What Is The Future Of Social Media?


What is the future of social media?

WHOOOOO will be watching?

who is seeing your message?


Wondering about the future of social media and where you fit in?
Join us TOMORROW Friday, September 27, 2013 9:00am PDTMeet a diverse group of Social Media experts and business owners as we discuss the future of social media.  +Shelley Roth  +john panico +Ken Cook +Valentina Cirasola +Katie Katz +Luis Galarza +Joeann Fossland +Carolyn McAndrew and +Alex McClure

Feel free to come share some images of your business, product or service on our event gallery and let us know what you do.

The small business entrepreneurs on the panel have been engaging in social media from around the world.
The group will share thoughts and ideas on what IS working and what the future of social media could be.Learn how you fit in the big scheme of things and how following or connecting with these knowledgeable people might help your social media navigation.1.  +Luis Galarza  Leominster, Massachusetts
Galarza’s Internet Marketing Services
Marketing consultant, Web Designer, Lead Generation, Social Media, Mobile Apps, Mobile Marketing, Google Places, SEO, Video Production, Video Marketing

2.  +Carolyn McAndrew from Perth Australia
Picardie Press
To Provide Small Business with Quality Affordable Publishing, Design, Printing and Social Media needs.

3.  +Joeann Fossland Tucson, Arizona
Life consultant
Need a coach? Support for the frazzled, unfocused & time challenged! My vision is to ignite joy, creativity & love! I can help you relax & produce remarkable results!
Visit http://www.joeann.com/ Purple Sage Realty, Tucson, AZ

4.  +Katie Katz   Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Bernard Katz Glass
+Bernard Katz Glass  features hand blown art glass by Bernard Katz. Bernard Katz alongside his wife Katie Katz co-design high quality art glass for art galleries, trade design and private collections worldwide.

5.  +Ken Cook Atlanta,Georgia
Digital Content Creator | Blog Content | Web Articles | SEO Research | Video | Audio | Graphics
Knowing what other people are saying about you or your brand is important. Telling people what to think about you or your brand is crucial.
My job is to do what I do best so you can do more of what you do best. I write accurate and timely articles, optimize existing content for search engines, create videos (YouTube), perform competitive research to determine who your search competitors are and how you can compete with them and win, work with you on predictive content creation based on seasonal and market trends, provide in-depth analysis of your website and your competitors.
Listen live to Social Media Edge Radio every Tuesday at 9AM Pacific or you can listen to the 4 years worth of archived episodes at iTunes.

6.  +Valentina Cirasola San Francisco, California and Italy
Valentina Interiors and Design
“Italian Luxury for Comfortable Living” – Pure – Elegant – Original. I am Valentina, =owner and principal designer of Valentina – Interiors & Designs, my international designing firm established in 1990. Visit me:www.valentinadesigns.com
Valentina Expressions
Author of  Design books and cooking from Italy.
From this platform I will bring novelties in a variety of subjects. I will announce classes, seminars or future trips to Italy I am organizing with groups. I will also continue offering my design consultations on-line.

7.  +john panico Atlanta Georgia
Social Media Dudes
– Social Media campaigns, websites, website and blog content, Smartphone (iPhone and Android) app development – training – consulting.
Social Media Dudes is all about helping individuals, small business owners, sales professionals, non-profit groups, and large companies with their overall internet and mobile strategy.
– Websites
– Blogs
– Article Content
– Video
– Marketing Strategy
– Inbound Marketing vs Outbound Marketing
– SmartPhone Application Development
– QR Code Strategies
– Affiliate Marketing
– Sales

8.  +Shelley Roth Houston, Texas
Social Media Navigator | Trainer | Consultant | Speaker | Author   www.shelleyroth.com
To bring passion, energy and creative thinking to businesses with the goal of directly impacting companies bottom line and corporate identity.
Company Overview
Since 1999, Springboard has been helping businesses create and implement ways to grow sales. As a social media trainer | speaker | consultant, Shelley has been working with companies and business owners with a focus on using social media marketing for business growth and brand recognition. At Springboard, we are passionate about teaching how to use social media tools to get the party started! The biz party that is!

9.  +Carra Riley Williams, Arizona “Gateway to the Grand Canyon”
Small business consultant and developer of the NEW World wide photographer directory +Photo Tour Global Directory™ where the consumer can connect  and research their own Global Personal Photographer™.
PTGD is a website with names and contact information of creative photographers worldwide who are willing to create custom photography experiences for global travelers AND small businesses who need help with their digital imagery.

