“Creative Connector” comes to The Cosmic Cow Pie!

New Year, New Day, New Direction!

It is with joy in my heart that I introduce TRIC Ortiz, as part of the Cosmic Cow Pie team.

TRIC is dynamic, she is quick, interesting, knowledgeable, compassionate,  she is a total riot and will be lots of fun in the Cosmic Cow Pie!

Tric Ortiz "Creative Connector"

TRIC will be acting as the “Creative Connector” keeping all the Dots Connected as we embark on a 104 day voyage with Semester at Sea.  You will see her in the forum watch for “Talk to TRIC”, on facebook and tweeting about the adventures going on in the Cosmic Cow Pie.  All the details of the upcoming voyage to follow!

As a young mother of three and forced to become a single parent, TRIC quickly developed knowledge, skills and talents to support her children. As a Songwriter, Performer, Recording Artist, Restaurateur, Hospitality Manager, Entrepreneur, Publishing Sales Manager, Mortgage Loan Officer, Virtual Administrator and Information Technologist, TRIC loves to serve people however she can. TRIC also serves on boards, as an officer or volunteer staff for charities helping soldiers, veterans and those without shelter. Currently serving the social environment by networking in multiple venues, wide ranges of demographics and crossing many geographical borders.

TRIC is a well known communicator in cyberspace.

Creativity and connecting like minded individuals has been her dedicated interest for making a difference in lives and her mark on the world. TRIC has a degree in Commercial Design and is earning a second degree in Information Technology which changes daily. If TRIC does not already have an answer she will do the research to answer questions of inquiring minds.

We are delighted to have TRIC Ortiz helping keep all  the dots connected as we travel around the world.

Some fun trivia about TRIC:

She was introduced to the stage and audience at age 5, her mother, brother and sister sang as a gospel quartet.  She was harmonizing before she could spell the word.  Her siblings, cousins, uncles, nieces, nephews,children and now grandchildren sing or play music. In her adult years, she has performed all over the country in many venues with a wide mix of classic rock/country/folk favorites and original tunes. She loves to entertain and knows music has a message and words are powerful.

This is what TRIC says about herself, “I think outside the box and step in my own cow pies, but prefer things organized, clean and progressive. I have a positive attitude, good sense of humor, strong sense of work ethics, flexible set of  “habitudes” and queen of the deadlines….I am open to do whatever it takes to facilitate the work in progress as well as future endeavors together for Carra and her inspiring work with people and places at home and abroad via Cosmic Shifts and Cow Pies.”

TRIC will be handling the new herd of cows coming to the Cosmic Cow Pie.  She will be finishing up details on the “Name That Cow” contest and will be actively involved with songs that go with the new “Cosmic Kids Series” of  e-workbooks soon to be published for Pre-school, Elementary School, Middle School and High School.  This powerful series of e-workbooks takes the principles from “Cosmic Cow Pie…Connecting The Dots” and brings the lessons down to an age appropriate level to help achieve balance and reduce stress for both the parent and the child. Sign up for a free chapter of any of the upcoming books on the home page or this blog in the upper right hand side.

Cow Tips Video Newsletters are another new addition to the Cosmic Cow Pie series.  Feel free to become a “Cow Tipper” and receive weekly short video tips on everything from technology, marketing, going green, money saving ideas, creative cooking concepts to family fun tips that will help you connect the dots in the Cosmic Cow Pie of life. TRIC will be creating the cow barns with an archive of Cow Tip videos and Cosmic Kid Clips that can be accessed once you become a “Cow Tipper” by simply registering with your e-mail address.  TRIC wants to create a talking cow for more laughs in the Cosmic Cow Pie……..

So strap in and buckle up we are going on a exciting journey with our new Creative Connector in the Cosmic Cow Pie, Tric Ortiz!

Warm welcome to TRIC and watch for the “Talk To TRIC” area in the forum!