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Fred Glick,  is a regular contributor to the real estate market update segment on CNBC.

He is the CEO of 2 real estate companies U S Spaces  and Arrivva located in, Philadelphia, PA,  New Jersey, Delaware and Los Angeles, CA along with a mortgage company U S Loans Mortgage.

Fred is about “transparency” in transactions and helps buyers and sellers select the right agent.  He reaches out with videos to share his knowledge that HELP the consumer.

Fred says a real estate agent has 2 jobs:

  1. Market
  2. Negotiate

Listen to this segment to clarify any confusion on how to navigate the Cosmic Cow Pie™ of real estate today.  Learn tips for buyers, sellers along with how to obtain a loan in today’s market.

Find out how to obtain credit reports getting information on  to see what you need to repair your credit to get a loan.

Track your Free PERSONAL credit score at determine the differences for buying a house or a car.

Thanks Fred Glick for sharing some ideas on how to get started in buying or selling a home in today’s real estate market on the Cosmic Cow Pie™ BlogtalkRadio show.

Fred Glick

US Spaces

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Buying Or Selling A Home?

If you are thinking of buying or selling a home, how can you be sure it is physically fit?  How do you connect all the dots to get to the closing? 

"Inspect What You Expect" is the only way to be comfortable with a decision to buy or not to buy!

International speaker, Zig Ziglar used this comment at a motivational seminar I attended over 29 years ago and I still apply it to many aspects of life. He was talking about children and how parents must inspect where the children are when they say they are going somewhere just to keep them accountable. So if you expect your kids to be somewhere check it out and make sure it is the way they said it was going to be.

Taking the concept "Inspect what you expect" and apply it to the biggest investment most people make in life with either buying or selling a home for protection.

As a real estate consultant, there are two simple rules for buyers and sellers to remember when involved in a real estate transaction:

  1. Buyers: ALWAYS obtain an inspection before completing the purchase of a home.
  2. Sellers: Prepare for your sale by taking the "offensive approach" and repairing things in advance that might come up on a buyers inspection.

Please join us on Cosmic Cow Pie blogtalkradio  Thursday, May 3, 2012 9:00 a.m. PDT to meet and discuss inspections with Aubrey Kahn. You can call into the show at 347-994-1902 or join us online and ask questions in the chat room. Set a reminder here or listen to the archives anytime after the show.




Meet Aubrey Kahn with Firm Foundation Home Inspections Inc.:

  • Born and raised in South Africa.
  • Spent 17 years in hotel, catering and restaurant management.
  • Owned insurance brokerage for 9 years.
  • Worked for a roofing company for 5 years
  • Owner of Central Florida's premier home inspection company, Firm Foundation Home Inspections where we don't just inspect we ensure your peace of mind.
  • Board Member of Florida Home and Insurance Inspectors Chapter of InterNACHI
  • Co-Founder and Chairman of InterNACHI Nickels (Home Inspector Charity)
  • Member of InterNACHI (International Association of Certified Home Inspectors)
  • Member of ESA (Environmental Solutions Association)
  • Member of IAC2 (International Association of Certified Indoor Air Consultants)
  • Member of Central Florida Christian Chamber of Commerce.
  • Member of Orlando Predators Arena Football Team Business Club.

Firm Foundation Home Inspections Inc. is a family owned and operated business. Firm Foundation is based in Kissimmee, and this allows them to cover the whole of the Central Florida with relative ease.

Firm Foundation Home Inspections will provide you with valuable knowledge about a home's major components and systems by conducting a thorough visual examination and assessment to detect defects and deficiencies so you can make a more informed decision.

Home Inspections are intended to inform a client of the condition of the home at the time of the inspection. Firm Foundation prides itself on its personal service, attention to detail and its flexible work schedule. Firm Foundation provides home inspections for buyers and sellers, home maintenance inspections for homeowners ,

4 point inspections for insurance and mortgage companies.

Comprehensive home inspections include: visual evaluation of nearly 400 different items that effect the safety, condition and value of a home.

Exterior evaluation includes: Roof, Chimney, Flashing, Valleys Siding, Trim, Windows, Storm windows Landscaping, Grading, Drainage Gutters, Downspouts Driveways, Patios, Decks, Porches HVAC systems.

Interior evaluation includes: HVAC Systems Plumbing Systems Electrical Systems Walls, Floors, Ceilings, Windows Structure Attic, Ventilate

Aubrey Kahn offers 3 VALUABLE benefits as a member of InterNACHI (International Association of Certified Home Inspectors) that all buyers, sellers and agents should know about!

  1. Indemnify agent by registering and if there is ever a law suit where there is a loss the agent is insured up to $10,000.
  2. Honesty Bond to protect the seller from any loss at the inspection.
  3. 100% Warranty on inspected items for the buyer.

