Veterans and Google+ Hangout On Air

Meet a team of real estate agents hanging out for Veterans with the Veterans United team.

Come take part in this google+ hangout on air with real estate agents from all over the country discussing their market conditions and Veterans in today's real estate market.  

  • When: Thursday, November 8, at 4:00 p.m. CST
  • Who:  Sarah Hill,  an Emmy award winning Hangout Host, Video Storyteller and Social Media Strategist for the Veterans  United Network will be broadcasting for the Veterans United channel. Sarah was the first journalist to use a G+ Hanogut on TV.  Sarah consults with broadcasters and businesses on how to use Google Plus Hangouts to connect with customers face to face. 
  • Why:To see how connecting through a google+ hangout on air is going to change the way we do business and learn about new products or services.  To get first hand information on real estate markets around the country and what individual agent are doing to help sellers understand VA financing and how Veterans can connect with agents who understand how VA loans work.  
Check out the video we will be viewing together and think about what this says to you?  
On the video meet Jeremy Kerr, a former army ranger, who survived the battle of Mogadishu, commonly known as  "Black Hawk Down" and is journey to buy a home in Arizona!  
What would you tell a seller about VA financing in the changing market? 
How would you counsel a VA buyer today?
Be sure you have a google+ account set up so you can watch LIVE on Thursday, November 8, 2012 4:00 p.m. CST 
Veterans United has a 1.5 minute video that will show you just how easy it is to set up a google+ account and find the hangout!  
I am delighted to be a co-host on the panel with five wonderful agents from across the country!
Margaret Rome   Baltimore, Maryland
Margaret Rome
Lori Cain   Tulsa, Oklahoma
Lori Cain
Janis Borguetta   Newburgh, New York  served in the US Navy 
Janice Borgueta
Cindy Jones Northern Virginia outside of Washington D.C.   Specializing in support for military relocation including Fort Belvoir, Quantico, Pentagon & the Military District of Washington.
Cindy Jones
Mimi Lundy  Lake Havasu City, Arizona
Hangouts on air are the perfect place to learn what is going on around the Nation and around the world!  Check out a past Veterans United arcihve video about hangouts on airl


Real Estate agents become a preferred Veterans United referral agent through the referral network.  Call 800-985-5723  With verificaiton of knowledge of the VA guidelines  for more details go to   VeteransUnited/ 


Please join this  experienced real estate panel from across the country and the Veterans United team on google+ and take part via chat on the youtube link as we learn how to better support our Veterans in home ownership on a Google+ Hangout On Air. 

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Pin To Win In Real Estate


   Pin To Win In Real Estate                      

   Date:  Thursday, July 26, 2012

   Time:  1:00 – 2:00 pm PDT

   Offered FREE to CRB members! 

   Through the Council of Real Estate Brokerage Managers


Carra Riley will give s short introduction about Pinterest and then dive right into the types of boards that would be of interest to buyers    and sellers.

She will share some methods of how to engage with pinners, and drive traffic to your website.

She will discuss creating pins from photographs of lisitngs and community blog posts where the consumer will ultimately connect with all the pinners social media venues and know who the pinner is. 

  • What is Pinterest?
  • What boards would be of interest to buyers and sellers?
  • How to engage on Pinteret
  • Creating pins that drive traffic to your website.
  • Connecting your social media Venues

The sesson is complimentary and offered exclusively to CRB Members.  Please sign-in to the CRB Website (top right hand corner of the link) to access the Webinar registration link.  Instructions will be sent via e-mail on how to access the Webinar after registering online.

The session will be recorded so if you miss the live version you can watch the archive if you are a CRB member.





If you are NOT a CRB member and would like to know about Pinterest to sell any Business, Product or Service.…. Please leave a comment and we will let you know when the next webinar will be given. 



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Cosmic Cow Pie Blogtalkradio Starts New Real Estate Series

"Connecting Real Estate Dots Around the World" is a theme for the Cosmic Cow Pie Blogtalkradio show for the next few months. Buyers and sellers around the world have questions that we are going to address on the current market and what they should be doing to connect with the right real estate agent lender or inspector.

The host, Carra Riley is a 30+ year veteran working and teaching in the real estate industry helping people in a consulting format for both small business and real estate. Currently, she is a certified CRB (Council of Real Estate Brokerage Managers) instructor for the National Association of Realtors organization, writer and public speaker.

Sellers will want to listen to this series because they can hear questions that any agent should be asked durning an interview process to determine which agent they will want to hire to sell their real estate. They will learn how an appraisal and inspection can be a major Cosmic Cow Pie in a transaction if they are not prepared for what happens during this process.