10.  +Alex McClure From Phoenix, Arizona
Olympus Visionary Trail Blazer and COMMERCIAL Photographer

The questions we will be discussing are as follows:

1. What social media SITES  are  you participating in and which ones are working?

2.  How long did it take you to get profitable results from your social media work?

3  Do you think the news media and television shows like The Voice, America’s Got Talent and Dancing With The Stars driving people to Twitter and facebook  is something that small business should think about and participate in?

4.  What has been the MOST effective strategy you have implemented  in social media.

5.  Where does the future lie with social media and how will google+ fit into the mix?

6.  How does a small business balance social media time with the time it takes to run a business?

Remember, if you can’t make the event live you can always watch the archive.  If you would like to be in the social media circle reply “yes” or “maybe” to the event and we will include you after the show!
Hope to see you there chatting about the future of social media!  
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Connecting Social Media Dots IRL For ROI


Have you ever wondered how you take an online social media contact relationship to the next level?  The initial step to connecting the social media dots is by commenting on a blog post, a status update or a tweet then to get real ROI  (Return On Investment or Influence) there must be personal contact with your new connection.

IRL aka In Real Life IRL is the next level relationship to go to once you have initially connected through a social media venue.

Yes, it is scary sometimes to be meeting someone that you have only talked to in a comment or a tweet so taking precautions is every important as you evolve to real life meet ups.

This is  a story of a delightful  journey from the activerain real estate community blog to meet ups in Palm Springs, California with real estate agents and an Art Gallery Owner connected to a glass sculpture artist in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Who knew what could come together from social media comments, a few phone calls, e-mails and facebook posts to have some lunch meet ups and connect business across the country. We really did connect the dots in the Cosmic Cow Pie of social media.

Meet Kathy Schowe from La Quinta, California, just outside of Palm Springs.  Kathy was on the ladies professional golf tour, has an amazing personality and now specializes in selling real estate golf course communities in the La Quinta, Palm Springs area.  She has a crazy fun site called 365 things to do in Palm Springs that is very helpful when coming to the area.

Last year we paid a visit to Palm Springs and Kathy invited me to do a presentation on Pinterest and Google+ which was great and many of the agents are using the tools they learned to navigate Kathy, Jane Carra TBand connect in Social Media.  No matter what business, product or service you are working with, social media is the key to getting your information out and helping people with the valuable content you have to share.

This year our activerain friend Jane Peters drove down from the LA area for lunch at Tommy Bahama’s in Palm Desert, California.  We had a blast connecting as neither Kathy nor I had met Jane IRL.  My first experience with Jane was very funny as she commented on a blog post with a quote from Saturday Night Live and I did not process it as a joke.  We had a private conversation via e-mail on the interesting comment and the experience ended up in the e-book I co-authored and crowd sourced called  Cosmic Shift Happens™   Professionals from all over the country  were part of the crowd sourcing or group collaboration  explaining how social media comments have to be taken with a gain of salt to understand the humor or snarky attitude some people enjoy sharing on line.  With our lunch meetup we all connected some social media dots in the Cosmic Cow Pie as we have all been sharing comments on facebook, google+ and twitter and now we have a real life engagement to go along with our virtual perceptions.

Meet Jane Peters your real estate specialist in the Los Angeles, California Area.  Jane knows and has personally purchased property all over the Greater Los Angeles area from $500K to $2.6M.  Areas she covers are: Santa Monica, Westwood/Wilshire Corridor, Beverly Hills, Culver City, Silver Lake/Echo Park, Brentwood and Palms/Mar Vista.      If you are looking for some fun while shopping for homes in the Los Angeles area, Jane is your girl!

Coda Karen Sanchez & Carra Riley Activerain had some great real time meetup conventions called “rain camps”   I met Karen Sanchez in line for the rain camp at Las    Vegas and we started talking about real estate in Victor Valley, where she sells affordable homes in Southern California.   Karen shared, “The Victor Valley is a beautiful place to live, close to many fun places to go. The only thing that can make this place a better place to live is YOU!”  Karen has a delightful smile and wonderful outlook on life and real estate.  We connected on facebook and I chatted with her about her progress and family.  When we met in real time with her friend Christina Hood from Redlands, CaliforniaCoda Christina Hood we had a great time sharing our zest for real estate and inspiring ideas about sharing our communities.  We had a lot of fun at Tommy Bahama’s again and I got to share information with them about the Coda Art Gallery down the street and my glass sculpture artist friends!

