Sarah Palin – Inside Scoop On Book Tour In Indiana

Listen to Tia Nielsen, independent writer and reporter, talk about plans for interviewing Sarah Palin on Thursday in Indianapolis on BlogTalkRadio Cosmic Cow Pie.

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If you have some specific questions you would like Tia to ask Sarah Palin just leave them in comments belowand we will talk about them on blogtalkradio, Tuesday at 9:00 a.m. MDT.

In a recent article in The LA Times the locations and details of Palin’s tour was disclosed and Tia Nielsen has seized the moment to interview Sarah Palin in Indiana.

11/18: Grand Rapids, Mich. – Barnes & Noble, Woodland Mall, Kentwood, 7 p.m.
11/19: Fort Wayne, Ind. – Meijer
11/19: Noblesville, Ind. – Borders, 7 p.m.
11/20: Cincinnati – Joseph-Beth Booksellers, Norwood, noon
11/20: Columbus, Ohio – TBA

Tia has recently been described as “one of the most connected people around” by a Warner Brothers producer at the Heartland Film Festival in Indianapolis. Currently, sheis in pre production work with filmmaker Johan Bosfor his next documentary for PBS. Tia is connected where it counts.

Tia Nielsen is known for her honesty and authenticity in her communications with her connections. We will be discussing how she is using social media in her work and how things are changing as the medium evolves.

Check out a few of the over 150 articles Tia has written: “Indy’s Child Tony Dungy–Faith, family, and football,” “Katie Douglas carries on–WNBA star faces emotional game,” Carra Riley
Tia also has experience in marketing and sales with a variety of companies all over Indianapolis.

Racing is something that Tia Nielsen is passionate about. Living in Indianapolis, Indiana she said Indianapolis Motor Speedway is celebrating 100 years of motor cycle racing and 98 years of auto racing. Tia participated in pre-race activities in the VIP rooms and this is a picture of her in an Indy 500 simulator, she shared with me that minutes after the picture was taken, she was chagrined she crashed into the wall at a mere 140 miles per hour!

Nielsen marvels at her chance to bring the stories and causes of others to life that often instigates action from the public.

As a side note, T.I.A. stands for Transforming Ideas into Action which is what Tia Nielsen does.

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Tune in on Tuesday, November 17, 2009 at 9:00 a.m MDT to talk to Tia Nielsen and discuss some questions to ask at 9:00 a.m MDT to talk to Tia Nielsen and discuss some questions to ask Sarah Palin when wheis at Borders book store in Noblesville, Ind.