Buyers will want to listen to this series as they can learn about the loan and inspection process that is all a part of buying the home.  They will hear about neighborhoods and resale information so they can be informed as they work with an agent to make a buying decision.

The series of blogtalkradio interviews will help connect the dots in the Cosmic Cow Pie of real estate.  For immediate answers to specific real estate or small business questions feel free to contact Carra Riley for a FREE 30 minute consutation to determine a direction to move forward.

The first intervew for 2012 was with Rich Cederberg from Albuquerque, New Mexico.  He shared the current state of the real estate market and how a buyer should get started and what a seller can expect in todays economy.   The series on blogtalkradio will include many more agents from around the country sharing up to date information for both buyers and sellers

Thursday, February 23, 2012 at 9:00 a.m. Mountain Time the Cosmic Cow Pie blogtalkradio show will feature Gene Mundt, Senior Vice President with Chicago Bancorp. Connecting The Mortgage Dots In Today's Real Estate Market  Call in at (347) 994-1903 or set a reminder to listen on your computer and join the chat room.

Gene has 30+ years in the mortgage industry plus he has people skills that will make you feel so comfortable in the transaction you will think you have been friends forever. 

Gene Mundt's experience includes:

  • Appraiser
  • Savings and loan branch manager
  • Licensed Mortgage Originator/Banker
  • Certified financial planner
  • Trustee on the Village of Mokena, IL Board
  • Mokena, IL Chamber of Commerce President for 3 terms
  • Little league coach and middle school basketball coach
  • Avid golfer
  • Married 35 years and father of 2 sons in Chicago and he is a new grandparent

Questions we will be addressing a home buyer or seller would like to know about:

  • What are the lowest down payment loans available?
  • What are the qualifying ration and FICO score requirements?
  • How does an appraisal fit into the loan process?
  • What if the house does not appraise?
  • How can I know what I can qualify for if I do not have a property selected?
  • When will I know how much down and how much a month for payments?
  • When will I know how much I need to bring to closing?
  • What about inspections and who pays for problems on the house?
  • What if I have bad credit?
  • What if I have let a home go back to the bank?
  • Can I get a co-signor?
  • How long does the loan process take?

Connect with Gene Mundt, Senior VP Chicago Bancorp
Direct:  815.277.4036     Cell/Text:  708.921.6331
Skype:  630.219.1316





Thinking about buying or selling a house?

Please listen to the show with Gene Mundt and start asking questions about the process so you can navigate all the cow pies that will come up during the process.

Sellers learn the loan process because it will help when they get feedback from agents and the response has to do with financing, inspections or appraisals. 

Buyers learn about the loan process as the journey will be much easier when they know what to expect along the way. 

Please don't forget each area will have unique market traits so knowing the questions to ask to make a confident decision is an important part of the process of buying or selling a home.

Hope to see you in the chat room or online for the Cosmic Cow Pie Blogtalkradio show. Thursday, February 23, 2012 at 9:00 a.m. Mountain Time. Call in to (347) 994-1903 or set a reminder to listen on your computer.


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How To Select A Real Estate Agent To Purchase A Home

There are four simple reasons the time is right to buy a home NOW!

1.  The inventory to select from is high.
2.  The interest rates are very affordable.
3.  New legislation created a STIMULUS package to encourage home sales.

  4. The buyers market could soon be turning into a sellers market. 

                                   Purple design
On November 6, 2009 the President signed an extension for the first-time home buyer credit of $8,000. The legislation also INCLUDED a move up buyers credit for a $6,500.
With basic principles of supply and demand incorporating the stimulus package, the real estate market should get ready to rock again! Today’s buyer is going to receive financial advantages to BUY NOW.
The extension and new credit apply to home purchases occurring between November 6, 2009 and April 30, 2010. Purchases signed by the April 30 deadline have until July 1, 2010 to close. Military personnel serving abroad have an extra year, with the tax credit set to expire June 30, 2011.


   If you are a buyer, looking to connect with a professional Real Estate agent to help you find your dream home, there are a few questions you should ask before deciding who you want to work with.
You should interview an agent you select to work with just like you would if you were hiring an employee to work for you in business. 

Knowledge IS power.  As a buyer, you make any sale work.  The loan or cash you bring to the transaction enables the closing to take place. Nothing happens in real estate without a buyer.  Working with the right agent is of utmost importance to represent you in the transaction.  My suggestion is to talk to at least three agents to compare and find the one who fits and relates to you and your needs. 

Buying a home is one of the biggest purchases most people make in their lives, so connecting with the right individual who you want to make your Real Estate agent for life is very important. 