Please join us and learn all about the important benefits of working with an inspector who is a member of InterNACHI the largest inspection association in the world and how it can help the seller, buyer and real estate agent. 

             Connect with Aubrey Kahn:

             Firm Foundation Home Inspections Inc

              2200 Sylvan Ct, Kissimmee, Fl. 34746






             321-624-0254   fax  206-339-2909

Hope to see you Thursday May, 3, 2012 9:00 a.m. PDT in the Cosmic Cow Pie blogtalkradio chat room or call in 347-994-1902 to meet Aubrey Kahn with Firm Foundation Home Inspection Inc. where you will learn how to Inspect What You Expect!

It does not matter what state you are in or even what country you are purchasing real estate, the principles are the same with inspections.  An inspection is a must to make sure you know the inside and outside condition of the home. 

Buying or selling a home?  Inspect what you Expect! 

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Cosmic Cow Pie Blogtalkradio Starts New Real Estate Series

"Connecting Real Estate Dots Around the World" is a theme for the Cosmic Cow Pie Blogtalkradio show for the next few months. Buyers and sellers around the world have questions that we are going to address on the current market and what they should be doing to connect with the right real estate agent lender or inspector.

The host, Carra Riley is a 30+ year veteran working and teaching in the real estate industry helping people in a consulting format for both small business and real estate. Currently, she is a certified CRB (Council of Real Estate Brokerage Managers) instructor for the National Association of Realtors organization, writer and public speaker.

Sellers will want to listen to this series because they can hear questions that any agent should be asked durning an interview process to determine which agent they will want to hire to sell their real estate. They will learn how an appraisal and inspection can be a major Cosmic Cow Pie in a transaction if they are not prepared for what happens during this process.

Buyers will want to listen to this series as they can learn about the loan and inspection process that is all a part of buying the home.  They will hear about neighborhoods and resale information so they can be informed as they work with an agent to make a buying decision.

The series of blogtalkradio interviews will help connect the dots in the Cosmic Cow Pie of real estate.  For immediate answers to specific real estate or small business questions feel free to contact Carra Riley for a FREE 30 minute consutation to determine a direction to move forward.

The first intervew for 2012 was with Rich Cederberg from Albuquerque, New Mexico.  He shared the current state of the real estate market and how a buyer should get started and what a seller can expect in todays economy.   The series on blogtalkradio will include many more agents from around the country sharing up to date information for both buyers and sellers

Thursday, February 23, 2012 at 9:00 a.m. Mountain Time the Cosmic Cow Pie blogtalkradio show will feature Gene Mundt, Senior Vice President with Chicago Bancorp. Connecting The Mortgage Dots In Today's Real Estate Market  Call in at (347) 994-1903 or set a reminder to listen on your computer and join the chat room.

Gene has 30+ years in the mortgage industry plus he has people skills that will make you feel so comfortable in the transaction you will think you have been friends forever. 

Gene Mundt's experience includes:

  • Appraiser
  • Savings and loan branch manager
  • Licensed Mortgage Originator/Banker
  • Certified financial planner
  • Trustee on the Village of Mokena, IL Board
  • Mokena, IL Chamber of Commerce President for 3 terms
  • Little league coach and middle school basketball coach
  • Avid golfer
  • Married 35 years and father of 2 sons in Chicago and he is a new grandparent

Questions we will be addressing a home buyer or seller would like to know about:

  • What are the lowest down payment loans available?
  • What are the qualifying ration and FICO score requirements?
  • How does an appraisal fit into the loan process?
  • What if the house does not appraise?
  • How can I know what I can qualify for if I do not have a property selected?
  • When will I know how much down and how much a month for payments?
  • When will I know how much I need to bring to closing?
  • What about inspections and who pays for problems on the house?
  • What if I have bad credit?
  • What if I have let a home go back to the bank?
  • Can I get a co-signor?
  • How long does the loan process take?

Connect with Gene Mundt, Senior VP Chicago Bancorp
Direct:  815.277.4036     Cell/Text:  708.921.6331
Skype:  630.219.1316





Thinking about buying or selling a house?

Please listen to the show with Gene Mundt and start asking questions about the process so you can navigate all the cow pies that will come up during the process.

Sellers learn the loan process because it will help when they get feedback from agents and the response has to do with financing, inspections or appraisals. 

Buyers learn about the loan process as the journey will be much easier when they know what to expect along the way. 

Please don't forget each area will have unique market traits so knowing the questions to ask to make a confident decision is an important part of the process of buying or selling a home.

Hope to see you in the chat room or online for the Cosmic Cow Pie Blogtalkradio show. Thursday, February 23, 2012 at 9:00 a.m. Mountain Time. Call in to (347) 994-1903 or set a reminder to listen on your computer.


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