Christina Hood is a former pilot and pilot instructor, now real estate marketing consultant in Redlands, Riverside, Yucaipa and Rancho Cucamonga California is a girl with a zest for life and for real estate.  If you like an exuberant, fun loving personality, Christina is the girl for you.  She tweets, foursquares, facebooks and instagrams like a pro.

Here comes the business connection to Palm Springs via Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Coda Katz red

Meet Bernard Katz and Katie Katz of Bernard Katz Glass 

Katie Katz and I have become close virtual friends through google+ where we met and we produced a video LIVE in a hangout An Air from the Bernard Katz Glass 7,000 sq. ft studio on Philadelphia.  We had guests from around the globe asking questions about the amazing glass sculpture Bernard creates for galleries and businesses around the world. We found that a live event like this with event invitations on google+ created a lot of internet interest in the beautiful work of Bernard Katz.

Katie and I share comments on facebook, twitter and google+ on a daily basis and she saw that I was posting about Palm Springs.  She reached out to me through the Internet asking me to stop into the Coda Art Gallery and see Bernard’s work and meet  the manger.  I called the Coda Gallery from the facebook link that Katie shared with me and ICoda front reached Barbara who explained how to get to the gallery and I found out it was only a couple blocks from my meeting place with Karen Sanchez and Christina Hood so I stopped at the gallery before our meet up and I was able to share the adventure with them starting more global connections.

It was a delight to meet Barbara Hill-Stanely the manager, of the Coda Art Gallery and we talked about social media and how it is connecting the world in all kinds of business.  I shared with Barbara that Kathy Schowe was a local real estate agent in La Quinta and she had a site called 365 things to do in Palm Springs.  CODA gallery features an eclectic mix of painting, sculpture, and glass that share an extraordinary energy in an expansive and beautiful exhibition space. Coda hosts frequent openings and artist’s receptions so I thought this might be a perfect addition to the 365 things to do in Palm Springs mentioning the fun social media connection from activerain blogging to facebook and google+  All the social media dots were connected here and it makes the world seem like a much smaller face.  See how the facebook connection worked on the Coda Art Gallery page.

Check out Coda Art Gallery in  Palm Desert  at   73151 El Paseo  800-700-4661 Ask for the manager Barbara Hill-Stanley and tell her you came because of a social media blog post!

Coda Barbara

From Philadelphia to California we came full circle connecting the social media dots IRL In Real Time and a genuine friendship and business networks have been set up to show the ROI Return on Investment or Influence of social media posting time.  To become successful at connecting through social media it does take time and requires outreach to set up meetings and take your online relationships to another level.  Connecting The Dots In The Cosmic Cow Pie,  try it, you’ll like it!

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Connecting the Dots Around The World in South Africa

Connecting The Dots Around The World In South Africa .

Welcome to the Cosmic Cow Pie Blogtalkradio series connecting the dots around the world.  Thursday, April 19, 2012 9:00 a.m. MDT we will have international guest,  Johan Horak from South Africa. Learn how Johan is connecting daily with people from around the globe on Google+.  Set a reminder here to join us online, ask questions in the chat room, call in during the show 347-994-1903 or post anything you would like discussed in the comments for discussion on Thursdays, live show.

Johan has a wonderful story with his family evolving from visions of being a CEO in the metal industry to owning one of the top producing second hand stores in South Africa and now helping people build relationships and enrich lives through social media.

Johan published a post on google+ that went "cosmic" with over 168 comments on "14 ways to Learn How to Helpfully Ride The Coattails of Google+ influencers"  We will be discussing his strategy and how it worked out. My initial contact with Johan came from a Pinterest conversation on Google+ where we were talking with Guy Kawasaki of former Apple fame currently "What The Plus" e-book , Enchantment and Alltop notoriety, about the status of Pinteresst in the social media hierarchy. Conversations on Google+ have now turned global and we are connecting the social media dots on blogtalkradio. 

Johan will share the trials and practice it has taken to be able to communicate with anyone around the world on Google+  This is what he says about the platform "Never in my life have I come across such an resistant free platform. I am able to communicate with the most influential to the latest newbie…..

This is a social media principle I ascribe to: Before you sell you need to create cultivation pools where you can nature long term trusting relationships…..The focus for me was not on return on investment anymore. Input vs output bull. I became like an artist. I did what I love first. At all cost before I chase anything. Now the fun started….

