboys and Aliens because there was another big family message in that film as well as The Hunger Games.

One of the clips in the film really did make me think of David and Goliath and that faith was the only thing going to get them through the mess.  Watch and see how ET was going to call home.  Think about the underlying messages in the movie art forms and let your heart tell you if the movie is good or not based on the emotions it pulls out of you after watching. 

Have fun and go see Battleship.

If you haven't seen The Hunger Games that is a MUST see movie.  The games continue in "Battleship" as they do in everyday life.  In any game, it's knowing how to navigate those cow pies even if your ship sinks to win and survive.

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