Connecting Photography Dots Around The World With Google+

You are cordially invited to the Google Plus One Year Anniversary Photowalk happening around the world this Saturday! 

Google is already your best friend.. Now they are going to be your BFF reaching out to touch you around the world sharing their global community through photographs!

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When: Saturday, June 30, 2012  check time in your city

Where: Anywhere in the world check over 200 locations

Who: Photographers of all skill and levels. From beginners to pros. Cell phones are just fine too!

Why: To celebrate the one year anniversary of Google+ in the G+ photo community. To hang out with other fun Google+ photographers. To SHARE MORE PHOTOS! To meet new and interesting people.

Cost: All Free! The best things in life are free right? We just need people to step up and decide to host one in your city.

Anyone can host a photo walk. Groups of people can host them. Anyone can be involved with them. This is a loosely defined community of photographers.

To host a new location go sign up at  There is still time so come on in the water is great! 

Become Part Of History This Saturday June 30, 2012 as you participate in the world's first GLOBAL social media "meet-ups" with photographers from all over the world.

Everyone is welcome to join the  Google+ One Year Anniversary Photowalk.  All photography skill levels embraced with kindness and a willingness to share knowledge and talent.

Come join the group in your city or there is still time to create your own group an be part of this history making social media event with Google+.   

Places include: Singapore, Denver, Switzerland, Phoenix, London, Columbus, Baltimore, Calgary, several places in LA, Hong Kong, Dubai and over 200 more cities.

City ?? Beijing
Link ??
Host ?? +Mitchell Masilun 
Time ?? 5:00pm
Meet spot ?? South side of Gulou (Bell Tower) at the three way intersection?

City ??Shanghai, cn
Link ??
Host ?? +Angelia King 
Time ?? 
Meet spot ?? around the Shanghai Expo Park.

Check out the Dubai listing they are meeting at the world's tallest building!
City ?? Dubai, UAE
Link ??
Host ?? +Syed Rizvi 
Time ?? 
Meet spot ?? Burj Khalifa – the World's Tallest Tower

Someday I WILL do a photowalk in Dubai and after this event I will know photographers there so I can get that checked off the list!  

I will be hosting the Williams, Arizona photowalk on Rt66 or we might just jump in the car and head up to the Grand Canyon.  If you are in Arizona and want to come to the cool country, please let me know.  ??This event will provide an opportunity for people go create relationships with photographers of all skill levels all over the world.  A participant will be able to circle and comment on all the photos as the doors are opened through a common interest in cities around the globe.  Think global, act local brings on new meaning as you really do have a way to connect with the world and share your community through social media at Google+.

The Google+ community is reaching out to touch the world and make you feel safe with engaging in social media. There is even a contest that might interest you if you are a photographer and want to participate .

Photo judging for this great event will be broken down into the following categories:

  1. Macro
  2. Wildlife
  3. Landscape
  4. Architecture
  5. Sunset or Sunrise
  6. Portrait (candid or posed)
  7. Black & White (monochrome)

The door is open for an opportunity to connect with something exciting that everyone loves to talk about, pictures!  
Contest rules include:
"Remember that this is all about enhancing our photographic abilities and interaction with others here on Google Plus. We are here to have fun and to learn a bit along the way. This is a positive experience and please don’t make any negative comments along the way.??The one and only rule is that you must be a Google Plus member before this walk to enter.??Anyone and everyone can participate and take photos in the various photowalks around the world and actually that is encouraged, the more the merrier! We are just limiting the judging to existing G+ers.  😉

I will be hosting the Williams, Arizona photowalk on Rt66 or we might just jump in the car and head up to the Grand Canyon.  If you are in Arizona and want to come to the cool country, please let me know.  ?Hope to see you there! 

Please connect some photography dots around the world and join us for the GLOBAL Google Plus One Year Anniversary Photowalk
Watch us on twitter #GplusAnniversary

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