Has the Social Media Ship Sailed? Part 1 of 3

Has The Social Media Ship Sailed Part 1 of 3

The Ship Has Not Sailed! Get On Board!

Part 1 of 3 part series.

Social media is here to stay and can help you save money communicating with thousands…… but at what expense?

The answer is: your most limited commodity TIME, so is it worth it to you?

Ask youself several questions before you make a quick decision.

  1. Where are people looking for ANY type of help? Is google their BFF? (Best Friend Forever)
  2. When someone has a question about ANYTHING how do they find the answer?
  3. When YOU have a question about anything where do you go?
  4. If you are driving around and see a sign on a house for sale what do you do to find out the price? What do your customers do?
  5. Do you point your phone at the house and go to the Zillow or Truilia app on your phone or iPad?
  6. Do you read the QR code? Only you have the answer to this question.
  7. When you are watching the news do they tell you to go to their facebook page to talk about a community issue?
  8. Do you see ads where twitter is featured?
  9. Do you have a .mobi site?
  10. Have you seen commercials where they direct you to youtube to see the rest of the story

Watch the youtube video below and think about how it makes you feel? The first commercial actually starts on television with a beautiful Persian cat and a Tiffany heart on the cats collar asking Lisa to marry the Shawn and the cat. The end of the television commercial says "see the rest of the story on youtube at Fancy Feast." Below is part of an on going series of commercials.

Connect to the Fancy Feast youtube channel and watch the "wedding planner to the stars" Colin Cowie describe how they are going to engage viewers with selecting Lisa's dress, jewelry and her bouquet. Colin invites the viewer back to keep the story going. Think about how Purina is engaging cat lovers and helping them become "raving" fans by having them participate in the next commercial and it's outcome.

Check out the screen shot from the youtube Fancy Feast site. In the center you see a box on the right that says…watch with your friends start a Google+ hang out. Part 3 of this series will cover more on Google+. Look at the number of views 3,040,045 and look at 1,203 subscribers to watch Purina Fancy Feast youtube videos. There have been 308 comments that have been positive. What is Purina paying for a youtube channel? The same as you and me -0- right now!


How does this apply to marketing any product or service? 


Video is where the consumer wants to be. The last few movies I have seen at the theater are giving websites for more information on the ads I now have to watch on the big screen while waiting for the new movie trailers. Just saw a 15 second "Go Daddy" commercial on Monday night football with Danica Patrick and the end line was" see the rest of the story on godaddy.com." Upon navigating to GoDaddy.com I found Danica and a QR code saying "Use a QR reader on your mobile device to reveal your savings." QR codes and their importance will be part 2 of the "Ship Has Not Sailed" series.

Creating a blog with video is a direction you need to be working toward to share your product or service message.

Think about how you could start a story about weekly deals in your community and have your viewers subscribe because they will want to see the deal of the week or your personal featured listing. Mix it up so they want to get your weekly video or blog post with the video. It does not matter if it your listing or not it just has to have value to the consumer: Price, terms, condition or location. Of course you will need to get permission in writing from the listing agent and seller to video the house and post on youtube.

Think about how consumers would enjoy watching your videos and sharing with their friends. Make it fun! The possiblities are endless!

State Farm is reaching the younger Generation with video on their youtube channel too! Start watching commercials instead of fast forwarding. See how others are paving the way for you to be a participant in social media and be where Big Business is driving the consumer.

Big business is educating the consumer to look to social media for more information. You can be there with little cost except your time and content ideas.

If you are not present and accounted for in social media, you might drown…. so get on that ship before it gets out too far!

You do not have to reinvent the wheel. it might seem like you are spinning in the Cosmic Cow Pie right now with all the avenues open for you to get in the game. Take deep breaths and more important, some specific time to connect the dots.

  • Take some time to plan what is most important in your market area.
  • Ask, what does the consumer want then fill that niche.
  • Create a specific strategy that will work for you and your target market.
  • Brainstorm with a mastermind group so you can bo on top of your social media game and incorporate your ideas in a fun way to get the consumer to be sharing your blog posts with their friends.
  • Research the activerain site for all the tools you will need to succeed.
  • Consider some outside help to create your game plan. (I work on an hourly or one time basis to get started or a custom plan)

Success is about taking the time to make your plan and then work it. Many of the tools you need to work your plan are available for FREE on the Internet and right here at activerain. You might need to invest in some software to make your project work but it is nothing like the money you are going to lose in sales by not being part of this Cosmic Shift™ and having your plan in place to meet the people where they are and know what they are experiencing in cyberspace.

Social media is still in it's infancy. Social media is changing the world forever! Its power is not yet fully understood. What is crystal clear is the fact we will not be going back to last century marketing or politics or business as usual. Invest your time to learn the new methods of marketing and meet your customers where they are giving them valuable content that makes sense, entertains them and meets their needs.

It's a new day and the ship has not sailed so pack your old way of thinking and get on board!