I am challenged by new methods. How do I use these tools to brand businesses and individuals. I tend see communication opportunities in a strategy and branding way. This means that I easily identify new technology that solves these problems. Internal and external. It's natural for me to package various communications solution in a user friendly way."

This interview starts our series with people from around the world where we can discuss the countries and cities we visited on our journey around the world.  Talking with local people puts a new perspective on the things we saw and experienced.  Johan has cleared up many of my questions in our e-mail and skype conversations getting to know one another as global connectors. 

Johan and his family live in Simonstown which is about 45 minutes outside Cape Town, South Africa. Some may not know much about Cape Town or South Africa.  Cricket, famous golfers, Camps Beach, Nelson Mandela, Apartheid are a few things you might think about when someone says, South Africa.  There is so much more like world class shopping, diving with the sharks, safaris with the big five and elephant rides on the reserve are things that make this destination a place you want to put on your radar or even your bucket list.  Johan's wife Elmarie and daughter Nandi are very busy managing their vacation rental business, Cape Holiday Home Rentals with over 300 beautiful properties and might be able to help you make a dream come true.  Check out some of the beautiful homes for rent in the Cape Town, South Africa area on Pinterest .

Connect with Johan Horvak on your global journey in social media.


Twitter @johanhorak



skype: lumeza


Cape Town Holiday Home Rental

Cape Town Holiday Rentals  Google+ page




Having experienced South Africa on our recent voyage around the world,  I want to encourage you to check out the photos and think about making a trip to this extraordinary place.  There is so much history and there still continues to be history in the making.  You will want to see Table mountain become covered with clouds that looks like a table cloth, and the harbor at night.  Have a "sundowners" party in the bush with your tracker and hear the roar of the big cats as they settle down at night. 



Hope to see you on line in the chat room or call in live 347-994-1903 to ask questions of Johan Horak as we discover how to connect globally on Blogtalkradio Thursday, April 19, 2012 9:00 a.m. MDT


You now have a global connection with Johan Horak and his family so what are you waiting for?  Connect with Johan all over cyberspace…. circle him in Google+, follow him on twitter and Pinterest and connect on linkedin.

The weather is beautiful, the sea breeze is blowing and South Africa could be the place you have been waiting to visit and just didn't know it! 

Take a world class trip to Cape Town, South Africa and who knows you could have your own "Global meet up" with new friends you can cultivate using social media. 

We ARE having a Global "meet up" in London, October 5, 2012 and maybe a photo walk with photographers from around the world so stay tuned for more details and post a comment if you are interested in connecting with us. 

It's fun connecting the dots in the Cosmic Cow Pie! 

Become a Global connector and listen to Johan Horak Thursday about how he does it on Google+!


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Pinterest and Safe Pinning!

Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social media sites to date.  It is like an electronic bulletin board where you can pin things that interest you, engage in comments on things that you like and drive viewers to your website with photos and links that you pin.  It's fun, it's fast and addicting!

An exciting place to share photos, links and great ideas!  I can say, I am addicted to the photos at Pinterest!  The color is amazing and then being able to click the photo to read more about it with the back link makes it an incredible learning tool!  I am learning about gardening, cooking, travel, helpful household hints, crafts, home improvement and on and on.  There is no limit to what people can pin and share online with Pinterest.

Just know 12 step programs are available for everything and after you try Pinterest you might need one!

Remember….. there is "Danger Will Robinson" to pin without thinking!

Before you run off and start pinning there is a word to the wise……Don't pin without protection!  "Safe pinning" has to be part of your participation best practice when engaging on Pinterest there could be severe legal problems with copyright violations if you are pinning without protection! Take the times to READ the Terms of Service which are changing April 6, 2012 for the better.

Learning yet another social media platform is almost too much for anyone in business today.  It seems like we just get comfortable with how things run on facebook, twitter or Google+ and they change the format along the rules so it's like a never ending journey of new information. I am sorry to say this is the norm and in the 21st century as the Cosmic Shift Happens this is just the way things are going to run, constant change. 

We are living in a beta test world and the destination is yet to be determine so strap in, learn the rules, buckle up and hang on. 

