Are You A “DC” Digital Citizen?

Are You A “DC” Digital Citizen?

What is a Digital Citizen “DC” you may be asking?

@Evo_Terra Is the perfect example of a Digital Citizen and was a speaker at the 2009 National Association of Realtors Convention and the Arizona Association of Realtors Winter Conference 2010.

Evo shares openly how Digital Citizens think and behave and how they judge people in cyberspace. His candor is helpful as we try and modify online behavior to be able to communicate with gen X and Y clients and survive as the “Cosmic Shift Happens.™”

Ask yourself these questions?

  • Do you live online?
  • Do you have a business card or tell someone to “google you?”
  • Do you have friends in the digital arena?
  • Do you know the difference between the Digital World and the off line world?
  • Are you a constant connector online?
  • Do you ignore advertising?
  • Do you listen to the radio or take your MP3player and listen to your downloads in the car?
  • Where does Satellite radio and NPR fit in?
  • Do you listen to Rush Limbaugh when you want to from a download?
  • Do you share info graphics with twitter on twitpics like the plane in the Hudson.
  • Do you contribute news to TV?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you could be on your way to being a Digital Citizen. If you don’t have a clue about the questions mean, then you are now open to learning and it will be easier as you know what to ask about! It is easy to learn by observing. Just follow some Digital Citizens and see how they communicate.

Find someone to friend and they will help you through the learning curve. Find a user friendly group to ask questions where the participants are NOT judgmental and are all about HELPING everyone learn more together.

Full Disclosure from Evo indicates when trying to collaborate with digital citizens they WILL judge you.

“Geeks” rule in this world so understand your position and what you need to do to survive!

If you want to have a CHANCE of communicating with “DC’s” you need to have the following four areas covered.

  1. Must have a google e-mail or domain name for your e-mail. If you are still using AOL, Comcast, RR etc.. a DC assumes you are NOT a Digital Citizen and will be snickering at you. If you have gmail address, digital citizens ASSUME you “GET IT!”
  2. You must have a complete Linkedin profile. This is where they go to check you out!
  3. One phone number only that connects to everything. Get rid of your multiple phone numbers… get google voice.. teach your phone new ticks.. you can route calls to ring at multiple phones.
  4. Website must include a Blog or is a Blog.

Watch a digital citizen on Twitter, youtube and through their RSS feed on their blog so you can see how they communicate.

Below are some examples of how @Evo_Terra Communicates:

Tweets from Evo…do you know what they mean?


Lovin’ the love with the “;Give Evo an EVO campaign”;. But now I’m stuck in a tree. Help,@sprint!

Give Evo an EVO day four! Spread it, peeps! Help a brother out… #sprint #htcevo

So #evfn was fantastic. More intimate than usual at @WholeFoodsChrAZ, but good for some 1-1 time. Thanks for the help with the video!

@danklass Loved the last show #204. Do affectations often!

Whoo-hoo! First auto-DM came in so I could use the bat’s balls image. Will report back if I get any reply from @ucradio

@urbantealoft Hey Glynis! Things are peachy. Need to stop by and say hi some day. It’s on the list!

@UrbanTeaLoft *  I think I might save the image of the well-endowed Chriptera as a reply to the auto-DMers. “;In response to your auto-DM, look at this!”;

@chuckreynolds It’s the final Friday, brother. #evfn is and always will be at @WholeFoodsChrAZ. Can’t wait to hear about the speaking gig!

@scubaninja That would be an error on your part.

@SusanBaier Don’t bitch at me. The link was CLEARLY labled. No misrepresentation on my part. Oh, and it’s #batfriday from what I understand.

Retweet # Bat’s balls:

PHXFridayNight 3/26 – It’s a party in a grocery store! #evfn at Whole Foods in Chandler

@TwistedChaos40 Tonight, beer is just about whatever you want to pay. 8 kegs and every bottle imaginable. No shitty beer at #evfn

The whole company was just Rickrolled in our Friday meeting. WTF?

Now check out Evo’s Blog. See how he is using youtube to reach out to Sprint to try and get a new test phone. He is calling on all his “Digital Citizen” friends to Tweet and post his cry to get the new Sprint phone to try out!

Request for help from friends via blog

“tmanscipan” is the channel name for Evo’s youtube

“I realized I’m not those media outlets. I’ve got a decent rep in the social and digital sphere. Some say I’m an influencer. But I have one thing that those other places don’t, and that one thing makes me the perfect spokesperson for the new HTC EVO™ 4G from Sprint:”

Please do not get discouraged about the new SHIFT in communication and that is all it is!  It is just a change in communication skills!  Once you learn them you will have fun and be in the KNOW!

This is how Evo_Terra tells readers on his blog to communicate:

Evo is setting expectations and do you notice.. it is not a 24/7 and instant response process.


“There are are a lot of ways to get in touch with me. But be aware that I get contacted quite a bit for many different things. You could help me a lot and greatly improve your chances of a timely answer by choosing the right way to reach me.

Note: If you are looking to follow me on various social media and Web2.0 applications, be sure to check out the Places page. Be aware, however, that contacting me through those channels is often times less effective than those I explain below.

Post something on your blog I have a healthy set of ego-filters that run all the time. If you put “Evo Terra” in your post — LiveJournal, Myspace, you name it — I’m sure I’ll receive notification. I’ll probably pop in and say hi. And if you ask me a question, I’ll respond right there.

Tweet to me Say whatever you want about Twitter (lords know I’ve said enough), but it’s pretty darned good about holding any messages of mine until I get around to seeing them.