  The Real Estate agent you select to work with could possibly be a friend and confidant for a very long time.  Selecting the agent with the same care you would pick an attorney or account will make your home buying journey much easier.  

  Start your agent selection process on the Internet. puzzle
Read Real Estate blogs.  See what the agent is talking about and how they present themselves as a professional.  See if they know about the area you are interested in and how much information they are sharing with the public. Determine if the person you want to interview looks like an authority in real estate.

  Google the Real Estate agents name.  See what cyberspace says about the possible candidate. READ all the information. 

  Check websites.  Look for references and testimonials to select the three candidates you want to interview.  Do they have an interactive website site to start looking for homes or a place where you can get free information about the home sale process. 

  Once you have selected several agents to interview discuss the home sale process and how you fit into the transaction along with how they will work with you and communicate. Consider using the 12 points below to start your discussions. 
Each state may have different variations on regulations with reference to disclosure of agency and who a real estate agent works for. Each agent will discuss specific answers to questions based on State Law.

  1.  Discuss agency in your state.  
Ask the agent to explain buyer agency and seller agency so you understand who works for you and  how the representation process works. 

      a.  Do you sign a buyer agency contract? 

      b.  How long is the contract?

      c.  Can the contract be terminated and what are the details.

       d.  Get a copy and go over ALL of it untill you understand what it means.

    2.  Discuss Loan Pre-approval process.
As a buyer you should be pre-approved BEFORE you go out to look for a home.  You should not get in the car to even look for a home until you know what you can qualify for. It would be a waste of everyone’s time to contract or start looking for a home if you are not pre-qualified to purchase.

3. Discuss property requirement, information.
Make a list of what the home MUST have for you to buy and a list of what the extras you LIKE to have.  Be realistic in your wants.  Describe what the bare minimum you would settle for includes. 

      a.  Location:   Are schools important?  Is public transportation part of the decision? Proximity to family? 

      b.  Condition:   Will you take something that needs work?  Can you replace carpet or paint?  Do you need something ready to move in?

      c.  Terms:  Do you need some seller financing or are you pre-qualified for a traditional loan?

      d.  Home Specifics:  Bedrooms, bathrooms, lot size, garage size, zoning, basement, construction, style

  4.  Discuss the sale timing.
Do you need to wait for a lease to expire, school to get out or any event which plays a part in your ability to close prior to July 1, 2010. This applies to buyers looking for the current tax credit.

  5. Discuss the showing process.
When will you go look at property.  How many homes will you look at a time.  How will the homes be presented to you before you go to look? Who will show you the homes.

  6. Discuss the offer price determination process.
How will the value of the home you selected be evaluated.  Will you get a market analysis of the home and information on what is going on in the area?

7. Discuss the process for the offer to purchase.
What are the steps involved in writing an offer.  How much earnest money is needed?  When will it be deposited?  When is an inspection preformed and where do I find an inspector.  How long does it take for an answer to the offer?

  8. Discuss potential property deficiencies. 

  How does the resolution process take place after an inspection?

9.  Discuss the loan processing and appraisal.
After the contract is accepted and the inspection completed what happens and how active is the agent going to be in the process during that time frame. 

10. Discuss Insurance and utilities.
How do you select an insurance agent is there a report on the property to aid in obtaining the insurance.  What utility changes have to be completed prior to a closing.
11.  Discuss the closing process.
Will closing documents be provided for review a minimum of 3 to 5 days prior to close of escrow.  Can the buyer discuss closing questions with the Buyer’s agent, accountant and/or attorney?

  12. Discuss the day of closing and possession.
Is there a final walk through prior to closing.  How long will the seller have to get out of the home? When will the buyer get the keys?  How does the title actually transfer?

  The agents you interview may have much more specific lists for you to review about the buying process.  Some agents will have a professionally prepared presentation on why you should select them and their company to represent you on the purchase of your new home. 

  Remember, buying a home might be the biggest investment of your life.  Take  the decision seriously, select someone you feel comfortable with on a communication level.  Do not pick someone who makes you feel uneasy.  Do your Internet homework.  The transaction cannot take place without you, the buyer!
Select a Real Estate Agent for life.  Someone you can trust and create a lasting friendship and working relationship with who you can refer your friends to in the future. Your new Real Estate professional will be there for you when it is time to move again so pick the right one and make the next selling job, easy!

  You will know the right agent when you meet them.  You will connect and it will just feel good! Real Estate agent and contract

  The time is right to buy now! 
Start your search and celebrate the American dream of home ownership!

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