Steve Jobs 1955-2011

Steve Jobs has touched you in one way or another and whether you like Apple products or not.  He changed the way the world communicates.

In my humble opinion, he is one of the greatest inventors of my lifetime.  He is right in there with Edison and Ford…  they all changed the way the world worked! 

The man was a visionary beyond one's wildest dreams and his thoughts became realities.

Steve Jobs and his example to the world to think outside of yourself will be dearly missed. 

Reading about his life, processing his quotes, reflecting on what he did with is life he will continue to change lives and act as a role model to people around the globe! 

Steve Jobs' Greatest Quotes



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Open this link to learn 21 interesting facts about Steve Jobs and his life!

Steve Jobs was the master of presentations.  The slideshare "Presentation Secrets Of Steve Jobs" had a huge impact on me and how I create PowerPoint presentations today.

Of course my favorite section in any presentation is to have a "HOLY COW PIE" Moment!  If you have never watched how Steve jobs prepared for a launch please go through these slides I guarantee you will learn something!

As I reflect on how Apple and Steve Jobs has changed the way I communicate I feel such gratitude for this man who did want to make a difference in the world. 

Our Apple history started with a Mac Classic in 1989 and loved how we could manipulate graphics with the software that was so user friendly. As the real estate industry evolved  the software programs were not developed for Apple computers so we had to default to the PC world. Our heart was always with the Mac family.  In 2077 my daughter gave me an iPod nano and I was in heaven with music in my ears!  The next step was to the iPhone and then the IPad2.  The iMac with the 27 inch screen has spoiled me so much that I almost feel like I am part of or actually inside the virtual world with screen quality beyond comparison. 

I remember playing the Mac game "Where in the world is Carmen San Diego" with our daughter as she was growing up.   Because of that game on our recent voyage around the world we created the game "Where in the world is Carra Riley?" to share our journey.  Steve Jobs you have touched our lives in so many ways and we are grateful to the gift you gave the world!

Steve Jobs did not just leave a "dent" he took us all to a new level!  You will be missed and are so valued!