Take a little time to read this post on how 11 huge brands are using Pinterest.  I uncovered a story about Kate Spade and her team pinning a Martha Stewart  St. Patrick's Day straw and neglecting to give her credit or link back to her blog post.  Now this is the SERIOUS copyright issue that you have to be aware of.  It might be gone by the time I publish this post but it was there before St. Patricks Day through March 29th and you can see the screen shots below. Try this link to see for yourself. Martha Stewart's team telling Kate Spade's team to link to the Martha Stewart blog post. Even a reader commented on the mistake. 254 Kate Spade followers repinned the Martha Stewart Straws and there was no back link to Martha Stewart.  This is not good!

Kate Spade Pinterest Board

This is the first in a series of posts on Pinterest, both the good and the bad.

In the blogosphere there are many types of bloggers with individual styles who have similar messages however, their information is presented in a different way.  Pinterest has taken on a love/hate position with many involved in social media so this post is to share the WARNINGS and DANGERS involved at Pinterest taking place right now with HUGE players not understanding the rules.  Therefore DEAR Reader… please take some time to read the links for more powerful information and learn for yourself how you might be able to use this venue to share your message.  Don't let FEAR take away something that could possibly be fun and profitable if you KNOW and USE the rules found in any copyright situations. 

Pinterest appears to be the latest greatest new Internet venue taking off faster than facebook or google+ during the same initial beta releases.  Inman Next has done several webinars showing how real estate agents can use Pinterest in their business to connect with people.  Follow the Inman link to see the webinar and what they are sharing about Pinterest.  You will find there are good and bad reviews on this social media platform.  If you create your own blog posts, you take your own pictures and know your community and what it has to offer this is the perfect place for you to share that information that YOU create yourself.  You can link to your community websites and pin activities to help the consumer find out more about your neighborhood if you are in the real estate industry.  This activity applies to businesses within a community as well, sharing information that is going on around them.

Pinterest is VISUAL, it's fun and you can spend hours clicking on the photos which link to correctly posted websites where you can learn all about something you are interested in.  The graphics are what stimulate the desire to find out more about the picture and what it represents. Your mission, should you accept it, is to provide beautiful photos so people will want to click through the picture and see what you are selling or providing as valuable content. The click through should go right to your website if you want to promote a business product or service.

The GOOD news is learning is less than an hour investment in time to figure out how Pinterest works and how fun it is. 

The BAD news is you can get in real copyright trouble if you are pinning photos and images that are not yours and have not been approved for pinning… so learning the rules of "proper pinning" is of upmost importance.

Advertising Lawyer Shares How Brands Can Use Pinterest Without Breaking the Law.  He says:

"We're not going to kid you, this risk reduction strategy will significantly limit your ability to pin and re-pin content found on Pinterest to your company's brand page. But unfortunately the way consumers are currently using Pinterest just isn't the same way that your brand will likely be able to use it, given that a brand's commercial use will be much more attractive to potential plaintiffs. Pinterest attempts to limit its own legal liability by providing in its terms that users are only supposed to post or pin content that they own or that they have the right to post. From a practical matter, this may give Pinterest some legal protection, but the same legal protections will not likely protect your brand page since you are directly pinning the images"

Another helpful article share by American Express talks about how a small business can be damaged by Pinterest so reading it is all part of the learning curve which will help you determine whether you want to participate or not based on your own investigations. 

The rest of the Kate Spade pinterest board story.…. I read the post on 11 ways to use pinterest and saw them talk about Kate Spade and how she was usin the boards.

I went to the boards and found a cute St.Patricks Day Straw in an orange soda.  I was going to pin it and saw the message from Martha Stewart's team letting her know that the pin should link back to their website.  It didn't.  This could be a genuine copyright violation because the Kate Spade team took the graphic without the link back to the original post.  If the big guys are making this mistake consider this a red flag that others will be doing it too and this mistake goes with the territory on the Internet.  As long as YOU are not doing it you should be fine.  The same photo of Martha's Shamrock Straws had been re-blogged on Tumbler 459 times and each person was NOT linking the Martha Stewart graphic to their own websites.  THAT is a NO NO.  Bottom line is to be careful with what you are repinning and making sure it links back to the source and you have the right to re-pin. 

The article 11 huge brands are using Pinterest…..shares:

"1. Showcase your products

Kate Spade does this particularly well, creating mood boards that showcase its products within different themes. 

The label's personality is bright and colorful, which is reflected in the naming of the boards – quite literally. This might just appear to be a naming convention, but the repetition means that the message sticks."

Kate Spade's team got the Martha Stewart Staws from night on the run tumblr where you can see how many people reblogged it on Tumbler not linking to Martha Stewart's blog post by clicking that link.

