Stand Out or Bow Out! The Power of Personal Branding.

“Stand Out or Bow Out! The Power of Personal Branding.”

If you have been thinking about creating a Personal Branding program you will not want to miss the “ActiveRain member series” of my Blogtalkradio show..

Ron and Alexandra Seigel are luxury real estate marketing experts. On the show, they will share
personal branding secrets that can help you become a market leader. The Seigels own Napa Consultants, International, a strategic business development firm. They are also the authors of the popular blog, the Language of Luxury-Get Fluent. Get Affluent!

Set a reminder and join us on Thursday February 11, 2010 at 9:00am MST. You can listen online or chat with us by clicking here, or you can call in to (347)994-1903.

Ron and Alexandra

With 20 years of experience as broker/owners of a commercial real estate firm
in Beverly Hills, specializing in the entertainment field and high-end retail, the Seigels present a highly entertaining session about what it takes to become the break-away brand in your luxury marketplace or niche. They share many multi-media case studies of luxury personal and team branding including their client’s award winning website designs.

A little bit about Napa Consultants: Founded in 1999, Napa Consultants, International offers branding and marketing strategies to Language of Luxuryentrepreneurs andprofessionals whotarget affluent consumers and are passionate about pursuing market leadership. They draw on years of experience as broker/owners of a commercial real estate firm in Beverly Hills, as teachers at the university level, and also as executive coaches for senior level management at iconic companies such as Apple, Nike, and Disney.Additionally, they craft a full range of collateral materials that build strong brands through print design, web design, and video production. In 2007, Napa Consultants was awarded a U.S. patent for an innovative Internetadvertising technology that specifically targets the upper demographic consumer, especially frequent travelers. As a result they have developed a unique expertise in internet and social media marketing strategy. Their headquarters are now located in Santa Barbara, California with offices in Los Angeles.

Ron and Alexandra also founded Language of Luxury in 2008. Language of Luxury (LOL) is the only luxury real estate
professional-social networking community that unites members across multiple social networking platforms through a Professional Development Resource & Media Center (, and is also OPEN TO ALL luxury real estate marketing professionals, worldwide. The purpose of LOL is to help you attract and better serve more high net worth clients.

You can connect with Ron and Alexandra on their website, their ActiveRain blog, on LinkedIn, on Facebook, by emailing them at, or you can call them at (805) 684-8180.

If you would like to set up a complimentary consultation with the
Seigels to discuss your own personal branding or website needs call (805) 684-8180or contact the Seigels via email at

Please join us online on Blogtalkradio Thursday, February 11, 2010 at 9:00 a.m. MST or call (347)994-1903.