Need Some Updated Interview Skills?

Need Some Updated Interview Skills?

Is that light in the tunnel a freight train coming at you?

Join me on Blogtalkradio with Lori Pritchard. Lori is a life coach and specializes in helping people create balance in their lives. She will be talking about finding a job in today’s market. She recently did a presentation on “Using Social Media to Expose Yourself.”

I met Lori Pritchard on linkedin and just started chatting about what she does. I am excited to talk more with her as she has a lot to share with people having to reinvent themselves in today’s changing economy. Starting over is a huge challenge many people are facing and Lori has some great ideas.

Lori utilizes 21st Century technology techniques to help people excel.

The show will air live on Thursday June 3, 2010 at 9:00am PST. You can join us by listening online and get involved in the chat room, or you can call (347) 994-1903

A few words from Lori: “I am a Life Coach, who blends my education, training, experience, humor, and common sense together to create a life coaching experience that is measurable, targeted and specific to your goals and priorities.”

A coach collaborates with you to clarify your dreams and goals.

A coach helps you  identify what is most important to you.

A coach helps you develop a balanced life to achieve a solid base.

Lori has coached a number of clients back to the path of their deepest desires. She believes the best and the most successful client should be the coach.

Lori received her Bachelor Degree of Social Work from the University of South Florida with over twenty years experienced as a paralegal, mediator, and coach.

The past thirty years she has been dedicated to helping people identify and achieve their goals.

Lori provides great daily motivational tips and free webinars.  Sign up for her next FREE webinar on June 22, 2010 from 9 a.m. to 12:00 pm. EDT.   “Analyze your employablity” will be the topic discussed at the event.  Sign up for her daily tips and FREE webinar information on her website.

Connect with Lori on LinkedIn, visit her website, check out her blog, or email her at

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Be sure to set your reminder for the show, and tune in on June 3rd at 9:00am PST to learn how you can reach your goals and follow your dreams!

Lori Pritchard will inspire you to action!