All you have to do is (well, assuming you’re using Twitter) is prepend your message with ‘@evo_terra’ and I’ll eventually see it. No, I don’t have to be on. No, I don’t have to be following you. Yes, it may take me a few days. But I’ll see it. Assuming the FAIL WHALE isn’t flying high when you try and send it.

email Email is good for longer communications. Keep in mind that I don’t check email all day long. Heck, some days I don’t check it at all. But I’ll eventually get to it. My email address is

Skype me If you need something from me and it is very pressing, you can Skype me. I’m ‘evo_terra’. But please exercise good judgment when using this powerful and near-instant communication tool. I’m a multi-tasker by nature and cannot think of the last time I was Skyping with someone when I wasn’t also working on another project.

I use the Skype like I use the telephone — I rarely call someone just to chit-chat. Oh, and another thing: I prefer texting over voice with Skype. So chat with me, don’t call me.

Got a phone? Sometimes the easiest way for your to reach me is to pick up the phone and call. Hey, fine by me, but I put a bit of a twist on that. Try one of these options: Call from the web Call from your phone 602-325-3045″

I saved the best for last! A conversation between two digital citizens discussing the definition of “Social Media”


Can you communicate with a digital citizen?

The next post in the “Cosmic Shift Happens™” Series will include:

For sale sign.. do you see it? Do you see a company name and agent?

Do you use your phone device to track the house online and find out all the information and then connect with your digital Realtor citizen friend? Did you know you can find out everything about the house from your phone with the right apps?

Cosmic Shift Happens™ is a joint project with Joeann Fossland.

Cosmic Shift Happens™

Cosmic Shift Happens™

“Cosmic Shift Happens TM

Do some construction on your brain

2010 is the year to update your “personal internal hard drive,” or your brain!

Over the past few years, the Internet (and the world) have seen some major changes. The emergence of social media is near the top of the list of all changes. Social media has allowed people who otherwise never would have met, to connect, engage, and make business contacts. For others, social media is overwhelming and intimidating.

Start thinking about the positives that social media can create and bring into our lives instead of focusing only on the negatives. Cyberspace is a scary place for some individuals, because there are just so many unknowns. “Social Media Syndrome TM could be a reality in your world if you are not prepared for circumstances that can some up. Processing the new form of communication skills just takes practice and understanding of where the other person is coming from and what their agenda is.  If you stay focused on you and your message the outside “differing” influence cannot touch you.

Perception really IS your Reality in cyberspace.

Start connecting with more buyers and sellers by getting more involved in a blog community. Blogging is an essential part of being visible online. Blogging increases your SEO like nothing else. If you’re up for it, video blogging is the best.  Youtube is the number 2 search engine on the Internet.

Consider some basics to start connecting in cyberspace if you don’t already have these tools up and running:

1. Start a blog, use localism to set yourself apart and create an outside blog to connect with your community.

2. Create a facebook fan page for your business. facebook fan page

3. Learn how to use LinkedIn

4. Start to Tweet ontwitter

Connecting with facebook, Linkedin and Twitter as your Internet vehicle, you will have the ability to upload or link your outside blog and keep your customers up to date on what you are doing. It’s easy to spread your message on social media sites.  Sharing valuable information and making connections are the real goals for participation in social media.

To survive in 2010, embracing Social Media is a MUST. Incorporating your blog into everything you do is a the key to success! It just takes practice. Are you ready to update your hard drive?

Does cyberspace intimidate you? Click for your FREE chapter on “Cosmic Shift Happens TM

You Can’t Get to Carnegie Hall if You Don’t Practice

You Can’t Get to Carnegie Hall if You Don’t Practice.

What is your passion?  Do you practice?

Carnegie Hall is located in New York City and is one of the most prestigious places to perform in an artistic profession.  One certainly cannot get to Carnegie Hall

This young man was interviewed for research for a middle school work book where parents and kids can discuss future plans. His dedication to a personal direction was an inspiration.

Declan said his plan A was to be an ocean photographer but because of the economy he was not sure if he could go to college so his plan B was to be a professional unicycle rider because that is his passion.

I was blown away by this 5th grader talking about how the economy could affect his future plans but he was prepared to do something else if his dream did not come through for work! What an eye opener on kids and how the world changes are affecting the way they think.

Declan started riding his dad’s unicycle to school in 3rd grade.  Now he rides it to the store to pick up things for his mom.  The gym teacher saw Declan’s passion and set up a special time for him to try and ride the 5 ft. unicycle after school.  She has also allowed him to learn on the 1 ft unicycle which is actually harder to ride than the large one!

Declan’s passion is to perfect his unicycle riding and he works at it!

What is your passion?  Are you practicing?

See you at Carnegie Hall!

Practice Does Make Perfect!

Practice Does Make Perfect!
What did it take for Michael Jordan to be one of the most memorable basketball stars ?

What did Tiger Woods do to be on his way to one of the greatest golfers ever?

What did Donny Osmond do to win Dancing With The Stars?

What is it the Olympians do to go for the Gold?

How did  Chris Brogan become a Social Media Expert?

Listen to this adorable boy explain how to get better!


Now think about everything we do in life…. no one starts knowing how to do everything well without practice. We are no different than our children… we MUST practice to get better at anything new we try.

Do you play Texas holdem? How did you play to begin with?  What did it take to get better?

Do you want to understand social media better? What does it take? Jump in and Practice! Practice with your friends! Try facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin, Get a fanpage and have some fun! No one gets better without practice! Let’s connect all over cyberspace!

If you have started to blog what were the 1st posts like? How did you get better?

Wanting to get better at anything?

Just Practice like the stacking boy video!