Advertising Lawyer said:

"We're not going to kid you, this risk reduction strategy will significantly limit your ability to pin and re-pin content found on Pinterest to your company's brand page. But unfortunately the way consumers are currently using Pinterest just isn't the same way that your brand will likely be able to use it, given that a brand's commercial use will be much more attractive to potential plaintiffs. Pinterest attempts to limit its own legal liability by providing in its terms that users are only supposed to post or pin content that they own or that they have the right to post. From a practical matter, this may give Pinterest some legal protection, but the same legal protections will not likely protect your brand page since you are directly pinning the images"

If you want to read more about Pinterest check out my "Everything Pinterest" board with both the good and the bad of what is going on today.

Follow me on Pinterest and let me know your favorite board. I will follow you back!  I have some homework to makes sure that all my pins go back to the original source after doing this research… so if you are just starting make sure your pins are approved and link to the source. 

Practice "Safe pinning" with Pinterest!

Follow me on Pinterest



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How Does Your Customer Service Feel?

How Does Your Customer Service Feel?

It has been said: "people remember how you make them feel and not what you say."

No matter what sales or service industry you are in, lessons can be learned from the way Lexus treats it's clients. Leading by example the Stevinson Lexus group of Frederick, Colorado is setting the bar in customer satisfaction.

The opening of the new store in Frederick made me sit up and take notice of how important every single detail is creating the feeling that lasts and generates raving fans!

Making a long story short, our car ownership evolved from the Mercedes family to Lincolns, to the Lexus group over 32 years in real estate and small business consulting. The Lexus story begins with a friend of mine from my life guard days in Thornton, Colorado when I was 16 years old. My friend sold cars for Lexus and kept me on his contact list. His service went as far as ordering our latest SUV over the phone in Colorado and having it delivered to Lake Havasu City, Arizona at the Home Depot parking lot. He took care of every detail including the call for us to meet the driver to take delivery of our new car.

We now live in Williams, Arizona so the closest Lexus dealership is Las Vegas or Phoenix both are about a 3 hour drive from our home. It never bothers us to go to Vegas to have our car serviced as we can meet friends and have fun at the same time. What is consistent about the Lexus dealerships all over the country is the way the team treats the consumer. We can always make an appointment and have a loaner car to be able to do what we need to do while in the big city.

This past October we were in Colorado and I called my friend at Lexus to make a service appointment at the new store in Frederick. Again, as a Lexus owner I am never concerned about the quality of the service as I know it is going to be top quality no matter where I am. Our original sales friend made a move but my new best friend in the service end, Andy Anderson, took over and got us all set up with the loaner car and an orientation of the new store.

The new store in Frederick is amazing. There is a new Mac in the waiting room for customers to use sitting around the big screen or enjoying a roaring fireplace which makes you feel like you are in a 5 star resort. One of the very favorite unique branding tools I found at Stevinson Lexus in their west store was the waterfall faucets in the magnificent bathrooms. The labeled towels and mouthwash are icing on the cake in a Lexus restroom. Many stores have nail boutiques, hair booths and shoe shine stands for the consumer waiting for their car. The coffee bar with fresh pastry, fruit and juice again, make you feel appreciated as a customer.

I created a simple foursquare check in talking about the new store after getting the tour. Within 15 minutes of leaving the store we received a call from our service consultant, Andy Anderson, letting us know that the post on foursquare had been noticed by Lexus corporate and they appreciated our "shout out." Now, think about how I felt as a customer receiving a call about my post on twitter and facebook about the great new store in Frederick, Colorado. I felt like a valued client who meant something to the Lexus organization and I feel like supporting the Lexus team in every way possible.

Do you think we have a mutual admiration society? I think so and am looking forward to going to Stevinson Lexus of Frederick tomorrow for the 5,000 mile service again.

Let's discuss how social media fits into every business today. It' fun and it works!

I can't say enough good things about Lexus and the team at Stevinson in Frederick, Colorado. I hope you will think about a Lexus, go into a showroom, talk to the professionals and create your own team of supporters.

More great Lexus news.  As I posted this to twitter and checked out the @Lexus tweets I see they are giving $5.00 for each tweet with #LexusBigRedBow or sharing on facebook to Toys for Tots so check it out and share the #LexusLove

Thank you Lexus, for showing us the way to exceptional customer service and how to create raving fans.



Call 1.866.350.7026 for details
Click Here